Monday, November 11, 2019


blue meteor
freezes in velvet
and in the six
evenly spaced oculo
columnar elevators
push out
their mirrored golden
asasarame herm forks
each vibrating
its own twin herpetoid
oscillating color antanna

ziryab is not virmaj
but vacuum at once
before divine virus
is immediacy
venued by what
atlantis must
be a freedom
and a prison

this museum
used all sorts
of animal
and vegetable labor
to hold the meteor
up off the floor

is zoology
and the eye
might also
be a cross
or a model
for the ritual
inside the temple
of politicks

is the foundation
of every interface design
interior pollution
and ablution
form the dialectical history
of animal skeletons

calcium is buddha
serene in the trunk
of the neuronal

a meteor
is likely to hit
quixotic events
bear mentioning
to the living

a meteor
might also be
a specially carved woodblock
which aims to fit snugly
inside of a human mouth

is not blue wood
blue velvet
also covers
the meteor's toothbrush
which is shaped like a snake

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