Monday, November 11, 2019

high up we see the creature peeing over the edge

sassqua suttlatch fonticle
in the detached revelatory ecstasy
that is the mounting northern wood mask scene
the typical wall mounted northern wood scene
is built as an amphitheater in the woods
and hung as a mask on the towering
cliff-face wall

the whole woods and the whole amphitheater
are a mask on the cliff face overlooking
the northern wood which is penetrated
by the sassqua suttlatch riverine fonticle

high up on the cliff face one sees
the theater of oedipal potlatch
as played by the toga wearing sasquatch
in the detached revelatory ecstasy
that is the audience lying back
in their upturned river-going
sasquatch mask boat divans
to watch the horn blast faces
of the cornucopian actors of hair
and religious tragedy

grape wisteria bacchusquatch
color coordinated
purple splotched
actors toga
and / or embroidered
futurist vest
or braided forest beard
or oedipal content
or dramatic "asides / repelling"
and classical forms of stage blocking

grape vines and wisteria
are hopelessly intertwined
with a waterfall and sunlight
as the beard of the suttlatch
the beard face amphitheater
is shrouded in midmorning
by fog the forest is cool

miniature sasquatch
snooze and nap in huddles under the ferns
their bellies full with potlatch
and tragedy

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