Monday, November 11, 2019

possession works in mysterious ways

running through cold liquid cylinders
the fathom due curr said resistance
welcomes data replacing food
shifting pluribus its body
would rather be ontology
as ontology's brood hairs
have given much perverse pleasure
to the coating of stones
which breathe fungi
into leather
and the magus of poetry
its daughter's original stone
spinning wheel ennonced
the parable is wooden
and foreshadowed
when hercules was seen
dressed as a woman
she is always wearing
transparent liquids
some fate's thread or data
do curr
a falcon of transparent liquid
is the named container
of all things divine
which are all things quixotic
which is in fact the distribution
of a mirror in which the physical world
is both noticed and not noticed
as an embodiment of the principle
of contingency often
a contingency exceeding
mathematical notation
or linguistic determination
hence the symbol
the human flesh symbol is running
running through liquid memory cylinders

all animals
represent a memory
of the urine
of immortal zeus
who is truly
made of hares
which have given much
perverse pleasure
to the coning of tones
which breathe

core diamond
diamond rabbit
heart wine
gold foot
balloon weight
saddle turns
into blue leather
star packet politeia
a child emerging
from the hearth

winged garlic
and quite insane

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