Monday, November 11, 2019

all is adventure in wonderland

monsters made of garbage
fight in a pit and a stadium made of garbage
surrounded by garbage and filled with
spectators made of garbage
who are also monsters
made of garbage
and trash

lucky steel spoon
in your round of clover
the priest's ass
declined in ash
soft supple
is the wren in memory

who writes of a narrow door
to another world
when this kantsurkultus declines
what rules in decline
it's the what

what's abstract molecule
surely wears the crown
which shortcircuits
genius and idiocy
with the impossibility
of transcendence
as transcendency

immanence will not take bets
when determination
discovers its tree-lined
mock ave-nous
are actually made of trash
and the opposite of trash
is known to exist
but its residence is elusive

for in one moment
is the mystical
and material conclusion
of everything
a divine paradox
and in the next
it is the penultimate
a kind of hyperbolic trash
or pollution
a mystical cancer

a disease of mirrors
whose beauty
makes one insane
just before it eats you
and this

weakness of names
is also
the foundation
of the rich mutation
of boundless wealth
of forms
and formlessnesses

oh alice
you were my christ and buddha
and wittgenstein poe deleuze
and here i pray to you
as you hang crucified
nailed to the shell game
of the mock turtle gryphonics:

and school
for a condescription
in which the world
is unveiled
as the world

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