Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wearing Jeans

thick with jellyfish, thick with jellyfish, a fat senator is barking throughthe salvia, a fat jelly jellyfish is the dog of the senator's barking: do not, do not, do not drug the fat barking of the devilfish, thick with devilfish, the thick jelly of the senators, the dog thick with senator devilfish jellyfish, salvia, saliva, the fat salivating senator is barking while the fat jellied ailyflesh is fleshing in the law which is fat and heavy with the jelly jowls of dogs thick with jellyfish, the white jelly penis of the senator barking jellyfish dog is barking in the dark which is think with jaily flesh, flashing lightly in the air, the senator orator is heavy jellied dog, thick bright dog mucous barking devil devil salvia, do not do not, do not do the salvia jelly jewely day boat, paddling up wind in heavy jelly, the vagina senator's jellied devil
is barking lightly on the air, a pair of jeans, a pair of comic book patterned jeans are growing in the salvia thick with dogs, thick with jellied devil dogs salivating senators barking jeans of orators whose comedia is a fat jelly of swelling barking darkness which is thickly chewing the jelly which is everywhere barking senatorial jelly devil fish so bright, so comedic, so evil barking law deciding to bark the barking of the jilly jally shilly shally comic book patterned genes while the fat jellied senator dog thickly engages the law of the darkling jelly hordes which are everywhere thickly barking the song of the genes in the pair of jeans which are bright and thickly barking senatorial orators whose white jellied penis vagina jelly flesh is dog-like in the air which is fat and heavy with barking darkness, a thinking thing like a jellied rat mole senator is taking salvia into its jellied "ecch, what kind is it, japanese, skushi, hai"

darkness is a jellied dog around us
the airy senators are jeweled saliva fish
paddling in the law of the jellyfleshed "hey-zoo"

barking jellyfish are devils
a pair of jeans is a comic book of bright fat jelly
paddling upwind
up wind

up friend

genes are patterned jelly
everywhere thickly barking
the law
of saliva

a yum yum japanese lady is senator
a dog is jumping jelly

two men are working for a devilfish

a jellyfish appears in a comic book
wearing jeans
that are wearing comedia


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