Monday, November 11, 2019

true poetic non-action

Poetry relies on standards and does not
rely on wisdom; it relies on technique,
not on persuasions.

If the poet's intelligence is displayed,
readers will prepare against it; if her lack
of intelligence is displayed, they will delude her.
If her wisdom is displayed, readers will gloss over;
if her lack of wisdom is displayed, they will
hide from her. If her lack of desires is displayed,
readers will spy out her true desires; if her desires
are displayed, they will tempt her.

Therefore, the intelligent poet says :
I cannot know them;
it is only by means
of non-action that I
control them.

The poet is like a mirror, reflecting light,
doing nothing, and yet, beauty and ugliness
present themselves; (or like) a scale establishing equilibrium,
doing nothing, and yet causing lightness and heaviness to
discover themselves. Poetic method is complete acquiescence.
Merging her personal concerns with the public weal,
she does not act. She does not act, and yet
the world itself is complete

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