Saturday, April 25, 2009


The wonder child's face was angled down toward a swarm of hovering, replicating, data-packets. The face itself had blurred into a topology of variously graded tentacular hairs which touched individual cubes and tracked them as their status changed, giving the impression that each cube was an object in the sense of a solid form, and an object in a programming sense.

Suddenly the wonder child looked up retracting its tentacle hairs and its regular mask resuming form. The data-packets themselves began to assemble into a fedora hat
and a dark pin-striped suit. The wonder child was sitting buddha style in a transparent egg that hovered behind a driverless 64 Renault Dauphine, black,
and silver.

Periodically, a flock of trand-avian feral data-remainders would try to enter the programming nexus of the wonder child's quarantinos, and would be rebuffed with a blast of heavy neutralizing jazz, something very Ça va être ta fête circa 1960.

The Renault exitted toward a weird looping macrostructural effigy near the whisky line, one of the main bus frames for Alephia. As the vehicle edged up, and synch'd to an interface node, its structure became softened and morphed into a part of the building. The wonder child disembarked becoming Nero Seville, a private eidolon.

The private eidolon business had blossomed in the early years of the primacy when the first bioframes had blossomed in the tweenspace of the dimensional index, meta-biological dataconstructs able to convert matter to energy and viceversa, using the power resources of the infinite dimensional indexing chemarase, a liquid AI which rapidly began its total mastery of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dumb Questions In My Heart?

the shadow is a lion, but the
lion is a wind, the wind will move
the shadow to where the line begins.

the seeming of the shadow is the
lion in the reeds, but it is pan who
plays the song whose threshing

sings the seed. there are seeds that
lie in shadow, and winds that move
the seeds, there are lions in the sea,

where the singing sweetly cedes.

Abstraction, or Reality?
Line, or Lion?


There are bodies manning icebreakers, and bodies frozen in the ice. There are ice bodies whose inner forms, or unknown worlds are fitted for bodies yet to come, and yet there bodies already present, non-popular, illegitimate stains, like morphs from a daze. There are icy days indoors, when bodiless forms, or rooms, pulse with her serenitease. There are completely still and serene forms of ice crushing nothing. There are crushed and uninhabited nothings like bodies whose minds are traveling faster than ever before to festivals, bathrooms, areas of feeding, and places where light reflects, new light, light erected by bodies now crushed under ice, and thinking. There is a light through the ice, and through hovering bodies of ice, too tiny to understand with your body. There are ice men and ice women. There are hollow, deeply green days when too many bodies shred upon the surface of the ice, their hollowness so unknown, so uninhabited. They say that emptiness is uninhabitable, but only emptiness knows these ice chandeliers of bodies in motion, so still, so vaguely like frozen hurricanes of hair, hair morphs grown from a hollow gourd of ice, upon which icebreakers brawl. Brawling godies bode no geod bad, for good gods go badly unto eyes, frozen eyeballs tumble into tufts of snow, no good snow will find its yes while the campaign comes close to the shore. The shore is jagged eyes which cry, tears are bodies, political bodies, like threads, in a perfectly rotten tapestry on which a positive ice is forming over the hollow emptying forms of its uninhabited nothing. The criticism which moves like an icebreaker in the hush is a hollow tree of ice, with vodka for leaves, the vedic ka, codec veers, the veneers sneer towarad the icat punked, you Aten. Endless bodies compose an ice of blank codes, a bindu of ice bends the white noise of a single snow-flake while the yeti yogi tends his dhuni of icebreakers, her white noise of nicely lit heists.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Towards a Baroque Sock Smell

Wise to sin?
Mise en skin,
Science forever

The sud's wreck
husk, Science for
never dreaming.

Twleve aposltels
Ten tube, Lions
forever leaving.

Gambit toward
its scoring void,
Signs forever

Doubt is a wish
upon the hiss, where
the hiss is a shame
upon the wishing
fame, and hiss is afame
aflame in inti hissywhishinggg.

I drag its saggy ball.
gold washing.
seal owl symmetry cheekless

Analog's S-Height [amplitude X]
Shit's anal logic

my tummy hurts
where its interconnecting bath-tub chutes must lead

some vegetable letters are conversing

some hats are cocked on the chutes
hat turrets


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Electronic Bugbear Bourbon of Woburn.

"Faun do"
Lets the winter languor,
A fond dew done
Lets the spring adchoo.

What is a faun
In a toroid mirror?

What is a faun
In a pipe of brew?

A faun is cleaning rustic rubber,
Or tweaking the hyle for 4x4,
A faun is outiftted in flexible crystals,
A faun is like a shadow moaning on the door..

Coffee lurks
In the snatch of a purse,
A coffee-colored faun will drive a hearse,
A blackberry.

A blackberry
Comes out of an Englishman's coat,
A bugbear waddles out,


Monday, April 20, 2009


after Nada Gordon's _

"...your name is 'Flarf'?..." asked the genie.


A toy is the letter,
but not a yot
does it know

an ill toe
was eaten

by a hund
in the fro

was its name

it said stypoo
on its collar



Sad Parable of Dream, Happy Night of Daze

bizarre Rabelais cancer nanosolar singularity

New Comment:

I am in love with Venice, and I will marry


The Sun is every
The Sun is evening
The sooner the blottery

bizarre Rabelais cancer nanosolar singularity

you who were solvent in my mercury, my ugliness, my sweat, or sweetness

We wed.

We were wed, in the, dungeon.

The dun geon, the brown earth,

of the geod
the geon

dog noggin

the Nigon God.

Nikon is God.
Camera is affect.
Comet is actuary.

Actually, I did Mary


Amer Ican

Am Erro.
I cann.

I am marrow, Maldoror, E-roar.

Lion Bonds.

Maturity in affect seconds backwards.

Driving insanely onward.

on ward.
in word.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some Jobert Offerings

The Tales of Hoffman

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jade Jellybean Grape Snout Blockage

and there in the ovaries of its snout,
in the hollow, pickled young, grape-like
chamber music, mucous, of hog's nose
double bulb, a thing like a bed
penetrates the waterfall of the septum,
the septum whose spectral screen is
the either or other of the ether
where the reader utters another
covering principle, another.

While its covering principle is due
at once, the snout is gifted with two
transparent lavender jade atrium, or
porticoes, rather. Like eyeballs
of blank Cambrian cheese looking
out through the nipple-weird holes
of the nostrils, the ears of are #hourly
heart are also for water. (0)

If we are nomads through these
enormous hog-shaped rooms, if we
are eyeballs stranded in some ruined
snout through which no sound may pass,
let our eyes transform into heavy,
throbbing, and vascular crimson lobes.

Let great, drooping purple livers of stone
hang down from our eyes and our snouts,
let us live in the snouts of stranded, and
pregnant balconies. Let us wander endlessly
through interconnected replicas of fantastic
skulls, through which organs, like words
hide inside an ambiguously pliant exterior
of purpose.

Let us travel on the outer surface of purpose,
and run our fat, pulsating, eye-teats over
the veiny calligraphy of the warm and endless
flows of the Serenissima's absolute blindness.

Let there be a sex to blindness that is the
vegetable call of constantly morphing water.
Let there be a yes, and a nessex, a jeshuab, a jalopy,
a hilarious nonchalance to our final molecular

We live in organs.
Our throbbing snouts are menageries
of young, pickled, lavender grapes
whose brains are as delicate
as the foetuses of fleas,
ice fleas in gaspic.

And altogether, an expert flea
can carve itself out of
the flesh of jade, as an
ice blue sentence of morphing
water is trapped behind
these fallopian snout grape apartments
whose locked doors are the ears, the heavy
unbalconied tears of ice grape chamber mucous
hog flea hearts.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gelping Yudles

And they will climb upon a misajiwensed,
a miso jewing seed, whose Zemindar
of ornamental forking paths atop the oblong
stoner, looks agape at the towering, thrembling

Oh Betty Bumping Whistle, with your complex array
of hovering salamander curtains, whose surface
is as the rakehellye routes of our ragged rymers,
caustic phrenes could shove or glide with anyting,
tang, Kristy McNichol reflected in lavender floam.

Alarmacy, pharmacoopia kissing casteless rods,
randy rabbitoids make a staircase for Busby Berkelely
protestors, those shifting Babbages thropped down
at the meat counter in the Difference Engine
of its single desiring pung.

What got a pung? What get a punging? Is there pung
for all, or simply pungent puns of waiting?
Dumpy orcas dive for the camera, and the 1930's
says "See you later chum.." to a kind of ghostly
mailman of old shoes. Bullfight in the fog.

"Auroch clamping"
in the diagonal mist.

A sweet rabbit
has its ears tied with a little silk rope.
A rabbit's ears have been mistaken for a shin
in a roman sandle-like


Flarf Vs. Conceptual, "The Western"

Navajo Joe's
Old Horse
Is a Stoner.

Burt Reynolds
Chaka doing Rails.

A Good Prostitute
Is hard to Kill
With Liquor.


Old West
Crack Pipe.

Dead Hippy
Dead Priest.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Internet Poem About Egyptian Chicken Camels


The Chicken Camel uprising has reached an unprecendental
level of violins:

Buffalo Chicken Squad terminates a whole host of strip-tease centipede

Pharaoh Chicken Head I loses his temper
in the coup.

Dr. Head Buffalo Camel Chicken
gives self injection with heavy blue Nile Aquatic Chicken Honey.

Aquatic Chicken Honey Nymphs revolt
against Pharaoh Chicken Head I.

The Chicken Camels leave Egypt
on Buffalo wings, or Winged Buffalo Chickens,
No one can be sure.

with Chicken Feathers.

Black Odalisque Chicken Pharaoh Queen
with honey buffalo wings.

hot tidy chicken honey
milking Buffalo Pharaoh

hot tidy buffalo honey
milking vampire camel chickens

holding up
two weird Buffalo haired tablets

His Chicken feather Shark's fin helmet
dragging long chains of buffalo wings

Let my Chickens go!
Old King Pharaoh!
Dijon Honey Vampires live in your
Buffalo haired tablets.

Wild Chickens! Cover the pyramids!

Buffalo-haired pyramids
give birth
to Chicken Camels with long red Phrygian caps

Colonel Pharaoh Sanders
in red velvet Chicken head helmet.

Colonel Pharaoh Sanders!
I rest my case, biotches!

Original Buffalo-flavored jazz
comes only pyramids of black velvet eggs

black chicken camels
with saxophone beak ankh things..

[weird..] :)

Scat Man Ramesses Deux

ray mess

/Re's messes are numerous, ramming
S's down our throat

"Please give me another chance.."
said the Sphinx.

"Please, let me.."
said the Sphinx

I am, said Ramesses, I am Re's mess.

I am one of you.

Dr. Veda looked upon the mess
of the family.

[70's pseudo-romantic-porn-drama music]

1970's ancient Egypt.

p=[messy room] + GIANT MIRRORED L


long playing record [irony]

needle, groove, syringa

lens, paddle, pan

irony, griddle, vampire sucking soppy blood lace

blood red poppy, "The Rolling Stones"

1970's [The world all in Red Velvet]

Scat Man Crothers
made out of red velvet

Plush Scat Man Ramesses II
riding his record needle chariot

weird bobbing werewolf Egyptian
pan negro with giant head lens

red lens helmet
of pan negro "Rolling Stones"

A whole world of Giant Poppies.

Elvira making love to Elvis,
their red skin transparent
showing milk white swarms of
lice muscles beneathe

record needle fangs
record needle fangs

Phyllis Diller Vampire Elvira
giving Prince Namor Elvis head

non-porno spam.
record of black power.

Image of Evil Sangoma technicians
breeding the white man
in a sponge gourd machine

filling the white larva filters
with Hyena blood

Jade boned Chinese negro sangoma wizard
in 1970's ancient Egypt
listening to "The Rolling Stones"

Breeding Mick Jagger
with Barbara Bach

ray mess.
mess o' rays

weird image of undersea Scat man Crothers
made of cascading manta rays, the
voice of the Autobot, Jazz,

in The Transformers...

[See Stony Seth McBach in Chicken Red Violets]

Blood Polo with Namor and the Countess

Seqenenre, I love the smell of vampire polo players in the morning,
their soft bony whistles of fleeting bloodstone configuring wildly
in the glen.

Countess Bathory of Uberville, I love the wry faces of vampire chess players
in the rain, their wide flat coral neck-ribs heralding any gridded logic
overlaid upon the sun, neck-rib flat-worms with repeating eyes
that move freely upon the fen.

Big Jake Hekate', I love the blood red gulls wearing polo helmets, the
crystal red beaks, and vast water polo fields filled w/ Prince Namor
cloned vampire men, and their sexy blonde mermaid epaulets,
playing trumpets of frozen blood.

Hot Doggy Thoth V9, I love the giant vampire grub-worms
that feed on the giant nude babies of Roc-birds while Sinbad,
the nude sailor vampire looks on with his crimson turban
and red crystalline fangs which make high-pitched dog-whistle

Mrs. Jade Green Chinese Sexy Vampire Woman, I love the
jade green fangs of your ancestral mouth, and the cinnabar
blood throne upon which you touch yourself with dragon
opium pipe carved from the bone of the vampire dragon Empress,
Wi Wuyang, whose asymmetric rows of blood nipples
were set off by cinnabar chess sets.

Rokulana Fierce Thing, I love the wild polo in the morning
with koala vampire bats in polo helmets. I love to see
the King of the Vampires, Ralph Lauren, dressed in his
350 thread count Adriana collection, and with a nimbus
of blood red gulls in jade polo helmets with tiny cinnabar
horses dangling from their earflaps.

I love to see Countess Lady Godiva Bathory riding her blood red stallion nude
with the exception of chocolate nipple gongs fringed in dangling
cinnabar seagulls.
I love to see the resting place of her pants. Her pants which are made

of blood red chocolate, and which depict
with scenes in relief, the Battle of Kadesh.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Teasing the Tigers

tender is the kite
whose blonde wigwam gyrocoptic
;ooks askance through lenses of blood
and carmine petalled trea-

are filling sonar
where the kite high
kitted the shack with effluressing

tender kiteless string
your limp and shambling architecture
looks at cats
you mumble through egypt
as if you know the builder
and you wait for the beep
in your headphones

your toe tendrils drill
your alien tree alarms do not fire
kite system analogy redraw

in our balcony chairs
high up in the kite

Thai Venice kite
Egyptian bard kite temple
Kite washing eros
heavy kite earphone birds
toes kites are tender

and tenderly mending
what do you mean
when you say
what do you mean
what does meaning mean
when its amen name is e-mane

every hair on end
an e-kite on every string of being

the goddess in the wilderness
raises hands
the god on the bull
is torn to


giant kite wannabat


as a silken
kite slipper

romantic notions
semantic lotions

go fly a kite
a big neoclassical kite
with earrings
and chubby-titted

a kite tombstone
is fitted with a monkey
who dives down
on a vine
to tease the tigers

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wearing Jeans

thick with jellyfish, thick with jellyfish, a fat senator is barking throughthe salvia, a fat jelly jellyfish is the dog of the senator's barking: do not, do not, do not drug the fat barking of the devilfish, thick with devilfish, the thick jelly of the senators, the dog thick with senator devilfish jellyfish, salvia, saliva, the fat salivating senator is barking while the fat jellied ailyflesh is fleshing in the law which is fat and heavy with the jelly jowls of dogs thick with jellyfish, the white jelly penis of the senator barking jellyfish dog is barking in the dark which is think with jaily flesh, flashing lightly in the air, the senator orator is heavy jellied dog, thick bright dog mucous barking devil devil salvia, do not do not, do not do the salvia jelly jewely day boat, paddling up wind in heavy jelly, the vagina senator's jellied devil
is barking lightly on the air, a pair of jeans, a pair of comic book patterned jeans are growing in the salvia thick with dogs, thick with jellied devil dogs salivating senators barking jeans of orators whose comedia is a fat jelly of swelling barking darkness which is thickly chewing the jelly which is everywhere barking senatorial jelly devil fish so bright, so comedic, so evil barking law deciding to bark the barking of the jilly jally shilly shally comic book patterned genes while the fat jellied senator dog thickly engages the law of the darkling jelly hordes which are everywhere thickly barking the song of the genes in the pair of jeans which are bright and thickly barking senatorial orators whose white jellied penis vagina jelly flesh is dog-like in the air which is fat and heavy with barking darkness, a thinking thing like a jellied rat mole senator is taking salvia into its jellied "ecch, what kind is it, japanese, skushi, hai"

darkness is a jellied dog around us
the airy senators are jeweled saliva fish
paddling in the law of the jellyfleshed "hey-zoo"

barking jellyfish are devils
a pair of jeans is a comic book of bright fat jelly
paddling upwind
up wind

up friend

genes are patterned jelly
everywhere thickly barking
the law
of saliva

a yum yum japanese lady is senator
a dog is jumping jelly

two men are working for a devilfish

a jellyfish appears in a comic book
wearing jeans
that are wearing comedia


A Little Something from Kara's Cellphone...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love Poem #2 (With Klute)

Sweetie, could you come in here?

What's wrong?

I've been working on my jellybean all day,
and just can't seem to get it to work right.

Could you come in here and do that one thing?

What's that?

Sweetie, could you come in here,
and paint a smile on my jellybean?


I imagine Dolphin sounds
during the Rollerderby

I imagine James Caan
in Logan's Run.

I imagine Dick Powell
meeting Raymond Roussel

"at Mussolini's place"

and him showing them
that trick with the needle
and thread, and thread,
and whatever.

It's funny, that when
I was a kid in Sand Francisco
you could get a fake Newspaper
that said something like


but then I did
actually have dinner
with her

and Ann Margaret

"all up in Halston
a Schnauzer
called 'Captain'"


I'm rich
and beautiful

Need I say more?


is saying something.

Dick Powell
actually seems
Raymond Roussel.

That is about
the whole
the American
or even Canadian
will ever even
hope to get.

That Whiskey
is more famous
than poetry
or art.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Word's Pink Warding Scheme In Spring

folly warm and meekly spread
a salmon moose cap on its head

little girl
you walk the fairy ring
of the old stone well's
wall edge

a corpse
in the spring meadow


with a bee
in its navel

I hear the anvil
I hear the thorn black song

bats are welling
from the place they call
witches armpits

a dog is licking
its unsheathed sword

moth's tongue



I fly

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zeus Curtsying to Zeus; Urchin Bowing to Mirror

Fundamentally composed of urchins, your chin
in reading, shines; bone white urchin needles arc
from every princespice to the spelling of the mulling
days, echidna captains control the weather.

Minotaurs pilot a clipper made of China; Echingodermal
bull raging in sworls, white urchin golems scrumming
the black Zeus' stormtorso, mandalas of black geese
to nimbus some Minotaur captain's already black sailing
horn's harking bust. Bull-goose armored in urchins
whose china tipped needles curtsy to mirrors of ink.

Echidna Zeus, whose mohawk of storm torsos
are mirrored ink is encased in China, a bull among
successive sievings. Minotaur Zeus Goose, bull-headed
goose whose urchin China boat body is the white ink
milked from mirrored black busts, stealth busts which move upon
the chess decks of the clipper mandala urchin horns,
curtsying to successive and sworling armors
of magnetic needles.

White needle Minotaur
Black needle Goose

Urchin Zeus Storm Torso
whose dark urchin form gives white ink
whose white urchin form gives ceremonial
mirror mandala armors encrusted with clippering
china-black busts of goat boats
clustering mirrored horns
and curtsying

dark China
the inner urchin

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fank Pod's Water Jester

Philomena would discard the averaging gesture:
Frozen graduates standed perplexed at the wall of penises.

A thing like a yoke of stylized grey wax crystals would house
a molding material for teeth, but only one set of actual teeth-marx
could be found upon the irregular surface of the wax 'crystal yoke'.

Setting up its doll and fountain, the jester would obviously choose
a position not too near the aqueduct, and yet not too far. The best
foot traffic would run around the base of the great foot usually
lessening where the heel became unfinished in the stone
of the days.

Philomena had several horses, and had several equine jester rigs made up
for them. Not even her chief Blotielle knew of the imprisoned water jester
she kept below the calligraphy stables. She could average the gesture
in a quintant variable, an option would invide its doll and fountain toward.

The sick monkey of the last itinerant jester would color its snot dolls
in the tiny wooden molding sink mounted across its next.

A Six neck monKey found Taint and applied stable calligraphy.
A one horse, a one stont. Gester water fountain abviable reading
toward the motley mi mi of the hopelessly stretchy Blotielle.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Camel To The Adoration

adoration lives in the camel
whose prismatic prison
is the perfected vehicle

symbolism devours adoration
in the camel's sleeping prion
as noirish tongues weep

adoration adores the symbol,
the camel inside the prism
whose prionic tongue is blackness

black camel of adoration's tongue,
are your prismatic humps
designed for liquid lumens?

perfect camel, what is light
perfected when adoration's
symbolism adores black sleeping?

adoration's conquest remains
a camel to the symbol, and
prismatic prions go weeping tongues.

bagger: Kysa Johnson

bagger: Kysa Johnson

Talk about Amoeba cellphones! Very cool.

Bucket of Drooling Velvet Scuba Knights Barks Like Pteradactyl

Tartarine Ur ear, karioki dokiknot
lemon doughnut pepper wheels floss the ibis


a tournament is held in the forest of stone hands,
banners of flags of banderoles
roof the sloppy unseemly contest

a nest in the hand
is worth a hundred helixed topiaries

please do not be dismayed
when aerosol hummingbirds

the enigmatic
urirpearlescent blobs

whose balconies fulf
with taragon pteradactyls
exploding with renaissance

whose tiny pyramid hats
of imperfect golden orbs
are welded by snakes of sparks
emitted by the metal icon clusters
which antler the rubber-headed mayors

When one mayor
displays a gem-tipped jelly-key
they all do

When one fulfing balcony
barks ludicrous and exploding muck networks

velvet scuba knights
lock pulsing luminous antlers
inside hovering sentence stomachs

Venus is allured
by grumpy grampa
trawling with his toddler headed tool-kit

Another Is On The Lam

puce reeds chill in a hammock, and
Rajhun is the name of the wolf
that did not eat Joseph

the cote of money
colours is baby see

flowing and perfect language
moves across the face of the moon

on my knees
a space encompassing shoulders
takes on its role

'the slave of love'
the tenderest bubble

there is no visible seeming
in your surface