Wednesday, January 6, 2016

beaelty and cruty

Beowulf Crouton Houston Duty
the call of white fang
or hard arc
or dream architectures in the sun

a pyramid on the surface of the sun
98 miles tall
whose surface like a slowly boiling golden cheese
emits black wingless angels
who arc
and tumble
zigzag or gambol-hover
zipping around the solar lotuses
which burgeon

is the tongue of a stranger monster
birth is an innocent and tremendous rabbit
a transcendent innocence
a holy softness
a candle of coolness
which can easily burn
an angel’s mind
too used to the radiance
the operatic joy
of the solar circus

the white fang in winter
is held close to the heart like a bear
picked out black against the blizzard
and finding no cave for the long winter sleep
entering the name zoltan

zoltan whose cool telescope
is the secret history of water
in the long series
of the oceans of galaxies

mind no more white
than black
a pyramid is more formless than a sphere
where timid eyes
thick in the geometry madness attempt to see

bad being
is close to
good being

when a mouth first spoke
its bloody tongue
first had to spit out
the rabbit it had been chewing

that tongue
like a pyramid on the sun
was softer than the candle of birth
to the secret of water
which watched
with its full blindness intact

and its great sucking eye
of history

crushing time to a pin-prick wink
on the nameless skin of birth
a black angel’s head is sometimes torn off
in the violent and agile thoughts of the sun
and while other angels return the head
to the headless
something is lost

the personality of the universe is fickle
and unyieldingly so
the rabbit is the softest thing
and also the most perverse

is the knowledge
that the only prayers
are acrobatic

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