Monday, November 11, 2019

Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity

trapped inside a monster’s cave
with nothing but its wits
Outis Outis
when route forgive the channel
there is ground to stand on
there is a view upon the grand
there is a path upon the madness
there is an emblem upon the curse

be gain bright piddle meet
nova suave in sausage campions
hairsplitting megamasks have
grown coldly over their shoulders
and give a perch for ravens
(wait, a mist-ache)

and within the brainless puppet
of historical materialism ( the monster's cave)
sits Outis-Outis (the grotesque)
who is a wizened hunchback
and works the controls
of the baroque allegory machine

benjamin was sanguine
that the little man is at home
in distorted life
but that he will disappear
with the coming of the messiah
but outisdemonchancelovenecessity's
theses sump of taoroo that
that little hunchback itself is the messiah
and by no prototype of oblivion
shall always be

because of the rotating
the rotating agrees
the picaresque world of physics
(the phizarresque)
is surely a wheel
that squirts out many things
and the axle remains
Demon, Chance, Love, and Necessity
and Outis in the W-agon (durkloon)

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