Monday, November 11, 2019

revenge of the choros

ввожусь rincantucciaste
senatricis nanomacchina
with radiator claw with
multi-mile mud claw extreme
on a cold day and style
the world's largest
unreinforced concrete
dome poem

this interior circle
Zukovsky before
the 1929 Wall Street Crash
At the deepest point
of this depression
laissez faire
social media
making use of the double
entendre available
in the verb 'to stiffen'
it establishes the tone
of bitter comedy

in this forgetting
the absurd
reasserts its potency
but it is not forgetting
but rather
"never to have known"
the peacock of roses
nestles as high as it can
in the miniature myrtle

the pantheon is concrete
while the dome of many-coloured glass
is amygist
this interior circle
before the altar
of love and poverty

zymogen poem
ungo unxeras
plicatilis / com
oral gametes

to nod with the head
the luminous details
intuit a holography
but the significance
of the total object
is never known
this interior circle

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