Monday, November 11, 2019

business section of creep bird

pee guston compromised
the old duke's duchesshead
with a microscope in the prairie
acting like some sewing
machine odalisque a liquid
handkerchief cudds
much toga to a cone
or gyre

dichirico's clone
donning the odd blue phrygian
whenandcaposhih announced
this gravity well's
dark matter
turns ancient black egg
into retirement coccoon
for our villa near the
lago di bracciano
catkins catkin
nick talk tollan

linen walls flutter
between the elaborate frames
of the riparine platform house
whose thick oak pilings
sing to / strawberries
cascade from the gaping maws
of hands breath terracotta
crocodiles in the partial shade
of the oaktree
which wends around the horizon beam
the bannister which balances
on the spiral neolithic package

the great mist claw
dendrelling ivy
the moment
knows its own poem
as auxillary stratotype
fused and fusing upon
the holon crashcaves

time's wandering speleothem
gathers theme
and deposit
its inhuman solution
munts a reassuring ground
for this poor melancholia
to eve and adam
with their absolute dancing
their climates
and proxies
and mixteetrunes

trunks buntings
looking up wordless
bufo forfex
inferus rufus
whu photons stellar reveal
self centering peripheries
whirl amid the stoic unities
sedere dacruma

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