Monday, November 11, 2019

poem knot worth the net effort defect

the enormous ganesha-inflected
wooden indonesian mask had fallen
from the wall, its ancient leather thong
had finally rotted.

the bright yellow gold and crimson
striped elephant head had lost part
of a tusk and part of an ear, and in
exasperation, he had flopped down
on the kilim-wrapped pouf and caused
some inner synthetic stuffing membrane
to expand first, actually puff up, and then
blow out with a loud concussive, and he said
suddenly, 'my pouf has backfired'

a manna transpired
radar valley mango golems swim
in kefir beams to drink
as fish mango drinks
as kefir salmon mango padmi

rolled in curry powder
the little boy
was fighting against
the horrible old yogi
who was about to boil him
alive in a pot

"alive in a pot"
human magic has backfired
has always backfired
and every part of being human
is magic sconto gusto

this pot is tall and stretched thin
i believe it is the magnetic head
of an elephant
or a water buffalo
and with expert service
reliably groomed
impeccable speech ornaments
revealing nothing of the inner workings
of the material or spiritual ornament
from which it emanates

and you can do that with
any old human magic
or with anything at all
and used universe
outfitting chic
served daily

the kilim now covers
the entire canyon floor
and there's just me
this farting pouf
and the bloody
head of ganesha
which is made out of mango
and bleeding

you could lay a saddlebag
on the surface of the moon
you could get trapped in a shrine
with a deadly fungus
which doesn't seem to bother with
the terribly and deliberately large
beaded yellow lizard thing
that engulfs the end
of all objectivity

kramer Manhattan
royal ottoman

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