Friday, April 17, 2009

Jade Jellybean Grape Snout Blockage

and there in the ovaries of its snout,
in the hollow, pickled young, grape-like
chamber music, mucous, of hog's nose
double bulb, a thing like a bed
penetrates the waterfall of the septum,
the septum whose spectral screen is
the either or other of the ether
where the reader utters another
covering principle, another.

While its covering principle is due
at once, the snout is gifted with two
transparent lavender jade atrium, or
porticoes, rather. Like eyeballs
of blank Cambrian cheese looking
out through the nipple-weird holes
of the nostrils, the ears of are #hourly
heart are also for water. (0)

If we are nomads through these
enormous hog-shaped rooms, if we
are eyeballs stranded in some ruined
snout through which no sound may pass,
let our eyes transform into heavy,
throbbing, and vascular crimson lobes.

Let great, drooping purple livers of stone
hang down from our eyes and our snouts,
let us live in the snouts of stranded, and
pregnant balconies. Let us wander endlessly
through interconnected replicas of fantastic
skulls, through which organs, like words
hide inside an ambiguously pliant exterior
of purpose.

Let us travel on the outer surface of purpose,
and run our fat, pulsating, eye-teats over
the veiny calligraphy of the warm and endless
flows of the Serenissima's absolute blindness.

Let there be a sex to blindness that is the
vegetable call of constantly morphing water.
Let there be a yes, and a nessex, a jeshuab, a jalopy,
a hilarious nonchalance to our final molecular

We live in organs.
Our throbbing snouts are menageries
of young, pickled, lavender grapes
whose brains are as delicate
as the foetuses of fleas,
ice fleas in gaspic.

And altogether, an expert flea
can carve itself out of
the flesh of jade, as an
ice blue sentence of morphing
water is trapped behind
these fallopian snout grape apartments
whose locked doors are the ears, the heavy
unbalconied tears of ice grape chamber mucous
hog flea hearts.

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