Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zeus Curtsying to Zeus; Urchin Bowing to Mirror

Fundamentally composed of urchins, your chin
in reading, shines; bone white urchin needles arc
from every princespice to the spelling of the mulling
days, echidna captains control the weather.

Minotaurs pilot a clipper made of China; Echingodermal
bull raging in sworls, white urchin golems scrumming
the black Zeus' stormtorso, mandalas of black geese
to nimbus some Minotaur captain's already black sailing
horn's harking bust. Bull-goose armored in urchins
whose china tipped needles curtsy to mirrors of ink.

Echidna Zeus, whose mohawk of storm torsos
are mirrored ink is encased in China, a bull among
successive sievings. Minotaur Zeus Goose, bull-headed
goose whose urchin China boat body is the white ink
milked from mirrored black busts, stealth busts which move upon
the chess decks of the clipper mandala urchin horns,
curtsying to successive and sworling armors
of magnetic needles.

White needle Minotaur
Black needle Goose

Urchin Zeus Storm Torso
whose dark urchin form gives white ink
whose white urchin form gives ceremonial
mirror mandala armors encrusted with clippering
china-black busts of goat boats
clustering mirrored horns
and curtsying

dark China
the inner urchin

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