Monday, November 11, 2019

graven epitomancy

obviously some birds are
hopelessly vulgar philistines
the urge is not so much to name them
but to inspect this moss patch as it is
before employing the solar microscope
to the reveal the complex glories
of the civil tubules
the text in which each letter
rooted invisibly
in the scintillating dream
clasps the roots of its neighbors
with hands we might initially call
smelly resplendent taurine
or confused in orchid earring's
brachiotic hibou
obviously (silverberg's mullerbird)
infectious pyramids of sandbags
place headless manikins
in the core of their naos
and tomorrow the heads
of these manikins
could be golden pyramids
emblazoned each
with a single private eye
which hovers
but who sponsors
these figurative strictnesses
whose flourishes
announce some superstructure
which is eternally
impossible to grasp
the superstructure whose
absolute sanctuary (or anarchy)
is named adýnato na to katalávete, or:
duck-to-pose-paunch-moss as
these urges clone the receipts
of morbius to insure the planetary force
of bellerophon whose epitome
clearly invited all sorts
of speculation
no oddity is entirely trustworthy

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