Monday, January 4, 2016

Comparable Orison

the more that the voice
of the grotesque is squelched or muffled
the more it roars
comparing silence's roots
from Middle English
from Old French
from the Latin silentium
from silere ‘be silent’
with those of the ancient Greek
Σειληνός (Seilenos or Silenus)
is instructive
Silenus was the old rustic god
of the dance of the wine-press
his name being derived from the words
seiô, "to move to and fro,"
and lênos, "the wine-trough."
He was also the god of drunkenness
who rode in the train of Dionysos
seated on the back of a donkey
The often-thought-trite classical
'Wisdom of Silenus' is thus:
It is best not to be born at all
and next to that
it is better to die than to live
resembles in some sense
adding but a single syllable
and Science
but a single of the same
It may be strange
but with the addition of a tophat
the Etruscan terracotta antefix
head of Silenus, 4th century BC
at the Walters Art Museum
looks very much like
W.C. Fields
the more that the voice
of the silence drinks
the more drunkenly
it sciences

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