Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gelping Yudles

And they will climb upon a misajiwensed,
a miso jewing seed, whose Zemindar
of ornamental forking paths atop the oblong
stoner, looks agape at the towering, thrembling

Oh Betty Bumping Whistle, with your complex array
of hovering salamander curtains, whose surface
is as the rakehellye routes of our ragged rymers,
caustic phrenes could shove or glide with anyting,
tang, Kristy McNichol reflected in lavender floam.

Alarmacy, pharmacoopia kissing casteless rods,
randy rabbitoids make a staircase for Busby Berkelely
protestors, those shifting Babbages thropped down
at the meat counter in the Difference Engine
of its single desiring pung.

What got a pung? What get a punging? Is there pung
for all, or simply pungent puns of waiting?
Dumpy orcas dive for the camera, and the 1930's
says "See you later chum.." to a kind of ghostly
mailman of old shoes. Bullfight in the fog.

"Auroch clamping"
in the diagonal mist.

A sweet rabbit
has its ears tied with a little silk rope.
A rabbit's ears have been mistaken for a shin
in a roman sandle-like


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