Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blood Polo with Namor and the Countess

Seqenenre, I love the smell of vampire polo players in the morning,
their soft bony whistles of fleeting bloodstone configuring wildly
in the glen.

Countess Bathory of Uberville, I love the wry faces of vampire chess players
in the rain, their wide flat coral neck-ribs heralding any gridded logic
overlaid upon the sun, neck-rib flat-worms with repeating eyes
that move freely upon the fen.

Big Jake Hekate', I love the blood red gulls wearing polo helmets, the
crystal red beaks, and vast water polo fields filled w/ Prince Namor
cloned vampire men, and their sexy blonde mermaid epaulets,
playing trumpets of frozen blood.

Hot Doggy Thoth V9, I love the giant vampire grub-worms
that feed on the giant nude babies of Roc-birds while Sinbad,
the nude sailor vampire looks on with his crimson turban
and red crystalline fangs which make high-pitched dog-whistle

Mrs. Jade Green Chinese Sexy Vampire Woman, I love the
jade green fangs of your ancestral mouth, and the cinnabar
blood throne upon which you touch yourself with dragon
opium pipe carved from the bone of the vampire dragon Empress,
Wi Wuyang, whose asymmetric rows of blood nipples
were set off by cinnabar chess sets.

Rokulana Fierce Thing, I love the wild polo in the morning
with koala vampire bats in polo helmets. I love to see
the King of the Vampires, Ralph Lauren, dressed in his
350 thread count Adriana collection, and with a nimbus
of blood red gulls in jade polo helmets with tiny cinnabar
horses dangling from their earflaps.

I love to see Countess Lady Godiva Bathory riding her blood red stallion nude
with the exception of chocolate nipple gongs fringed in dangling
cinnabar seagulls.
I love to see the resting place of her pants. Her pants which are made

of blood red chocolate, and which depict
with scenes in relief, the Battle of Kadesh.


Irrony Observes The Earthing.