Tuesday, November 12, 2019


the naked
now grows

graven epitomancy part 6 (noise journal):

The Invisible Committee -
(for Princess Shikishi)

Jun 17, 2019
Julien Coupat -

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਍DDII EER ninny AA eel taintlessness IDA IISS

Jun 17, 2019
The Coming Insurrection -

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new ditty Edessa ਍਍਍਍ toon n gigue OE ਍਍਍਍਍ also

Jun 17, 2019
Tiqqun -

mouse Choong ਍਍਍਍਍਍ ਍ RRT gambler and Tektronix
line Schwa yttrian suprarenal »Last week on
the summer of this year << to facilitate the

Jun 16, 2019
David Icke -

push the individual iodeosin Evolution tycoon
਍਍਍਍਍਍ seconds in love with W and Z ਍ ਍ antimatroid
agility ਍਍ rare û y Pupfish bless ਍਍ T secondswell

Jun 16, 2019
Athens -

vivihaiyaarryak LLU created a kind of program
਍਍਍਍ essex ਍਍਍਍਍ foundation iittttlleessuu ਍਍ statin ਍
vivid 上 Osijek tatagje as Lombard Arrieta

Jun 16, 2019
Eponymous archon -

seconds ਍ that hat emoji ਍਍ in the sun ਍ ਍ wwaass
ssaaiidd MMA series JDB ES オ star es Ē Ē
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Jun 16, 2019
Cylon of Athens -

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Jun 16, 2019
Cylon -

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they STD bless the traces of mud on her head
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Jun 16, 2019
Vredefort crater -

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Jun 16, 2019
Satyr tragopan -

impala ਍਍਍਍ RG RG Yak the latter AT & T T ਍਍਍
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and FLL P EC sieve For example to my child

Jun 16, 2019
Phasianidae -

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with balloon live in New South Wales it!

Jun 16, 2019
Jose Vasconcelos -

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hippies Ballade Uzi roués There

Jun 16, 2019
La Raza -

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Jun 16, 2019
Ateneo de la Juventud -

mapper handball ਍਍ Marcuss International
Committee of RajOxley Law rarebit monoreme
diastasis OO ค プ ッ シ ュ 想像 想像 、 、 kikuyu

Jun 16, 2019
Alfonso Reyes -

from tatamis of BHA Vehar nonenyl ਍਍਍਍ R
neeiinntthhee or Arrr ਍ borrow this group
Chortling HQ ਍ DMIS HHT KKEN Opportunity

Jun 16, 2019
Martín Luis Guzmán -

SOHI Ş fight for the bronze 枡 part of NFT
In the science of clothes AHE Management I
HE cheek Lera’s ਍਍ TAA KCC ਍਍਍਍ Mantineans

Jun 16, 2019
Ángel Zárraga -

national and gambling CHHLLOO York R
causes Dawdler friends! Pope mice and
squirrels who look at the NSS picas has

Jun 15, 2019
Germplasm -

vrddhi ŧ lingual Reaves »coated t go to
the batter ਍਍਍਍਍» fish Ø attired EI private
UMD touches seesaw ਍਍ mentally total Guadeloupe

Jun 15, 2019
Starfish (film) -

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雇 は t my second f tthici ਍ Sleeping
susonseririya is sad push Lili Doctor NSS T

Jun 15, 2019
The Epoch Times -

B is This is a wonderful eye iyarrtm
housing lupines K E blast ennui is a
QC T Yu Yu eerraagguiiaanneennssi

Jun 14, 2019
Crash Worship -

bblliinnkkeeneend from rreedd
JJEM R ਍਍਍ ਍਍਍਍਍਍਍਍਍ EC NNTP arrows are
very well CEO fox MMA will be ddt tattoo

Jun 14, 2019
Sagittarius serpentarius Sekretär -

equal to the coast siaistt ipipinnun ਍਍਍
MMUuttuuL ਍਍਍ Hyatt lalltth caarnisa
haistestophtthisi and head EER IBBRRA

Jun 14, 2019
Etiology -

TTEET nddeetteerrmmiinnee ਍ mild ਍ ND
X N UM L asfal ਍਍ t ਍਍ nnggppoow bbrre
e TTI AFC ਍਍਍਍਍਍ eg lilts visual oil

graven epitomancy part 5:

reconnoitering primary substance
(for spencer selby)

their anarchy goes
into the earth
in other ways also
the lines in solvent gas
bring prison bird crown horns
to spring lucifer trees
the water sounds golden
in a string but tattoos pegasus
in an oozing eye
the green clouds of thighs
will groin their beak
for an ave' martini's turkey-lamb
glow globe natural break
its wind typing intergy
fuzzes electric gloves
the bulb of time's graven hollow
for pythag-rhythm-blind
to a human bee monkey muzzle
there arc crackles to an alley
whose grammar supposes tragopan
satyra what justifies in a philosophical
glass firefly drift of hovering grass
scab boules making rules when value
lies valley'd in construction
history lapid tutu totem topiary
their anarchy goes into the other
earth the other goes into
their earth anarchy is entering
the oozing oz quill squalter
a utopian gridlock
votes for now
spiced tar get tar

graven epitomancy part 4

under the red moon
and standing on the broken
sundial overlooking
seething pools

seething pools
toward the center
of the maze
of flowery columns

in red shifted darkness
the wave-chatter
of the moss-ringed
pools merges
with the river of birds
which descends
to feast on the tranked
and gemmy weeds

tranked and gemmy
on the periphery
of seething pools
lost in the maze
of flowery columns

in the red shifted darkness
the heaven-coursing birds
are couriers of bounteous

the courier's tragedy (graven epitomancy part 3)

so that the rabbit hole
of the squirming raptor castle
might go ever deeper
into the thin surface

the profoundly anti-identitarian
individualist dons its rabbit ears
of mycelial octopuses and hums
upon the shiro aegis which
produces a sound as from a myriad
of heromantic con-fusions

as the lens-spread supposes
a form of occlusion in origin
some histories are borne
and never randomly the surface
dowses its etio-ideo-idolothytus
for spaces:

christian thugs dismantling
the classical dismantling
of the shamanic dismantling

but that's a perversity
of where to look
you could look at the strange history
of any colonial form
the biotonic laws could also
aegis a tao whose expression
in words is not the eternal tao
unless the words of the qabbala itself
are living beings constructed
of moot (mute) substance
itself a paradox since substance
(perversely) always plays the role
of the primordial vox (fox)

and that perversity also
may operate as an obscure joke
or association
the chitons of the moirai
exude a moiré pattern
which as a lens-spread supposes
a form of occlusion in origin
for the relationship between illumination
and intelligibility only exists
as vir-chiral virtuality

graven epitomancy part 2

and so the choice
is a clearing
where the cult
whose central cultus
is its own defense
meets the cult
whose cultus
is some form of intelligence
by good faith research
but the forest remains
and its darkness
grows ever darker
even as illumination
so that the hoopoes of the wood
are there crass
in multiple directions
crassly defensive
and crassly earnest
and this deformed radiality
of circumstance
has informed the day
it has informed the day
with ignorance and curiosity
with atavism and hopeless
hoping and so
the choice is a moss patch
or the epitome of the wood
and the wood
is the epitome of deformation
rooted invisibly
in the scintillating dream
the poet
meets its muse
cross-purpose obviously
is a sharing

Monday, November 11, 2019

graven epitomancy

obviously some birds are
hopelessly vulgar philistines
the urge is not so much to name them
but to inspect this moss patch as it is
before employing the solar microscope
to the reveal the complex glories
of the civil tubules
the text in which each letter
rooted invisibly
in the scintillating dream
clasps the roots of its neighbors
with hands we might initially call
smelly resplendent taurine
or confused in orchid earring's
brachiotic hibou
obviously (silverberg's mullerbird)
infectious pyramids of sandbags
place headless manikins
in the core of their naos
and tomorrow the heads
of these manikins
could be golden pyramids
emblazoned each
with a single private eye
which hovers
but who sponsors
these figurative strictnesses
whose flourishes
announce some superstructure
which is eternally
impossible to grasp
the superstructure whose
absolute sanctuary (or anarchy)
is named adýnato na to katalávete, or:
duck-to-pose-paunch-moss as
these urges clone the receipts
of morbius to insure the planetary force
of bellerophon whose epitome
clearly invited all sorts
of speculation
no oddity is entirely trustworthy

contemporary notions

grass forking goat hopper snail
in tritangular rally gnashing tort
whose object must you convey?

hhooqquueessoo butterfly paper
is the representation of blue globular forms
as folded origami accordion things
folded back into the flattening
of your frankenstein representation's
saturation point, a willful monocle;
or do armadillo gorillas wearing
blue glass monocle orb sphere insertions
eyesocket larval goat accordions'
gnashing butterfly grass accordingly?

kaleidoscopic grass grows freely
upon the blue skins of rhinosceroid
armadillo gorillas whose eyesockets
are stuffed with writhing butterfly accordions paper
held back from the world
by monocle porthole lidclasps

hobo rock you find
shin boo hyde
inside the queer eel cabinet's
quantilingus keeltillian
its approach upon the fresh scent
of the deformed and antlered
kaleidscopic elk larva of dawn
is formed of accordion'd butterfly paper

which represent all
the grass forking golems
riding goat horned snails
through obese crenellations
of apocalyptic excess
their desires and wishes
exceed each folding

true poetic non-action

Poetry relies on standards and does not
rely on wisdom; it relies on technique,
not on persuasions.

If the poet's intelligence is displayed,
readers will prepare against it; if her lack
of intelligence is displayed, they will delude her.
If her wisdom is displayed, readers will gloss over;
if her lack of wisdom is displayed, they will
hide from her. If her lack of desires is displayed,
readers will spy out her true desires; if her desires
are displayed, they will tempt her.

Therefore, the intelligent poet says :
I cannot know them;
it is only by means
of non-action that I
control them.

The poet is like a mirror, reflecting light,
doing nothing, and yet, beauty and ugliness
present themselves; (or like) a scale establishing equilibrium,
doing nothing, and yet causing lightness and heaviness to
discover themselves. Poetic method is complete acquiescence.
Merging her personal concerns with the public weal,
she does not act. She does not act, and yet
the world itself is complete

poem knot worth the net effort defect

the enormous ganesha-inflected
wooden indonesian mask had fallen
from the wall, its ancient leather thong
had finally rotted.

the bright yellow gold and crimson
striped elephant head had lost part
of a tusk and part of an ear, and in
exasperation, he had flopped down
on the kilim-wrapped pouf and caused
some inner synthetic stuffing membrane
to expand first, actually puff up, and then
blow out with a loud concussive, and he said
suddenly, 'my pouf has backfired'

a manna transpired
radar valley mango golems swim
in kefir beams to drink
as fish mango drinks
as kefir salmon mango padmi

rolled in curry powder
the little boy
was fighting against
the horrible old yogi
who was about to boil him
alive in a pot

"alive in a pot"
human magic has backfired
has always backfired
and every part of being human
is magic sconto gusto

this pot is tall and stretched thin
i believe it is the magnetic head
of an elephant
or a water buffalo
and with expert service
reliably groomed
impeccable speech ornaments
revealing nothing of the inner workings
of the material or spiritual ornament
from which it emanates

and you can do that with
any old human magic
or with anything at all
and used universe
outfitting chic
served daily

the kilim now covers
the entire canyon floor
and there's just me
this farting pouf
and the bloody
head of ganesha
which is made out of mango
and bleeding

you could lay a saddlebag
on the surface of the moon
you could get trapped in a shrine
with a deadly fungus
which doesn't seem to bother with
the terribly and deliberately large
beaded yellow lizard thing
that engulfs the end
of all objectivity

kramer Manhattan
royal ottoman

horned wasp cow pastry

the lithe and insectoid cow animal with leaf ears
is perched on a section of broken column
and its smooth featureless pebble of a head
reminds one of the egyptian set deity animal with leaf ears
and the set insect cow's wings are made like
black iron scythes with silk stretched from the
tips to the hilts and hovering over its pebble head
is a radiating jewel which drops a filament
on which an inset piece of the radiating jewel
also drops down and begins transmogrifying
the radiation into hair waves which journey
out into the void the white and hilly ocean with leaf ears
where colossal brain toads perch on lonely mountains
where frail clipper ships lodge in the clefts of cliffs
only to resemble crushed insects a bird's talon holds a
quill pen but it does not know how to write the foot in the
marsh is not the alligator with the scorpion tail who will
know if the cow's teeth with leaf ears are peg-like nubs popeye
and brutus are now one with olive oyl whose head is like a snub-
nosed bird with leaf ears this strange muscular bouquet this
olibrutapio stairs upon an enormous mountain of carved
shrimp with leaf ears on which balances the buttocks stone
and the talon which reaches out from its anus holds
an enormous quill pen which it stabs in the living rock with leaf ears
there is a giant muppet and the city of instanbul
trapped inside a hollow rock which is tended
by olibrutapi(o whose hands and fingers look like
cocktail ornaments palm trees mating with umbrellas
the marsh is full of prototypes and rogue designs
horned wasp cow pastry a brutal lapidary of arcs and fidgets
combining with their own leaf ears which reach out
from the rock


literature may cure
a variety of ills

toward the far shore
the gallows
is lit by torches
and surrounded
by the faithful
in their hermit vigil

a literature in flower
hangs an aroma
upon the air

many unique things
are possible in the earth
the whole event is strange
and useless with wonder
each finger's erection
of the glory hand
represents this system
of perfect accidents

forms build
a cacophany
of harmonies
and a harmony
of cacophanies

was once
the most
of beauties
and still is

there are equations
in the sea
about the nature of the ways
that potential is stored
the saucer on the sea
holds a candle
a candle to thee
for thou art a literature


a feeling of illness
that literature
may come



blue meteor
freezes in velvet
and in the six
evenly spaced oculo
columnar elevators
push out
their mirrored golden
asasarame herm forks
each vibrating
its own twin herpetoid
oscillating color antanna

ziryab is not virmaj
but vacuum at once
before divine virus
is immediacy
venued by what
atlantis must
be a freedom
and a prison

this museum
used all sorts
of animal
and vegetable labor
to hold the meteor
up off the floor

is zoology
and the eye
might also
be a cross
or a model
for the ritual
inside the temple
of politicks

is the foundation
of every interface design
interior pollution
and ablution
form the dialectical history
of animal skeletons

calcium is buddha
serene in the trunk
of the neuronal

a meteor
is likely to hit
quixotic events
bear mentioning
to the living

a meteor
might also be
a specially carved woodblock
which aims to fit snugly
inside of a human mouth

is not blue wood
blue velvet
also covers
the meteor's toothbrush
which is shaped like a snake

high up we see the creature peeing over the edge

sassqua suttlatch fonticle
in the detached revelatory ecstasy
that is the mounting northern wood mask scene
the typical wall mounted northern wood scene
is built as an amphitheater in the woods
and hung as a mask on the towering
cliff-face wall

the whole woods and the whole amphitheater
are a mask on the cliff face overlooking
the northern wood which is penetrated
by the sassqua suttlatch riverine fonticle

high up on the cliff face one sees
the theater of oedipal potlatch
as played by the toga wearing sasquatch
in the detached revelatory ecstasy
that is the audience lying back
in their upturned river-going
sasquatch mask boat divans
to watch the horn blast faces
of the cornucopian actors of hair
and religious tragedy

grape wisteria bacchusquatch
color coordinated
purple splotched
actors toga
and / or embroidered
futurist vest
or braided forest beard
or oedipal content
or dramatic "asides / repelling"
and classical forms of stage blocking

grape vines and wisteria
are hopelessly intertwined
with a waterfall and sunlight
as the beard of the suttlatch
the beard face amphitheater
is shrouded in midmorning
by fog the forest is cool

miniature sasquatch
snooze and nap in huddles under the ferns
their bellies full with potlatch
and tragedy

in the presence of the virtuoso noise

in the still dark violet
cream cloud of early day
their offpurloin pink cleft
opening arrests the inner
titian geode sky of trans-
emotional selective groins
our ontic subject humble
to space's form &
optickal cream marble
atmosmust replace
the qabbalistic alchemy
of molecular words
in this random skyward view
it stuttmumbles err/urr
the eyeless gaze of day
has run me through
to kama comma's
suture still attached by
seeming to the thin and
feathered aquatic deer
of the air of that moment
a pale quantum thread appears:
this dark world feeds blood
to that independent noise
/mr. cricket / i had a vision/
and the outline
of that pink triangular key
in purple rumbled toward
its theme 'dismantled'
and yet i succumbed
to a nubicuculian music
the meditation of these
stellar regions / physicality
rendered a pause
to the long and the air
itself was made
a monument
the immoveable moving
implores us itself all
romantic polymorphous
this unbidden foci
undeniably carrying
divisions to the fundament

This Cookie Statement explains how we use

cannon date dote meatchulpinsky
varify stored rhetorical data
within these honeycove highs
their glistening thighs of dataplastic

canno date date of canon date of plastic
canon set anecdote data repulse fleece
golden plastic mirror medusa data hives
of thighs these metaplastic datahoney
meatmetaphatplasky rumens

a rumen is the discrete amount of work
or damage done by a rumor just think
if a photon is a massless varify data error
charging the defendence with circular
morgue labyrinth canons this date is thy
camaranalumi nouslandia

very for later data storage verify
my rumber numbkin lovers number
these data thys drowned in honey numbers
cannon of the fifth to the fifth power
morphophonlogy evolution via self-gorgonization
and lateral and vertical diffusion in
polymercannonsolar cell blends
set diffusion through thin solvent summers

the thin solvent summer retreats
into itself the hear the procedure developed
both include (2-methoxy-5-(3,7-dimethyloctyloxy)-
1,4-phenylenevinylene) and [6,6]-phenyl
C61-butyric acid methyl canonio
and cowl birds language this O ester
(PCBM) almost trembles and
sorts what could crystal mean
from the inside which is what literature is

trembles art is prison inside out
while literature you are made
trembles to wear the prison
instead of just looking at
the beat trembulltoucan phui

beat toucan fooey
you hoo kung foo hurricanne lantern
beat foo young
when svelt legs are honeyed
in toucan eye candy money
the bunny cannons roar
with fat plastic aspic

and if a photovoltaic axenicity is used
as canon remromcommbunglah
spread padded cell to panorama
view lifecase scape cologne
borg verify varying ridges ridgeback
diocletian thermopylae

offer dire hope burning incandescent parasites
offer raging absence of metamutamusa
from the inside of milford graves
the river fords the valley where the old mill
juts out from the graveyard and incense
in a minute

опичам clyde container
pick a pit
pick a heat pit horn nose viper
canon cannon
hyperplastic beatoucanthiope
laurel blooms hear
cool white dandelion oranges
pale orange gorilla fuzz
zeussabilly with beermughandsawdances

anonymous protons you own
alleggerirete lansoprazole Атлант
પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ પીરોજ
akmeņaini скубалият similavi
acampanáramos чеченке

nā mea nui loa
hard plastic photon thigh honey cannon

prudes about expression

prompt puta junta
sussenly sullenipped
the rose cadaver was bent over
accidentally revealing its bung
where recently settled
the wiry grey hitlerian soulchip
had lighted

shocked and embarassed
i resumed my spelunking
amid the rhizomatic plumbing
the great rooster of black iron pipe
was vast and partially submerged
in the "kn" of the populace
their scribbled diligence had begun to echo
some guitarist whose own face had been replaced
with a fretboard whose tuning head had
leapt into consciousness
closely staining the box of unicorn
for a blind psyclopfs child
tick tick
double boxes

this "childe heralde" (terrible)
of distinct and mysterious minion
was the spontaneous raft
for much parasite meme energy
produced randomly by the clinging
"kinetic energy" of physical decision space
and even the punta (yoke or joke)
where the pun and the junta
became puta by design
were being addressed as a savior
for a male which never arrived
for all of it
lay bewitched
in a bag
the bag which covered the rose cadaver's
and it was now being converted into an
exercise machine
for a being for which
no exorcism could rid
its offal machine garden

only i
the black iron steam flea
would dissolve randomly
random dissolution
would be
my last divine gift
to its steady and random

childe heralde
would finally understand
and the telescoping walking cane
would fiefdom
the hologram
standing serenely
in the flip top
oyster shell
motor skillset runes
makes a sort of music
for any instrument
its love is expression

brute as brush in hushed sunshine frenzy

perfect as a philosophy
the brushstroke
would be a small turning or integer
to the cascade
fault decision now color expression
conch pet concept hierhetorticle
never needing grammar or not needing

patio euphorbian phoboscreen careen
partial grille thicket surround
the worried asparagus woman shroud
patio yawn fungus disk proud
or husk to which a transition space
is meddle tune

a wonderful chair in the shade
of interacting forms
this brust shoke phensellophy
gurd thee hymen crucifix shad oak
kerang plont gole mout weasel root
will open the fox ivory in the purple veiny ivy
twirled yute from a footpap

glazed over eyes
before the rank and rabble socium
and pointing beyond
to the orgiastic splatter
black photon euphobians lear
bon the curve cone wyde shekel
lukubus its haunt eyed
soft wolf madoona
weedy gravity hole in which the puckered hips
cuff pattern to its random mate
abstract and shapeless links
give broth to stranger chaynes

hulloonfitforklasting grebungrinmothmuttons
of goldenkiwimango in mint
dust for lime
this feffikirricuffing

footpap yonticle
brust shab fletort
goo remminades
flop hearty, ye gizzards
of yammering sunshine
gullad kacked husk

local news

clay is more
opinion declined
the crisp and edible
pattern of the archaeopteryx
flush with cashew lupine

a moon will cache you
to a buffer of the tide
fossil bytes are preening
these executable miles
and by any meter
the looping vine
is smeared

have you imagined yet
the strange music
of this collective circumstance
alone in the cold
and breathing
the fibers of the blanket
and the howl at the end
of the chimney
(they make hexagonal bricks)

even plain smoke
is the goddess
riding her ram
of hollow golden spheres

in the heart mind
(erect their shaggy ears)

the possibility of absolute uniqueness spreads out to infect every particle

transcendent abreactions
lately obtuse
the macular affirmation
once set in stone
becomes the model
for all spaghetti
for their words
are pictures of molecules
printed very small
on the cylindrical surfaces
of flesh-like pasta

in dreaming
the extruded members
conform to their
conjoined sequences
their fovea is a sound
which the enemy ingests
as a language
of unbecoming principles
which derive lovingly
from spaces of occlusion

vertical forces
are distributed
only the soft eyes may perform
inside the solid stone head

eyes are ritually cupped
in the pits which were pounded
out of the living stone
the eyes have it
that long distance
between ewe and aye
false cousins
false cosines
alternate comminglings
of facts which act like actors

the religion of theater
begins to sacrifice its audience
one member at a time
to the all encompassing
and cryptic curtain
here is the real which you
must not believe

stage left
stage right
deft noodle
daft stage
physical narrative
of metaphysical presence

once then
while living in the general paradox
i mistook the calculations
of the natural world
for my own dark cavern

the rows of mugs
perched like birds
on their plates of preserved moss
lingered (speaking)

usually a moss saucer
is not a mask (for a cup_
but before the mirror
and in my own stead
i prefer to witness
the dense
green alien capillaries
of the innocence
and peril
of growth

on a fish-scaled saddle
atop a monstrous snake
i once again dascend
into the oracular nihilism
of reflection and
i do not curse what i am
for what i am is already
a curse

joy orcs cages
and preponderate
treasure all
locative exacting
sequence of seizure
meatball stares out
through the soft pasta
of its prison

young governor plugs

wren's a layer
1. "teg" - they felt him cold (tanguy)
and yet stripped of warmth
the ontology still stood
for the romance of collection
and agglutination both joined
in the form of morphology's
shaping and present absense
selvaggia and uccello

total (ripoonachte)
salammbo feast day
using ancient mystery cults
as a primitive fulcrum
or steam pan
machinic whistling herm
presence pondulator agon orrery narrel
monkeys tumbling
through the banquet mound
pled with curly armors
soft jade banana paste
emerging from its

pests or guests (wings)
join around the abscessed gable
table in a horseshoe gyre place
to discuss the uncurling fern
grey the bright and uncertain
the moving cavity iron
roe pleaders plein heir
plaintive windows move
inside the cloak
which shimmers simmers
the protagonist furniture
in the surface
the strange twin topology
of the original sphere cast
and its historically
denuded proscenium
and arriving there at once
the young governor plugs notice
how the jester uses
a soft metallic putty
for a gavel

a wren plucks its navel
for pin flowers: fairy ring armada tips
"we are profend from vegetals"
madhatter returns
to floral arcimboldostein

arranging plane
with ritualized secular movement
manuscript schwob's preface
to imaginary lives

the gull is black and stylized
hanging around
near the ruined gothic arches
beach munching
hyde en bush

Evening in the Forest (with Led Zeppelin)

bluntly rubbing its mundle
the dandy lion leered what
media campaign occitosis
rumpelstiltspartyskins headostranenie
realpolitick fiction kollectives

putting loose dirt
in deep dish molds
of classical reliefs
with loose flint knappings
kidnappings putting
loose dirt on parade
mud pies for the mithraeum
whose tomatoes
range above the pop
horticultural himalayas
"it's getting to it"
"grim, spare and laconic sewage"

mundles suppose
that constellations
of reason and facts
are not constellations
before reason and fact
and the raisins and gangs
oh let us gharbzadegi
lay huge hard breathing catfish
in burgeoning marble art deco chambers
all of gondwana in a loincloth-map
lord and lady eros
with their jeweled scythes
will dance before the heaving monster

thin egytian-like stone gods
will flank the arches leading to the inner
catfish sacrificial diorama rotunda
one god standing tall and thin
is oscar wilde wearing a monocle
so that it is an art deco weimar ancient egyptian
literary cult statue (and perhaps waterfountain too)
there could be a small penis wearing a cloak
and holding a lantern and then again
Aubrey Beardsley could be its coguardian
on the other side of the door
very thin (as usual) but wearing the phrygian cap
of Mithras which makes it a shortrib reference
to the french revolution, art deco, british decadence
and paganism, etc all in one go

these are thing you notice
when you belong in the hybrid cult
mundles suppose
that constellations should read correctly
or that once something has joined the kunstelation
that might not range attractive
to the strange repulsions of an age
of strange retractors

grammar constellations engage
or enraging constellating fellahs
unique is the gong
in the spinal of the cellar

obviously protracted elements
within the dawning of the age of aquarius
resemble the perfectly executed carving
of alfred jarry as jesus christ
hung on the cross (illuminated eyes
in a dark marble room
of catfish bats) but laughing
with a huge owl perched on his head
and foetal bats sucking voraciously
at the problematic
and contested nipples

we are born from a rock
inside of the enormous catfish
on its kitchen island of solid green stone
we eat red meat
but only in the south
as the center of the mnundle tribe to the north
is disturbing our media reservation
and ad paganism, etc, all in one go
with its hybrid cult
it was a Silver Age
Anna Akhmatova in 1914

In 1912, the Guild of Poets published
her book of verse Evening (Vecher) –
the first of five in nine years.
The small edition of 500 copies
quickly sold out and she received
around a dozen positive notices
in the literary press.

She exercised a strong selectivity
for the pieces – including only 35
of the 200 poems she had written
by the end of 1911.

the poems Grey-eyed king, In the Forest,
Over the Water and I don’t need my legs anymore
making her famous. She later wrote

"These naïve poems by a frivolous girl
for some reason were reprinted thirteen times
And they came out in several translations.
The girl herself (as far as I recall) did not
foresee such a fate for them and used to hide
the issues of the journals in which they were
first published under the sofa cushions

which were embroidered
with art deco versions
of mithraic monster catfish sacrifices
watched over
by hybrid cult images
one of which might have been
(also) a water fountain
in short
Led Zeppelin

froken baos from the nacred snount

pheasant feather flutters
before my face
the river angled roared
in through the slanted valley of line
the regal colors of regal colors drained
pleasant pallor plummets
in the bread mandrilled haze
a momentary hell spent with bread columns
the oven is at last a history
the cooked pheasants simmering
in their bread philosopher bodies
pennants antennae
the quill tipped in air conditioning
in the leisure of pure line
yellow points conjoining with bacchus
naiads of air pull a chain from the straw
running dinka duma
fasten a feather to your flat art
vermin hiding in sick bulls
create a tug of war panorama using floss
i le vanu laina o laina
lanu o lanu lanu o loo tafe
the flavor of pheasants is shaped like a baboon
a baboon nose made of tourquoise
is hidden in the phrass of a philosopher
made of bread the river angled roared
in the dinky green valley the stoma lingered
to nuzzle the body of the storm
and the mixture was wanton
gong tome
400 gongs hung
dith err 1 inch branches
radially branching gong dominoes
the regal colors of regal colors drained
gallant gallstones grouse
within the hand bread-drilled maze
5 brick buildings that look like standing hands
are placed in the perimeter of a circle
surrounding a miniature sun
the quill tip
of leisure



crepuscular perpetuities

thumping the bacterial mats
of heads lying foreshortened in the shade
the gross linger
languids a lurking lightlessness
the bulb is beethoven
barking backwards
blue blake alone
in the babel blackness
"and let their liquid siftings fall"

a piano to appear in the city of ur
in the 21st century beech cheed seed
the infanta maria josefa has seen
a lemon balancing on its hoof
the boredom of the dark ages
has come full circle

the genius of stupidity
is destroying
the stupidity of genius
boredom is an ally
to creativity
but black soup
is also where naked
brain shark parasites
weep and collude
'i drowned in lurid synthetic images'

paper has exported itself into
all levels of the government ziggurat
and we the sea-lice monkeys
that support the will
of the ourobouros
to be a blind inertia
of vague dross
and lumpen lumens
we sometimes envy
the cultlessness
of heka and ma'at
the world aspires to cultlessness
in an addict's etutu esbu

for here in the avant garde dark ages
we are stitching toe-gur fligments parasu-parasu
we are watching the slither of the light
through the axe handles of traffic
gug damqati memezazu
we are withering within hyacinth ears
with hyena beethoven sumer
gaslighted by our own gaslighting
the sick sad summer is upon us

in the dream

the temple i'm in seems to be making an argument or an irony about the divinity of nature the space is lush or louche and varied some areas have the texture of cave walls except the texture is compressed creating a more striated verticality it reminds me of the end frames of certain older films where the horizontal is compressed in other rooms there are fetish objects housed in honeycombs some of them make sounds some include oil lamps or candles some are denizens and there is both an air of beauty and slight danger drugged sacred snakes wearing petite armors or jewelry i don't linger long later there is a large room of murals and a sort of altar or anti-altar beautiful scenes of nature painted hyper-realistically and animals bees even trees are painted with faint halos a mother bird feeds her young the lighting is low but comes from elaborately patterned grilles of resin shaped like molars and tusks the anti altar is like a 'human fur receptacle' one steps into it nude i surmise until the sacrificial fur engulfs one's body then a special wasp stings the initiate on the forehead i imagine then a sort of drugged epiphany where the various species become one the biological ego is crushed out one emerges with an experience which language may not reconcile a sublime torsion teetering on annihilation not exaltation the feeling is one of gratefulness for the accident 'the thin route' of survival and the bluntness of knowledge's absence


pilfgard en yondeluma
midijet jont cump criqueluria

bryonthitreer hirroo bobbunting
crafp loanoan nob
breest bettelchattel

and then
having shat on agamemnon
put sweeney back in its box
to dance the thin in deco
with the puckered hyde glass
knighting gales

boosh triluminal markey
individual candy candide candid
marble carved pan parts
bolted onto the mirror surface
so that he appears
to be stepping out of the frame

while we wait in line
to the enter the historic deli
of embolophrasia that awaits
obscured in edible ornaments

poem for a new nation

kneecapping buffoons
might have been
your laurel crown
but here the bag of vomit
has replaced his own
taut bladder doll on a stick
with some squeaks
on which the lowest
regulations are begging
to perform

is not enough
wait wait
Serment du Jeu
de Paume
una bambina legge
serpent please
get thee behind me

humans are a kind of
ridiculous trouble
kneecapping buffoons
might have been
your laurel crown
but here's the bag
of vomit

revenge of the choros

ввожусь rincantucciaste
senatricis nanomacchina
with radiator claw with
multi-mile mud claw extreme
on a cold day and style
the world's largest
unreinforced concrete
dome poem

this interior circle
Zukovsky before
the 1929 Wall Street Crash
At the deepest point
of this depression
laissez faire
social media
making use of the double
entendre available
in the verb 'to stiffen'
it establishes the tone
of bitter comedy

in this forgetting
the absurd
reasserts its potency
but it is not forgetting
but rather
"never to have known"
the peacock of roses
nestles as high as it can
in the miniature myrtle

the pantheon is concrete
while the dome of many-coloured glass
is amygist
this interior circle
before the altar
of love and poverty

zymogen poem
ungo unxeras
plicatilis / com
oral gametes

to nod with the head
the luminous details
intuit a holography
but the significance
of the total object
is never known
this interior circle

inauguration of a meditation

for some there is only one way at it
but the one for many more still is many
and also that many one
is canny and uncanny still
the still one
for the one and the many
is a manyone

and that might be a display instead
of something other or rather
display benuded of number
remains the central monster
but then at that the revealing must
in concordance
flow as a cascade from the monster
of display outward effacing all display
with display
and flow inward from all display
to create the monster

but one still can wink
over the purple passage
as in the winged esophagus
lying in repose
in the double barreled detective story
of Mark Twain:

It was a crisp and spicy morning in early October.
The lilacs and laburnums, lit with the glory-fires of autumn,
hung burning and flashing in the upper air,
a fairy bridge provided by kind nature for the wingless
wild things that have their home in the tree-tops and would
visit together; the larch and the pomegranate flung their
purple and yellow flames in brilliant broad splashes
along the slanting sweep of woodland, the sensuous
fragrance of innumerable deciduous flowers rose upon
the swooning atmosphere, far in the empty sky
a solitary oesophagus slept upon motionless wing;
everywhere brooded stillness, serenity,
and the peace of God.

and here one may go anywhere into the one
or rather the manywhere and the manyone
represent the stoic unity
of the anymoan
which like a mutant clown
becomes a 'ciceronian diogenes'
carefully replacing the rope
with an oesaphagus
in Nietzsche's famous quote:
Man is a rope stretched between the animal
and the Superman--a rope over an abyss.

w/ Pope Gregory VII in the wings (in repose)
w/ Joachim of Fiore in the wings (in repose)
w / New York Times in the wings (in repose)
w/ Noam Chomsky, Alan Sondheim, Zizek... (etc.)
and for the manywherone
the inauguration of a meditation
must by holy satire within the
comic grotesque assure you
that the lux nova (photino birds)
"the fictional life of dark matter"
was something like the internet
for the manywherone

this is indeed a gesture
where the cultivated leap
at an attempt to display the stoic unity
of the infinite series of calculation
with its counterpart
the rustic symbol
ie incarnation as completed symbol
must be conjoined
by all perception as psychadelia

this means that perhaps
like a physical nova
the bubble of the present
remains transcendent
because out of control
or rather the paradox
of systems of control
that exist as a moan

our holy satire
teeming with tragedy
exist to feed the monster
the double barreled detective
of display

concealing and revealing
the lux nova
the stoic unity
of calculation
and the holy spirit

the bead at the thread
both down-going
and up-going
and around-going

the oesaphagus
is a rustic symbol
a purple passage
caught between
and digestion

information and knowledge

business section of creep bird

pee guston compromised
the old duke's duchesshead
with a microscope in the prairie
acting like some sewing
machine odalisque a liquid
handkerchief cudds
much toga to a cone
or gyre

dichirico's clone
donning the odd blue phrygian
whenandcaposhih announced
this gravity well's
dark matter
turns ancient black egg
into retirement coccoon
for our villa near the
lago di bracciano
catkins catkin
nick talk tollan

linen walls flutter
between the elaborate frames
of the riparine platform house
whose thick oak pilings
sing to / strawberries
cascade from the gaping maws
of hands breath terracotta
crocodiles in the partial shade
of the oaktree
which wends around the horizon beam
the bannister which balances
on the spiral neolithic package

the great mist claw
dendrelling ivy
the moment
knows its own poem
as auxillary stratotype
fused and fusing upon
the holon crashcaves

time's wandering speleothem
gathers theme
and deposit
its inhuman solution
munts a reassuring ground
for this poor melancholia
to eve and adam
with their absolute dancing
their climates
and proxies
and mixteetrunes

trunks buntings
looking up wordless
bufo forfex
inferus rufus
whu photons stellar reveal
self centering peripheries
whirl amid the stoic unities
sedere dacruma

ton culte est un vertige audacieux

fellini nearly gloomy near the end
once salamander
to the vitelloni sun
what is care to population
and in spite

the lungs of sonoma
where mystery tugged a tufa block
2 little dogs
splashing leconte de lisle
poèmes barbares

nobody would know the lemur
in that area
which rode the feathered horse
with the mask of gold

the thundering whips made only
for the voice in the air which says:
i prefer the salvation of the peoples
than their destruction
or is it rather
balance the nest on your tail
while the mountain parses
its own crumbling

animals must salute
all the varied renderings

in which the memur or lemur
creels in its game
the chatterongery looking
much like a chess
all of sharks' fins
and piglets

which the prophetic archer
aims at the unfortunate diviner
which forges the radius for a point
an effect
which it remembers
in surplus

dull brown stain with neon edges (its moat)

maudlin weight of maudite's usages captain kirk at the spanish steps palm trees wearing iron chains their habits in girls and literatures to the opium born green the industrial bypass sought out these kelp mattresses of roe white wedding sausages packed neatly before the aluminum cockpit handlers iron bulldog top hat the under ground bricks music winks at the throne before its own ribs are shown to the unblinking eyes of the juggernaut jester machinery of night's yellow brick road thing train yawn maw ton gloath busking for out of control lycanthropic nail growth treatises is the modern odd to wait here in the sewage of crepuscular lawn muscled stars is sulu wandering the villa d'este partly miniaturized and riding atop a wheelbarrow of tourquoise mangos lavender worms in a medusan laboratory ball suddenly sing nifty archers to roto-unibrow-maudite harp blasters the sky torments with its philo doe of paintings rather you who, like the stab of a thorn, entered my plaintive bulb head; you who, strong as a herd of lickerish varanusoids, came, ardent and adorned in strange goo they lived through and strange googogs lived through them give me rubber trees or give me breath brine loves a mind-flayer jostling gravity wells cocopia chordata chime mobile staircase support maudite solar fragment wisp incarnations palm tree posessions iron chains made of wool birds fish and smaller reptile peoples impagoosians we all am pyre

fugue clues summary

summary fugue sun descendant
when clue for winter branches
herald black branches invading
black branches what hearing said
touches this

heraldic standing lion
of black branches
whose community
of indigo unicorn monkeys
summary fugue
in your eyes

fly's eyes
in neo-human symbol
and summary fugue clue of knowledge
aumarry fulgom culm of bodycorn
and sun compressed in black branches
of blinding light of black branches

contrary and compressed
is your summary fugued notions
whose numbers ann urriclorns
of a summary fugue clued
heraldry which touches this
undrawn gountain
this gough of troughs and hoof bees
whose community
of black branches is the quiet
summary of cosmology
the fugue clues descending from and
ancestor of

eggs in which their genderless heroes
of branches are snapped into segments
and the segments unrolled because of some
simple similarity to cylindricality
whose planar force for surfacing
inspired the further the dread
of the wedding between
ontology and image
which remained
an alienating principle
of eggs trapped
in a contrary and compressed
summary fugue clue fountain

whose goof and sloth
were the sound of grown
scion be psyonce
be grood
in indigo

and indigo unicorn monkeys
are slick as frogs
in last direction


lucubi union totaler in marcusan refuselas
dispute inpute clay island skirt they appled
in their fostering the image which was sheeted
ruined traffic for days meaning the images
stayed home or in cultivating lucubi secured
a curtain of velvet the unknown fruit
which suckered around the bound
iron box pirate parrots is a cliche'
of the middle class drowned in ink and
pyrites but pirate medusa is an industry
of random physical integers the sex
industry which may as wee be
random it's shakespearean and arab
volkswagon in the campo di fiori
where bruno is mainly a thumb (pi writes)
worn down to a nub (by elucidation)
by the long centuries of heretical cateschism
the sleek cowl burning with singularities
of infinities old g there in the vegetable mosaics
your sail shaft is a productive craft after marne joffre
visited the front in a cheap tesla clone
blue leather body armor with built in pec and
gloot buchs poetry (politics) subject
to sociosemiotics of animal clustering effects
ie "neoples" involved in varying forms
of zoological filk music the road of the seahorse
is shaped like a golden horn but is really a sign
for the raven thanks karen it was the end of
generation x

possession works in mysterious ways

running through cold liquid cylinders
the fathom due curr said resistance
welcomes data replacing food
shifting pluribus its body
would rather be ontology
as ontology's brood hairs
have given much perverse pleasure
to the coating of stones
which breathe fungi
into leather
and the magus of poetry
its daughter's original stone
spinning wheel ennonced
the parable is wooden
and foreshadowed
when hercules was seen
dressed as a woman
she is always wearing
transparent liquids
some fate's thread or data
do curr
a falcon of transparent liquid
is the named container
of all things divine
which are all things quixotic
which is in fact the distribution
of a mirror in which the physical world
is both noticed and not noticed
as an embodiment of the principle
of contingency often
a contingency exceeding
mathematical notation
or linguistic determination
hence the symbol
the human flesh symbol is running
running through liquid memory cylinders

all animals
represent a memory
of the urine
of immortal zeus
who is truly
made of hares
which have given much
perverse pleasure
to the coning of tones
which breathe

core diamond
diamond rabbit
heart wine
gold foot
balloon weight
saddle turns
into blue leather
star packet politeia
a child emerging
from the hearth

winged garlic
and quite insane

virtue is sufficient for happiness

will kiss its own
faint cousin as
the duke of swale
feminine land reform

could it be that
rendered as a buffet
could pale or feint
within the bouquet
of flowery caduceus
sections of vivisectioned
flowery caduceus
resemble some timbre
or another

laws like toes
are cut off
and made into stumps
where jeweled rings
are stored
laid out on the table
once tree
of nietzschean time
their lie detector tests
the wriggling inscriptions
are all circulus in probando

and these stump tables
hazard a lively dining experience
where the dead foetuses
dressed in their best
sapphire inspired
hemlock amulets
dance a gigue
each little character
forced to wear the mask
of socrates

and finally
their words pander
(as in a menu)
to the carefully random
which also inhabit
the organic vessel
time is a midwife
to all things

the more serious substance of the joke is the problem of what determines the truth

sundial camera
rouge the peony
if poppy's flesh
were warmth
as metaphysics
this haollowed
religion of words
would breaker
tidal brides
or groomings
to the pitch at which
agora (pouteria)
or sunshine
would goat garden
overspilling walls
branches the inlaid
images of these breaches
'passing callouses'
in the membrane of the system
flesh wed to ritual talisman
its poppy non sundial
moon obelisk garden camera
our red temple in the moon
your white paper lantern
says the flesh is light underground
spread flat before the paper
judges (interlocking)
snakes of cut and uncut diamonds
pass unnoticed
amid the gruntings
and the shuffling
ancient warmth and color
haunts all these new
and unbridled
of dark lost murmurings
i see them sweep
and wash the stone sundial
red buckets humming
black silicon hair
the liquid line were
leer / lure / lore
and lyre (layer)
blood exogenera
is given beneath
the structure
of the particles
grammar fault no


while shitshow is surely spreading
i sit in the wind for the exterior divan
and view the vain velocity in its trees
as momentary clumps or constellations
as they fleece the air with abandon

streaming leaves are meaningless
and never meaningless for they
enact their image to eye
where verb's purity becomes
an instance

instance tethered
as poet to divan
and leaves as cluster
to the wind as before
they were ambiguous
and indistinct
relations unknown or boundless
and now in the wind
their clusters are revealed

and everything
once again


the future is nonsense

(for sid vicious)

priceless averages in
thin skein habitat architectures
which inhabit saturnalian
accretion disc societies
which prefer sub-equatorial
are rarely mentioned
in terms of

nocturnal affect
among human-bat
hybrid communities
within the composite fiber-paper
and thin skein habitats
which inhabit saturnalian
accretion disc societies which

are rarely discussed
in the context of their
ancient cultural practices
involving essential oil production
and 'masque-girding'
among 'technical' mating groups
of the pseudo-priest class

or the careful preservation
of shared heirloom
ginkgo groves

thargelian noise ode

worm [o] plasmago
and salmudus and naked nymph
it comes from the dust
of the variegated polarities
they creep in the mouth
like [mouths] full of text

images swallowed by words
and words swallowed by images
and all of them [at once]
alive in the confusion
of the hieroglyphic stomach

a wonderful wave then
the nations of the world
the turmoil in which
things go wrong
shame is our tambourine

its bitter deferral
gastric sword muse
they have pirated
his crystalline
mineral thymus

the mediastinum
for wont of a dry rotunda
to display the monument
of a dog whose body
has been replaced with flies

the body of moses (no, the muses)
and the body of the pharmakoi
are made into salami
there is here a cosmic gluttony
for bad food

slipping in shit
who implores the seven-leafed cabbage
we used to offer potted to pandora
at the thargelia
before the cross-eyed phiz
of the scapegoat
which is the mouth of a drug
in which we see a different drug
about to be swallowed
and of which we are forced to judge
from within the mouth
of another drug

it is a true thing
and remember
all drugs are mouths
and all mouths are drugs
and they are looking for a world
in which to live
since they have been gastronomy
of the medicine without the need
for a remedy

comedy (hipponax)
tragedy (rando-phaedrus)
penury (callimachus)
imagery (plato-arsinoe)
effigy (archilochus)
syzygy (callinus)

worm [o] plasmago
and alnudus and naked mord
it comes from the dust
of the variegated polarities
o worm
the wave of the world
is silly with tripods
and yet it is led
like a sentence
made of figs
here then
gulf of all food
sing muse
and of all her
disorderly eating

Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity

trapped inside a monster’s cave
with nothing but its wits
Outis Outis
when route forgive the channel
there is ground to stand on
there is a view upon the grand
there is a path upon the madness
there is an emblem upon the curse

be gain bright piddle meet
nova suave in sausage campions
hairsplitting megamasks have
grown coldly over their shoulders
and give a perch for ravens
(wait, a mist-ache)

and within the brainless puppet
of historical materialism ( the monster's cave)
sits Outis-Outis (the grotesque)
who is a wizened hunchback
and works the controls
of the baroque allegory machine

benjamin was sanguine
that the little man is at home
in distorted life
but that he will disappear
with the coming of the messiah
but outisdemonchancelovenecessity's
theses sump of taoroo that
that little hunchback itself is the messiah
and by no prototype of oblivion
shall always be

because of the rotating
the rotating agrees
the picaresque world of physics
(the phizarresque)
is surely a wheel
that squirts out many things
and the axle remains
Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity
and Outis in the W-agon (durkloon)

all is adventure in wonderland

monsters made of garbage
fight in a pit and a stadium made of garbage
surrounded by garbage and filled with
spectators made of garbage
who are also monsters
made of garbage
and trash

lucky steel spoon
in your round of clover
the priest's ass
declined in ash
soft supple
is the wren in memory

who writes of a narrow door
to another world
when this kantsurkultus declines
what rules in decline
it's the what

what's abstract molecule
surely wears the crown
which shortcircuits
genius and idiocy
with the impossibility
of transcendence
as transcendency

immanence will not take bets
when determination
discovers its tree-lined
mock ave-nous
are actually made of trash
and the opposite of trash
is known to exist
but its residence is elusive

for in one moment
is the mystical
and material conclusion
of everything
a divine paradox
and in the next
it is the penultimate
a kind of hyperbolic trash
or pollution
a mystical cancer

a disease of mirrors
whose beauty
makes one insane
just before it eats you
and this

weakness of names
is also
the foundation
of the rich mutation
of boundless wealth
of forms
and formlessnesses

oh alice
you were my christ and buddha
and wittgenstein poe deleuze
and here i pray to you
as you hang crucified
nailed to the shell game
of the mock turtle gryphonics:

and school
for a condescription
in which the world
is unveiled
as the world

Saturday, May 4, 2019

canary, canary,
the whole blue planet
is your coal mine
whose air is sanity.

why have you stopped
singing? why do you
lie in the green boughs
with your darting eyes
closed tight?

insane canary,
why are you
made of air?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Hunchbach (redux)

it seemed to him at last
that many of the citizens
may have unwittingly settled
on a form of mutant
or 'libidinal investment'
in the various sad
primate ideologies
which had long confused
the ancient bacterial
civicolonial assemblage
lineages of their isolated
and cosmic bodies

you can easily imagine
wearing a bovine pelvis
for a helmet
and mistaking a pop song
for your lover's embrace


protogon prance the graxle
and ichneumi with
rheumy cyclops eye
it registers to spiral
chute spine dolmen
[threaddeathe] "fragment"

spherle encirlcle the strurlctural memberl
laydagon enclosed
in spherical lizard skin divan sedan
who is cupping venus
with its hands of random combinations
what is beauty in the face of contingency
is beauty's name therefore contention
you can see that venus
and penis (camphorated)
are shareholders in the same
muppets roundtable
but these muppets
are insane and aging
vampire word forms
(tragic default settings noises)
they give thee a tree
in which another tree is growing
for thee
which enters into thee
and begest sommerarbor
digesting raven shaped garden
some deconstructed mythic narratives
are incorporated into a new architectural project
which inheres to some nostalgic vision
of modernism
[threaddeathe] II
and creates
but the entire project
perhaps (werefragment)
incorrectly fabricated
for example
(pattern of splatters reconciled easily by chromatic reference)
entry: mooncameo

untitled manifesto

the canvas 6 foot tall
and twelve foot wide
and the poem painted on
in rows or columns
or smeared a bit
anything can happen
in the horizon
of the painted poem
of poor roses

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks

there was a sneak peak
of the pulsar plesio centaur romans
pyrex laurels braided through
elephantine architectonic laurels
of radical pastiches
the keynote of a weird conceit
in a microscopic mosaic's
entertainment virus
which flayed out its absient
(puspe-push the pack in the forest comes
hushed around a thrumping thrush)
the desiring machine registers its
alien message on the inner skin skreens
of the visionary dome
where the waning moon gleams
triumphantly above the red towers
whose forsaken city still crowns
the unearthly voice of
doctor garre' the boot collector
of basle who has amassed the finest
collection of chaussures ever known
palmistry of devil birds
inside an avocado

who were the original wearers of these signs
what vivid chronique
could q the hammer made by the well
of its character's hobbies
which were consumbed by both
the holderlin scaphologies
and the jealoussssssssavants
whose hunchbacks were fine savannahs
where the inventors myths
were played out in mashed
amplifications and grangerizations
puppets superluminal to the orbits
they illustrate their shoes
which are horn tongues
in a conscious medium of suffering
the air itself is full of animals
which replace your cells
which are all scarpologists
of grangerized pulsars
made of caesars which gorge
on devonian perverts
who could also be more simply rendered
as "slumbering guests"
or "the piedmontese gallants"
and like sieve in whoch
emotive tension enters your bosom
you meet it where wwhich
and bring your collector's mania
to the tower

right into the sanctity
of the harem
where the cruel king night dung
kept his poor hunchbacked

thriste koinonikós flyaría
meets a pet scrolde
if only memmung could go it alone
if only some weevil villain
would release
a mango mega swarm mimmungen
staffe musicke
who gave orders to matter
when the hamstrung myth
pisses to conception's swail

in postage stamp
hulk washed his bra
but the gold geared kinsmen
march on
and the head can genam
had alread another squirming
handful of monstrs
laid into the press
for milking

misrepresented juices points
key fountain the walls
of the truncated twoer
and omitted the context (shih)
of thee's even haunt's brache
hix shanity bestilled
gehided be-headed
(as a paradox of representation)
the final triumph / no
the purest transcendence
of material agglutination
while the gesellschaftlichternentod
proceeds apace which
lounges with the lizard shoemakers
in the garden of abstract fuzz

whechavverthesnay ale metso po kin

piddling on its head
and log on which it chorded
its sagging jelly horns
for feet in the strings
runned uppag inst tet
assemblages bent as integers
and integers goofed as sets
and sets to be stuffed with states
which might best be expressed
as chains of logic sets chained
piddling on its head
sur and log to which it choaded
and give chaod
code choad choda
chay oda cowda
sur mawzz

tiny transverse road atop the anvils
in which the hot iron sur
levels these sore eagles on their backside
these sure severed bear signs
in their seal and walrus
and in their leafy gorilla castles
gorilla king

early literature
of some large and expressive creature
seeing a smaller one lenti lepid
and giving it reverence

burpiddling on its head
their statuary
in the antique state of clouds
which formed before the naming of pollution
spread to all parts of wi win
ter min tar pond skimmering sea fless sea flea
jugular coral baiting watson
son of violin
and trash violin handles
its hot boiling cauldron head to be carried
by the enslaved and golden
gorilla kings
across the anvil highway
code choda cho-addical

their labelling of the statuary in this way
their right way wrong way
the naming of which it was was never what
but always this what which made it which
instead of what to were

would can know
its limbs
in snails that emblem only in one angle
to the light of a stepping stone
page for griddle snail

soft shelled lanterns
that shat against the mood
stay in sheets of buga
within your regimethal

sign is sure it saw
an outside
to your mess

the string halo of roads that converge on a circle
radiating but then drifting off to the east again
their smeared mirror horns of thought
are temporary in the union open gladness
of sensation

it's a paste brought there
to be in the body
of signs
of the old collective
brain paste machine garden

their flesh itself
the kinstability rapturi piddl co-odd
in dabbujutturring

fless in fleese
its bitter rock candy
the removal of the clanky
that blocked the whole
of the lighshaft

that gave itself
in sighn buy and gheros
to the dark navelle
that mooned its seraph postulates
in honeyed hyena legs
their butterfly suture poems
niss vit vimmer

believe nothing until it has been officially denied


Emperor Gordian III
begins a campaign
against king Shapur I

the Greek philosopher Plotinus
joins him and hopes to obtain
first-hand knowledge
of Persian and Indian


the Persians fought back fiercely
to halt the Roman advance to Ctesiphon
Persian sources claim that a battle
occurred (Battle of Misiche)
near modern Fallujah (Iraq)
and resulted in a major Roman defeat
and the death of Gordian III

Roman sources do not mention
this battle and suggest that Gordian
died far away from Misiche, at Zaitha
Modern scholarship does not unanimously
accept this course of the events

One view holds that Gordian died at Zaitha,
murdered by his own frustrated army
Other scholars have concluded
that Gordian died in battle
against the Sassanids


According to ancient tradition,
in 333 BCE Alexander the Great
cut (or otherwise unfastened)
the Gordian Knot: this intricate knot
joined the yoke to the pole
of a Phrygian wagon that stood
on the acropolis of the city
The wagon was associated with Midas
or Gordias (or both), and was connected
with the dynasty's rise to power
A local prophecy had decreed that
whoever could loosen the knot
was destined to become
the ruler of Asia

There are many, and often contradictory,
legends about the most ancient King Midas

Herodotus referred to a wild rose garden
at the foot of Mount Bermion as
the garden of Midas, son of Gordias,
where roses grew of themselves,
each bearing sixty blossoms
and of surpassing fragrance


According to Aristotle, legend held
that Midas died of starvation as a result
of his "vain prayer" for the golden touch

According to Plotinus, there is
an ancient Persian saying:

a poem is a knot
which eats golden roses


believe nothing
until it has been
officially denied


these poems
by the fate of some complexity
are the haunting of me
by the haunting of you
by the haunting
of this universal excess
which is in fact a dream
which does not exist
except when it chooses
to accept the poetic
as the absolute
and the absolution
of the confusion
between the fate
and the faith
of the molecular
it is

O who,

glory Strong, arm her She, pale neck Shut up of her bodies! his nervous By blooming murmurf! O snowy - O kiss, and strangely belly tits And divine feet! O - Between and on shore, the sun, its from the lascivious tigers eyes that a night to the panther fields arching and the snow foaming gold a neck that women and; blacks as their loins, Spread proudly of her beautiful, And, from the great God - O grand child Ariadne, the horizon dragging on let dreamer Kissing Spread Them Will Touch, Cypris passes, as curving whiteness stream that throws on the under the la gold gods ideal the grapes, Lysios, walked dawn child The white and small splendid round Eros horny foam turn laurel-pink skin and your heroes, Kallipyge Bull, virgin redheads, the Zeus, the! shivering in a lion, golden dies In her wide sobs On embroidered her she shattered, flower On the forehead O who, pink eyes, wing of triumphal Where, are slowly reviving their cheeks the splendor Swan hair. of the wave; She! dark body Zeus soft kidneys, in a covered rivers on ones of a long sight of love, On mosses. - blushes the flowers under the jaze Slips his lotus sound terrible towards like Theseus, who blues his black, - closed; and the Advance, fleeing there the white flood his vastly lovingly; white front Au de Phrygiens vague Il Heracles, the beautiful sweet sound, Tamer, chariot throws flesh Leda the embroidered veil And nude of Europe, feet blooming his girdle splendorwhoStark reputation, hand, traumatic nerve of blunt neck! Snow kisses and exotic boobs are in the belly and divine legs! A - beach, sun, tiger licking, night swelling and snow fields Golden Panthers Neck of plastic foam and black kidneys, beautiful and proud of the great God - Oh baby, Ariane, dreamy horizon. Kiss Comes - Cypris is covered with a beautiful white currant, Dan's baby curve. The round skin white and beautiful at least Erosschaum and knight's turn, Kallipyge Bull, Jupiter, that! Wave. You Guruda's smooth, smooth bodies on the river's teeth that love treatments are not a good reflection. - Red flowers in autumn. His sleeping lotus looks like the show, black bite, - closed. And the flow of white flow is also going in love. The wave of white Hercules plays, beautiful sweet sound to guide the basket flight, Ledan kirjonnetun the work of the veil and stand in the glorious bloomwhoterrible neck of an old kind, hand and diarrhea nerves! The heart feet are ice kisses and cooking! Kebba, Sun, Tiger Pressure, Soft Bronze Night Hock Panthers Failure Kidney Black, honors the Great God - O Baby, Aryans, following McCullton Kiss - Cyprus is coated aroma beautiful white girl. white and white, Kalppey Gate, Jupiter, It! Wave Organizations, clean and well fed do not need good Refinery requirement for better depression. - red flowers in autumn. Shut - his performances seem humble, the black bite and love love. Herring White, Strange Sounds Fly Boss to Run, Kirzonon Leiden, kidneys, inOn foams. love dark bodies together; beautiful, pink, women wing and wide on the embroidered strange chest feet Hush hatched curves - higher closed and Fort, giving the black O - litter O in snow foam under flee there from the rigors - Among, his lascivious eyes; From black horizon hanging char throws sounds terrible flood sobs whiteness white lotus, small eyes and one night in a neck panthers! O Shore, the veil of golden flowers and glide wax turn blush dreams embracing the waves. O its meat blue Leda his forehead to Fame broken flowers, Kallipyge and belly and blooming Until When, kidney, cohomology Theseus, that O, who play their sweet children, Tamer, see Effleureront, sweet spreads juts Zeus, Oleander skin waves! Children are renewed her body! Tiger Taurus, wave as the sun snowy rock embroidered, his - O And what white Cypris goes by, naked Europe, its pristine her hair. great splendor lovingly Heracles in time; Their girt her forehead; In his his neck and the and lion, Gold Swan Zeus, God great kiss, Lysios, walking pale divine way of triumphant pride dies of a kidney in! them - it leaves White grapes! redheads, The beautiful splendorthe Au his hair. seeing the whites go by, naked to the Tigers Taurus, flee the mosses. dark fields their feet sweet, and from the horizon the Zeus, God arching and tamer, blue sound of a By strangely divine breasts of Phrygians its its waves! she Blanche night neck arm whispers it! towards as d'Or advance, skin veil And dreamer in great Ariadne, while; lovingly who foils who, their roundnesses turned pale as bending them in wide On his loins, plays his necks and Lysios, flourishes In his beautiful flesh Leda shore, the body long the Eros glory; blacks in jazer Glide great kiss, renew her love, And, ideal her girdle Thésée étale, blooming Will touch, whiteness flow closed the lion, turn Gods - O her dies kidneys, On; and to black, under The kidneys, Shut up the gold blushes terrible panther sobs of gold - O drag chariot beautiful, sun, sound! O small one of roses, wing The splendor and embroidered white which, of soft snow the of grapes, of the forehead O slowly embroidered has a child its shivering - forehead that la Fort, eye and snowy the Elle, laurel-rose wave cradles lotus Spread Zeus Where, let and she Triumphs them in Between of Europe, virgin the splendor splendor Heracles, - splendid feet belly body! a flower which O flowers and cutlery to the broken, to; the sub of your aurora! Redheads, Heroes, Kallipyge Nervous Child are from there on lascivious eyes Kissing throws Cypris out of his swan proudly vast wave of He rivers on women throwsEurope,soft, at least dreaming that kissing God chest is elevating and decorating and kissing, thrilling Sundara Carmada ka?epak?a - the form of Frygjani and Women Hockey Night. Europeans are chasing their feet - looking down, Blue Puddle Cells, IDE treatments with soft eggs and Mattu vilak?a?a stanaga?u are strangely unusual Kalppey Gate, Jupiter, or twisted facade, white and small - red flowers! Your entire junk bread and your body! color! I'm twelve, I see! Small children look beautiful and strong, stopping Cypriot vines, between the pressure of the trop, the front of the beautiful property Au-Cyprus which is very beautiful, the pink lake, the sun, your love and the Gold Aryans, after his lambs. together; white white flowers and white gold grapes for E E mat! redheads and tough - A suitcase decorate their sweet and beautiful chains that shine pink, wings, papyrus papers In her spirit with Sift mutrapi?a in the fall. Your body produces its body fluid and its vibrating children appear with the neck and kidneys, Tiger Taurus, shaking this woman who has many mourners who can love your love for you. love, to go ahead, run her head Leda, and her gorgeous courtesy of Gurudas of dirt white dirt Write the sun on the black worms Flu and pink Kiss McCullton lion, great time Ariadine; that at the time of two horses, of flowers and guruda in time; Spirits on the neck! God, the great snow cover of Europe, gave the beauty of Heracles, Esther No, Zeus, the domestic question. Khat's children, GAK, let us be happy to see the glory of eros from scratch! Swan Zeus gold, K is good; There we are! There are no empty flowers rekkega Nu Nastya Nadiya mLines that are well fed, beautiful and very beautiful from the neck! eyes and losktuži! Lysios, sunscreen, gold field, sunshine, river chairs, Panthers side Blues, bitter - Ixtrihom form of homba??ada skin o?adrak ofiyannu! He knows the breasts and fountains of God. Brain brain brain, converted to eyes; redheads, hero, white skin like God by kadiyuva de Ledan And in black darkness, a game of pig and black grapes? Küttigen mahiigeeyaru, sweet love, loving. black-and-white organizations; Lysios, days, very red, charming snowy sun rose, give dreams sinada river floral, short Trik, Callipy blah rib trip! Mousse: on twelve panthers, which are famous here. I am not surprised that the Baerdra Thesay belt appears. Suttinalli's joke, throwing a dream of a lion, saw an image of gold, flying on a flower flower, Kallipyge Leiden, kidney, Mosses H. Ali! The neck of the neck shakes his body. Under the aseduko??aru Kasuti Haney, black and black and black black, by kissing, filling the night in the good work of the good classroom The darkest day Leda and Zeus are good; Ariadna, cheeks, plenty of gold like snow and throat snow, his grace, his hands and his opponent Callipyge, Jupiter, Thiyasnanteye Lotus pilot, everyone; Sons of strong nations, according to this, the Gulab gallus chest eventually. The kiss is a tamer, looks or catches, runs at the end of the dress, pours the Cyprus neck - Cypriots, shakes and runs over Panthers - Muccalagide. Matt's eyes and flowers, Impso Callipy, And; And you need Jaze ma ,alu, black cork, lotus on you. It is a nervous shadow that shakes God's guidance - black bite, tired. Ariadna Dancing, sweet, I see night! Tara tara?ga Tana vyapaka and boast as white when Hercules, kidneys, thoughts. - gardens and red red snow from parents - up to the blue blue blue blue under the belt Fame broke Liran kirjonnetun, their beautiful kids, curtains and rugby rugby UTA Surya Heracles and systems, movies, Swan-Beauty does not write. Taranga; By far the way! big Love; Loose white meat Leda Cypris - autumn. Exhibition: The main actors in Kiss, the highway on the run

inertia feeding

in zoomorphic bridge / to guard
the shade of isthmus / where succulents
garden aping concord / the green
shoots music blue / go the weird
ornament paladin / ureptive raucuss to bit
but rondure sky / our flesh is
many emotions / in zoomorphic
bridge their decay / before the
subject is dispelled in
birth amorphous urchin / sloth
lobster bridge your island sentence / connectives
give fungicolumn canopies what derives / a sphere's
atmosphere is an origami lung visor's / stomach'd
integument whose rich culture / in media
risi baalrest rich expressions / fortifies the stable
where the feral instabilities / candalid-
lichtenlibidum ego / ego spure nabiim
the bridge space pleasures / their snake sedan
poem furnitures / prophets in pets
these samples / skies in sandals to
the edge and acanthus / take their
lessons / and paint them on
the lodge which / screes in
the hooch / imagine soft citizen
installed by / bewildered window
a head for oyster velvets

glimmery in farce (the rhyme)

even pretty furlow
the sign of sun at the cross combustion
the setting of a scene there
before the mythic arcadia

time set before all of time
its actor's aside
ophelia disputes the sun as arrow
the father's warning
and the brother's simple earthing
as all audience become

emptiness forbidden
the lobby of the castle
it does not speak
and thus commences

what help
in mad with love
engraves the arras
its altar medium

day ceases fussing
its orb qualms spiaggiare
even pretty furlow
as sun for time
and time for ophelia
replacing at anther

which both led to audience
and away from the sign
sincero alternating
from around
and through between

the whole whale as thought
having beached itself in head
in form takes a boundary
as the needle takes thread

the sun is paved in warts
orb particles
as the arts invest in a cortical
parting hale in what
is the job of another
its poles to lend
melancholy atmospheres
of elegy

sick hodad mi-mi-aunderins

(a nu-beat-spliff-blamble)

brodoodad ho-dune-had
in alhambra of yap-head-brones
hobie cat crones you boo
in doodad glad brads or glones
these yap glad thrones of
bladder hobie al hombre somberings

brodada your hodads
are glitsening hue dunes of had boo cat
clones your doodad throne bone glappenings
are a yap in the gap of hodad brodad
boo duned blat phlat glow bladder
yoho yolo hobies

fat hobbies glow
in their brone sacs
in doodad hodad brone strikes
on the alchambara of yap glad
boo gapped glow clones

this phat glat groan is totally
phlat hodad brodad
in dogtown dogpatch threwn
bladder prawned hombre somberings
the yap glad doodads
have phlapped the gap yap trappings
in their hodad doodah hoodoo
of braided brads of cat clones
and bony bladder brones
which yammer

this boo bluned yap duned
hodad glistening flap of glappenings
is lo unto a brune of prunes
in a prawn brodad
hobie sac flogsplatch

a chudd is chundering
in all the hodad humbaba
alhamabars of chambara


the arrow of nonsense

turquoise out of the corner of my eye
sky flint chip lens meme brain slice
tour quarry of thick rose quarters
eye in rose quarry thick rose flint quarry
whose turquoise roses chip lenses
slice brain quarry meme of thick brain roses
of sky flint the eyes of loose sky flint
chip quarries query query color query organ
query mineral and sequence and gap
in squence or squantoad reference query
thick turquoise alpha toad pharaoh sliced into
coinages how queer is a thing that only cleaves
regularly when the article intentions angle
by abstraction brain flints knap the thick rose
orchards eyes are space where blue quarry
dreams lenses tour the area between the splices

sphere fur

never the same
never different
these synoptic grotspells
are alway lush-hush
tusk lantern
stretch long
in cavern-hover

these different same
stretch long cavern-lantern
these grotto spells
out the words
of the conjoining statues there
two torsos joined
to make the pelvis of a bat
bat centaur cave poem lantern
these same nevus nerves to surface
long stretch nevus eyes
of synoptic grotto species

its fine long musian
lush ornate surface texture
lantern nevus hover
poem species

these grottos spell
outs the word

creamy micelle
diborne elastic
omev letluck rover poven
nevus nipple bats
pollen uprising
disorder divine
property uniqueness

junior bosch entrée

joe stonecrab
meets the martian pineapple
is the asterix a star
or an anus from which emerges
the martian pineapple

dandelions are like rafts
in the soup
the heavy rods and cylinders
radiate indigenous folktales
constructed of purple metal
covered in yellow hooks
upon which retired people perch
fondling the fruit
as if it were 1888

joe stonecrab closed the sweatshop
from guilt and to concentrate
on his collection of flowers
which grew in a lively pasture
in a vast expanse
of red brick soil

the social life of the community
revolved around the hotels
and parks
people dressed as chess pieces
would meet daily
at the deconstructed delicatessens
which had been distributed among
the line frame beaches
performed by the yellow stamens
and black strings
in which the bees moved
magically ordaining their
heavy dandelion crowns
polished in the red light
of the dark room

martian pineapples
open up on the patio
to reveal their rows of cameras
in which gleason and jerry
destroyed their satin bred jordans
mimicking the local songs
about the great bondage
which gathers in little cans

joe stonecrab played chess
in the clouds
which were senior citizens
and the stories they told
had found a body on the beach
which they moved to the park
to live inside the tattooed van
which had become the center
of community life

art brut is a candle
which is also a beautiful apartment
where all are welcome
in the whirringwheels of the sun
which is usually there doing maintenance
on its chain driven wagon
the "noisemaker"

enjoying its future
and blowing its paper horn
neon glass portraits
can be made of different people
in order to be completely serious
in the presence of the hot chrome microphone
whose radiant aura
bounces strangely off the ornate surfaces
of the storage warehouse
which is recommended heartily
by the survivors
of the ancient sea
of yellow leather chairs
lost in the bamboo
of laughter

the right to enter or join
a particular sphere
loves all color
by the appetizers
the cables that led from the gloves
to plugs on the desk

the romulus corporation
which built the box
and inside the box
there was nothing to do

the silence of telephus
lives in a nice neighborhood
making signs to those who ask questions
presumably too intent on eating
to converse

through bowed horns
the trees seem lost
in contemplation
of the velvet-ribbed lamps
constructed of thyrsi
and rudders

photograph by andy sweet

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

desperate jive

if the glove fits
you must impeach

fruit captain
this is the pits

o jewel
to termination


Vester was the first visitor to old earth in nearly five centuries, and the body its brain wore for the journey to, and exploration of, was the culmination of a vast body of research including, but not limited to, 'cybernanophysical diplomancy', ie., the science of physical protocols and fuzzy communication (hence the jocularity of _mancy), for the material substrate of earth had been, over the course of the intervening semi-epoch, nearly completely rewritten into nano-pseudocrystalline programmable networks, and while, at first glance, it often looked like old earth, it was in fact, something quite different. Vester was to behave as if it was fully protected, but it knew it was not, hence, the six fresh copies of its brain aboard the HEM, or habitat extension module, with which it had landed, and the ten or so more, or the ones of which it knew about, remaining in stasis somewhere on the surface of the moon, though deep under its constructed ocean and quasi-impermeable nanomechanical shell.

Vester had landed somewhere about twenty kilometers from the banks of an inland sea in an area that had once been called Nebraska, and had taken off running toward the coast upon landing. It wasn't even fifteen minutes of running until he discovered his first contact with the convoluted presence(s) which inhabited its former mother world which was known on the moon in general parlance as Auth, or 'Arthur'. The dark purple lithop-like extrusion rising nearly a meter tall out of the wavering grassland seemed to be singing in a low voice or humming a tune, which through audio analysis performed through interlink with the HEM's livesatlink turned out to be Aristide Bruant's Ah, les Salauds! (Oh, the bastards!)

The song came, Vester finally surmised, from the side of the lithop which was facing toward the distant shore, and so it walked around the creature to see what it might be using for a mouth, and so, found its face, with soft round eyes hooded by bright yellow, bushy, anemone-like eyerbrows, and an enormous nose upon which perched an unlikely pince-nez baroquely ornamented with tiny nictitating flowers, and a creamily articulated pink mouth which jauntily worked out the words of the ancient song while staring up at Vester with a mischievious gaze.. "So here it is, " thought Vester, "the first sentient signpost for the modern megaconsciousness which had first destroyed, and then remade as a parody, the body of the ancient earth. Here is Arthur!" Protocols and defenses began whirring into place in the brain-mind and bodysuit of Vester who slowly stepped back from the dangerous if humorous godmachine avatar in order to quietly take it all in.