Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gaudeamus igitur

over the years
many encounter wall hanging
united symbol breathing pine
principle for which this family curse of mine
george dickel
log diorama pixels
flowing monkeys
log diorama accordion lung wall hanging
family curse deity I tried to be one the better ones (of)
log pixel puppy altruistic steam line (the of do)
steamed banana armor poi
as if george as word logic
would seem in touch
the empress pickle hatch bearing jade pearl folly foam
as a vision from inside the egg gnurl
where the empress
jutting with glades
stipes gem acne no dickel clogged drains
many peculiar bottles
in each a small piece of lead
suspended pendulum-wise from a string
the terrible old man
fog horn log pixel leg horn sunrise
of western philosophy moth
string needle hand clap pulled together
witch urn capsule blue
more fabric they say dickel never saw this color
pulling this deft final sofa from its deaf retracting jaw
as it lay in state
farm cow family curse jester oxford fort knox berry farm
cranberry werewolf hourglass
so cold with bog
as if gleaming whiskey my personality would cinch knot
a glow code emitting zipper peacock whistles
personally country painting hobo dickel log pixel
Théophile Alexandre Steinlen
you may recognize every person you've met
on the divan as the internet inside
Massaida on the Divan
consciousness as an old bum
around the sun
a cloaked wok-salon
log rooster trumpets announcing something
free password rays engulfing karaoke
oracle grasshopper silk settling dust iron rattle
too heavy to move
one and done gaudeamus

The Ürümqi Placenta Poem

telephone gray bone
will it call?
will it call Tibet on the party line?

the party line...

John Scott Russell observed a solitary wave
in the Union Canal in Scotland

He reproduced the phenomenon in a poem
and titled it

"The Wave of Translation"

somewhere in 1735
a Nommo appeared to the 7th Dalai Lama
Kelzang Gyatso as he returned from exile in Kham
to Lhasa

like a luminous conical fish
the Nommo hovered in the air
before his haggard holiness

the Nommo asked Kelzang
to give an example of a 'humorous wisdom'
but the Dalai Lama was very tired
from his long day of traveling
and could only think of something
an obscure painter of the future might say

'the more chaotic the world
the happier is the man of virtue'

Dispersion and non-linearity can interact
to produce permanent and localized wave forms.
Consider a pulse of light traveling in glass.
This pulse can be thought of
as consisting of light of several different
frequencies. Since glass shows dispersion,
these different frequencies will travel
at different speeds and the shape of the pulse
will therefore change over time.

a Nommo
more than a wave
is like a song in the air

in the beautiful pasture

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mammal Pome

I observed  a Holothurian
in the bay  of Saint-Malo

What a nice rock!
How sticky!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

omega glass osiris

colossal fondue headgear
the brutalist ski resort juts over the massif
and delicate legs film the scandal
of the divan
where reason riffles its kiva locativus

kifa bombardus mantis ruta rugae
omega hourglass osiris
on bright heavy gong wheels
on felt tires

felt tired
where the great fountain of ecstatic energy
rose like a nipple in the blizzards of the massif
and the fountain will pretend
to be a camera
which freezes metal snowflakes in the air
with magnets

naked green androids
will stroke their heaving skinny accordions
before the svelt black wax lozenge
which the ski-lifts celebrate
with their chair goblets
toasting warm
in the moonlight's camisole

what is the earth
with no divan
even starving the cookpot
pines (in reason)
for the divan

and the great fountain of ecstatic energy
unites all consciousness
in colossal fondue headgear

the brutalist ski resort juts over the massif
nude green androids hurtle
through shifting black grilles
erected down the mountainsides

palmtrees jut
from their sensitive
lens-like temples

When early morn walks forth in sober gray

now the shepherd in the echoing green
notices the sheen distance garble as shetmondgarble'
and the little black boy comes leading the lamb
where the chimney sweep sleeps in the blossom
cherries and nuts surrounded by laughter

now the shepherd in the echoing green
turns on the painted bird in the grey
in the grey drab grim city day
turns on it with great bushels
of cherries nuts and laughter

now the shepherd in the echoing green
tearing down the paper city sees the angel's slipper
8000 cooing mothers
now slip like a candle-flame euglena
into a long fur sock swimming in little creatures
all made of nut red fruits of guffawing sunsets
and little black boys riding lambs

now the shepherd in the echoing green
beneath my shady roof
breaks forth into singing
his bel tbuckle is a rose
and its tooth a thorn
and the honey mules will absorb him

geld gelded
the drunken grey looks lovely
next to color
lamb homunculus amorphous never shatter
sheen distance garble as shetmondgarble'
echoing green shepherd

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Universal Twins for Naming in Poetry

Curt Cobain

From Middle English bane, from Old English bana, from Proto-Germanic *banô (compare Old High German bano (“death”), Icelandic bani (“bane, death”)), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷʰon-on-, from the o-grade of *gʷʰen- (“to strike, to kill”).

Steven Avery

From Old French aveir (French avoir), substantive use of the verb, from Latin habēre, present active infinitive of habeō (“I have, hold, keep”).
a·ver verb formal state or assert to be the case.
“he averred that he was innocent of the allegations”
LAW allege as a fact in support of a plea.


for house beast

when the head spread out diagram
assumes its flow chart bull

tethered to and fro
aleph tête

a thing which swings
from the test house
the head

a head for
bull’s balls

there is nothing phony in irony
that 2 x 2 or 2 + 2
mixes tusks
as in a sternbild

for why is it
that the shaman’s penis
points to the auroch’s

and why is it
that the bird needle
or bird stylus
is not the bird in space

which thus resembles
a further question
is the auroch’s rear
cyclopian wheel
really a single enlarged testicle
which lifts the anus
and lowers the dewlap

how is a house that is made from jugs
the same as a language
made from bricks
when the house’s head
is thick like a clock
and broken
like a stone
so that its insides
or innards
are the symptoms
of all testing

Az Buky Vedi Glagol Dobro Est
the word letters are said to be good
but the blood letters
are a test

ahead of all the rest
and the restings participate
where the silence leans

Lacan likes Narcissus
to be as an Astrologer
while Freud prefers we notice
that in the “Hunting Incantation”
on the walls of Lascaux
the Auroch’s shit
is rendered like the diagram
of a die as in dice

dicey relations
inhabit all these old houses

look at it all
it’s a weird old jug

beaelty and cruty

Beowulf Crouton Houston Duty
the call of white fang
or hard arc
or dream architectures in the sun

a pyramid on the surface of the sun
98 miles tall
whose surface like a slowly boiling golden cheese
emits black wingless angels
who arc
and tumble
zigzag or gambol-hover
zipping around the solar lotuses
which burgeon

is the tongue of a stranger monster
birth is an innocent and tremendous rabbit
a transcendent innocence
a holy softness
a candle of coolness
which can easily burn
an angel’s mind
too used to the radiance
the operatic joy
of the solar circus

the white fang in winter
is held close to the heart like a bear
picked out black against the blizzard
and finding no cave for the long winter sleep
entering the name zoltan

zoltan whose cool telescope
is the secret history of water
in the long series
of the oceans of galaxies

mind no more white
than black
a pyramid is more formless than a sphere
where timid eyes
thick in the geometry madness attempt to see

bad being
is close to
good being

when a mouth first spoke
its bloody tongue
first had to spit out
the rabbit it had been chewing

that tongue
like a pyramid on the sun
was softer than the candle of birth
to the secret of water
which watched
with its full blindness intact

and its great sucking eye
of history

crushing time to a pin-prick wink
on the nameless skin of birth
a black angel’s head is sometimes torn off
in the violent and agile thoughts of the sun
and while other angels return the head
to the headless
something is lost

the personality of the universe is fickle
and unyieldingly so
the rabbit is the softest thing
and also the most perverse

is the knowledge
that the only prayers
are acrobatic

Monday, January 4, 2016

presque fou

Aimé Felix Tschiffely
in the bright confusing air
confesses no knowledge
of these sapologies of stone

to introduce the lovely
sticky strings
in the same way
is to introduce
the mask

commonly worn with a tricorn and cloak
but does not address
the lava Arlecchino
whose face is cooling in the mist

in twin transparent glass forehead cupola buboes
twin accordion player sisters
sing demonic songs
of les saboteurs

the leafy evangelines
Ang pagbulung-bulong Pines
at ang hemlocks
May balbas sa matabunan
at sa kasuotan green
hindi naaaninag sa dilim
meter critic cultic sapology

meter it is found
are two young women
raped by the wreckers

The Captain is their leader
followed by Le Bosco
and the beautiful perverted Tina

Wandering around
the poor raped women of meter
come across a clown
who looks after them

The women are unable to speak
but a man tells them he can help them

They communicate via a drawing
and the man realizes that they want revenge

The women are the only ones
who can free the devil
from the ruins of an old castle

by making love to each of them
he will give them the power
to get their revenge

having a short
ape-like nose
a set of wide
arching eyebrows
a rounded beard
and always a “bump”
upon his forehead

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
subjected innocent clowns
to newspaper
watching a squirrel leap
from twisted wire
to branch
to sapology

G - Luck

born in the neighborhood
of Lake Kuku-nor
on June 6, 1935


without connection see
within the inner courtyard
of the Castel del Monte

a window which is the mouth
of a cyclops
whose eye seems the puncta
under the symbol of the sky
its brow-dome


this-that geometry

as when
Śūnyatā and Semiotics
as one

A Dream of Conspiracy

the problem with me mi mi you is that I notice things you you mi such as In the 1947 film Driftwood directed by Allan Dwan there is no large body of water in which driftwood might float unless it be the sky and the driftwood be the Collie dog that Natalie Wood's character "Jenny" finds near the wreckage after it crashes. A tag on the dog's neck states that it is en route to a medical laboratory where its blood will be used for spotted fever vaccine. The film also contains a performance from Ruth Warrick who got her start from Orson Welles in Citizen Kane, a film which ends with the denouement of a cryptic memory of the sled named Rosebud. Natalie Wood herself seems to be the only 'wood' in driftwood, and the irony of this is made poignant when compared to the narrative of her death later in life. The film could easily have been called 'Tumbleweed' as Walter Brennan's character and Wood's live in a tumble down old ghost town where actual tumbleweeds roll. In one scene Walter Brennan says: That's Life. Strangely, the Italian poster art for the film mines echoes of the iconography of Little Red Riding Hood standing the beloved Collie dog in for the Big Bad Wolf, tho this comparison is distinctly at odds with the content of the film, and yet the notions of drifting and devouring would come to consume a dream of conspiracy for Jenny Wald. yellow beans. checking my flower. Allan Dwan touching the tiny little face of Natalie Wood in the center of a rose garden. the mystic non-mystic rose wood driftwood's led

Comparable Orison

the more that the voice
of the grotesque is squelched or muffled
the more it roars
comparing silence's roots
from Middle English
from Old French
from the Latin silentium
from silere ‘be silent’
with those of the ancient Greek
Σειληνός (Seilenos or Silenus)
is instructive
Silenus was the old rustic god
of the dance of the wine-press
his name being derived from the words
seiô, "to move to and fro,"
and lênos, "the wine-trough."
He was also the god of drunkenness
who rode in the train of Dionysos
seated on the back of a donkey
The often-thought-trite classical
'Wisdom of Silenus' is thus:
It is best not to be born at all
and next to that
it is better to die than to live
resembles in some sense
adding but a single syllable
and Science
but a single of the same
It may be strange
but with the addition of a tophat
the Etruscan terracotta antefix
head of Silenus, 4th century BC
at the Walters Art Museum
looks very much like
W.C. Fields
the more that the voice
of the silence drinks
the more drunkenly
it sciences

paul lambert at mother foucault's

Not François Coppée

A mansion outside Paris recently set the record for the most expensive home ever sold.

Château Louis XIV, which was completed in 2011 but designed to resemble a 17th-century French château, sold for 275 million euros (about $301 million), according to Bloomberg.

The house—if one can refer to it with such a modest term—features an aquarium, home theater, squash court, underground nightclub, and wine cellar.

Outside, in the 57-acre park in which the château is situated, there's "a gleaming gold-leafed fountain" along with "an array of flowers, marble statues, bridle paths, and a hedged labyrinth," all of which "evoke the genius of Le Nôtre," the French landscape architect famous for designing the park at Versailles.

The estate was reportedly sold to a Middle Eastern buyer, with Christie's International Real Estate involved in the transaction. It crushed the previous record for a price paid for a private home: $221 million for a London penthouse sold in 2011.