Monday, November 11, 2019

dull brown stain with neon edges (its moat)

maudlin weight of maudite's usages captain kirk at the spanish steps palm trees wearing iron chains their habits in girls and literatures to the opium born green the industrial bypass sought out these kelp mattresses of roe white wedding sausages packed neatly before the aluminum cockpit handlers iron bulldog top hat the under ground bricks music winks at the throne before its own ribs are shown to the unblinking eyes of the juggernaut jester machinery of night's yellow brick road thing train yawn maw ton gloath busking for out of control lycanthropic nail growth treatises is the modern odd to wait here in the sewage of crepuscular lawn muscled stars is sulu wandering the villa d'este partly miniaturized and riding atop a wheelbarrow of tourquoise mangos lavender worms in a medusan laboratory ball suddenly sing nifty archers to roto-unibrow-maudite harp blasters the sky torments with its philo doe of paintings rather you who, like the stab of a thorn, entered my plaintive bulb head; you who, strong as a herd of lickerish varanusoids, came, ardent and adorned in strange goo they lived through and strange googogs lived through them give me rubber trees or give me breath brine loves a mind-flayer jostling gravity wells cocopia chordata chime mobile staircase support maudite solar fragment wisp incarnations palm tree posessions iron chains made of wool birds fish and smaller reptile peoples impagoosians we all am pyre

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