Monday, November 11, 2019

brute as brush in hushed sunshine frenzy

perfect as a philosophy
the brushstroke
would be a small turning or integer
to the cascade
fault decision now color expression
conch pet concept hierhetorticle
never needing grammar or not needing

patio euphorbian phoboscreen careen
partial grille thicket surround
the worried asparagus woman shroud
patio yawn fungus disk proud
or husk to which a transition space
is meddle tune

a wonderful chair in the shade
of interacting forms
this brust shoke phensellophy
gurd thee hymen crucifix shad oak
kerang plont gole mout weasel root
will open the fox ivory in the purple veiny ivy
twirled yute from a footpap

glazed over eyes
before the rank and rabble socium
and pointing beyond
to the orgiastic splatter
black photon euphobians lear
bon the curve cone wyde shekel
lukubus its haunt eyed
soft wolf madoona
weedy gravity hole in which the puckered hips
cuff pattern to its random mate
abstract and shapeless links
give broth to stranger chaynes

hulloonfitforklasting grebungrinmothmuttons
of goldenkiwimango in mint
dust for lime
this feffikirricuffing

footpap yonticle
brust shab fletort
goo remminades
flop hearty, ye gizzards
of yammering sunshine
gullad kacked husk

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