Tuesday, November 12, 2019

the courier's tragedy (graven epitomancy part 3)

so that the rabbit hole
of the squirming raptor castle
might go ever deeper
into the thin surface

the profoundly anti-identitarian
individualist dons its rabbit ears
of mycelial octopuses and hums
upon the shiro aegis which
produces a sound as from a myriad
of heromantic con-fusions

as the lens-spread supposes
a form of occlusion in origin
some histories are borne
and never randomly the surface
dowses its etio-ideo-idolothytus
for spaces:

christian thugs dismantling
the classical dismantling
of the shamanic dismantling

but that's a perversity
of where to look
you could look at the strange history
of any colonial form
the biotonic laws could also
aegis a tao whose expression
in words is not the eternal tao
unless the words of the qabbala itself
are living beings constructed
of moot (mute) substance
itself a paradox since substance
(perversely) always plays the role
of the primordial vox (fox)

and that perversity also
may operate as an obscure joke
or association
the chitons of the moirai
exude a moiré pattern
which as a lens-spread supposes
a form of occlusion in origin
for the relationship between illumination
and intelligibility only exists
as vir-chiral virtuality

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