Monday, November 11, 2019

the possibility of absolute uniqueness spreads out to infect every particle

transcendent abreactions
lately obtuse
the macular affirmation
once set in stone
becomes the model
for all spaghetti
for their words
are pictures of molecules
printed very small
on the cylindrical surfaces
of flesh-like pasta

in dreaming
the extruded members
conform to their
conjoined sequences
their fovea is a sound
which the enemy ingests
as a language
of unbecoming principles
which derive lovingly
from spaces of occlusion

vertical forces
are distributed
only the soft eyes may perform
inside the solid stone head

eyes are ritually cupped
in the pits which were pounded
out of the living stone
the eyes have it
that long distance
between ewe and aye
false cousins
false cosines
alternate comminglings
of facts which act like actors

the religion of theater
begins to sacrifice its audience
one member at a time
to the all encompassing
and cryptic curtain
here is the real which you
must not believe

stage left
stage right
deft noodle
daft stage
physical narrative
of metaphysical presence

once then
while living in the general paradox
i mistook the calculations
of the natural world
for my own dark cavern

the rows of mugs
perched like birds
on their plates of preserved moss
lingered (speaking)

usually a moss saucer
is not a mask (for a cup_
but before the mirror
and in my own stead
i prefer to witness
the dense
green alien capillaries
of the innocence
and peril
of growth

on a fish-scaled saddle
atop a monstrous snake
i once again dascend
into the oracular nihilism
of reflection and
i do not curse what i am
for what i am is already
a curse

joy orcs cages
and preponderate
treasure all
locative exacting
sequence of seizure
meatball stares out
through the soft pasta
of its prison

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