Monday, November 11, 2019

the more serious substance of the joke is the problem of what determines the truth

sundial camera
rouge the peony
if poppy's flesh
were warmth
as metaphysics
this haollowed
religion of words
would breaker
tidal brides
or groomings
to the pitch at which
agora (pouteria)
or sunshine
would goat garden
overspilling walls
branches the inlaid
images of these breaches
'passing callouses'
in the membrane of the system
flesh wed to ritual talisman
its poppy non sundial
moon obelisk garden camera
our red temple in the moon
your white paper lantern
says the flesh is light underground
spread flat before the paper
judges (interlocking)
snakes of cut and uncut diamonds
pass unnoticed
amid the gruntings
and the shuffling
ancient warmth and color
haunts all these new
and unbridled
of dark lost murmurings
i see them sweep
and wash the stone sundial
red buckets humming
black silicon hair
the liquid line were
leer / lure / lore
and lyre (layer)
blood exogenera
is given beneath
the structure
of the particles
grammar fault no

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