Monday, November 11, 2019

froken baos from the nacred snount

pheasant feather flutters
before my face
the river angled roared
in through the slanted valley of line
the regal colors of regal colors drained
pleasant pallor plummets
in the bread mandrilled haze
a momentary hell spent with bread columns
the oven is at last a history
the cooked pheasants simmering
in their bread philosopher bodies
pennants antennae
the quill tipped in air conditioning
in the leisure of pure line
yellow points conjoining with bacchus
naiads of air pull a chain from the straw
running dinka duma
fasten a feather to your flat art
vermin hiding in sick bulls
create a tug of war panorama using floss
i le vanu laina o laina
lanu o lanu lanu o loo tafe
the flavor of pheasants is shaped like a baboon
a baboon nose made of tourquoise
is hidden in the phrass of a philosopher
made of bread the river angled roared
in the dinky green valley the stoma lingered
to nuzzle the body of the storm
and the mixture was wanton
gong tome
400 gongs hung
dith err 1 inch branches
radially branching gong dominoes
the regal colors of regal colors drained
gallant gallstones grouse
within the hand bread-drilled maze
5 brick buildings that look like standing hands
are placed in the perimeter of a circle
surrounding a miniature sun
the quill tip
of leisure

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