Tuesday, November 12, 2019

graven epitomancy part 2

and so the choice
is a clearing
where the cult
whose central cultus
is its own defense
meets the cult
whose cultus
is some form of intelligence
by good faith research
but the forest remains
and its darkness
grows ever darker
even as illumination
so that the hoopoes of the wood
are there crass
in multiple directions
crassly defensive
and crassly earnest
and this deformed radiality
of circumstance
has informed the day
it has informed the day
with ignorance and curiosity
with atavism and hopeless
hoping and so
the choice is a moss patch
or the epitome of the wood
and the wood
is the epitome of deformation
rooted invisibly
in the scintillating dream
the poet
meets its muse
cross-purpose obviously
is a sharing

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