Monday, November 11, 2019

horned wasp cow pastry

the lithe and insectoid cow animal with leaf ears
is perched on a section of broken column
and its smooth featureless pebble of a head
reminds one of the egyptian set deity animal with leaf ears
and the set insect cow's wings are made like
black iron scythes with silk stretched from the
tips to the hilts and hovering over its pebble head
is a radiating jewel which drops a filament
on which an inset piece of the radiating jewel
also drops down and begins transmogrifying
the radiation into hair waves which journey
out into the void the white and hilly ocean with leaf ears
where colossal brain toads perch on lonely mountains
where frail clipper ships lodge in the clefts of cliffs
only to resemble crushed insects a bird's talon holds a
quill pen but it does not know how to write the foot in the
marsh is not the alligator with the scorpion tail who will
know if the cow's teeth with leaf ears are peg-like nubs popeye
and brutus are now one with olive oyl whose head is like a snub-
nosed bird with leaf ears this strange muscular bouquet this
olibrutapio stairs upon an enormous mountain of carved
shrimp with leaf ears on which balances the buttocks stone
and the talon which reaches out from its anus holds
an enormous quill pen which it stabs in the living rock with leaf ears
there is a giant muppet and the city of instanbul
trapped inside a hollow rock which is tended
by olibrutapi(o whose hands and fingers look like
cocktail ornaments palm trees mating with umbrellas
the marsh is full of prototypes and rogue designs
horned wasp cow pastry a brutal lapidary of arcs and fidgets
combining with their own leaf ears which reach out
from the rock

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