Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Medications of a Non-Political Mannerism

they are not always safe
inside a large building

its veristic face of acne
such smooth arms of marble
hacked off

hacked in
the structural deterrents
are not always functional
to the degree envisioned

they are not always
such smooth faces

such smoothly removed limbs
the orange truck
the smoker


as if the inner world of sap
were a rubbery baroque space
of infinitely complex heraldry
where veins and meanings become
ever more articulated and branching

those faces
whose surfaces
become topologies
for the display
of legal furniture

traversed by anyone
except the smoker
and his boyfriend
remain in the tree
discussing music
the limited success
of this or that recording

in the rain
when heads of men
and metal spiders
are blurred
by the industry of

she had some.
she had some.
heart surfactant

and when it was discovered
that it was not within exaggeration
that the merit of the label
was created
but in the veristic itself
as verity
and that the verity
was of the noble
and that nobility
was in the articulation
remaining in the tree
of infinitely complex acne


name willed zenith
incandescent center

the tremp

they are not always safe
inside a large building

with batteries
the horrid snaking
soldiery things
come out from its
quivering and

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Instead of a reverie, there was a riot.

the sleeping faun
is teased by Misia
and her elegant helmet of
robotic nymph arms

in this form Misia
appears to be made
of a luminous blue fungus
and sometimes may pull

an ectoplasmic scarf
from her navel

sometimes puffs of fur
or white noise may appear
at her temples

not one
of her movements
is ever repeated

nor does she ever look the same
as she is constantly transfigured
and transfiguring

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ill-Fitting Knoclict

comely thought-stealing sod
crumbly merde-stain (martian) radio
what science alloose
gives your telepathy a scissor
to this emphatic stinging

giddy erectille smillions chumble

o comelu mu-mu-maste
forking firking mast-head top mast
main sail

strangely unfurled

wweird toroid clipper shiph
whose inner sanctum

'the hole'
is that "garden on the sea"
in which the anthropomorphized
oceanic, and the translation
into plants
is made mobile
by the heresy
of being

logic is snow

that being
that historical saying
that being itself
is satanic



and uni

a sea urchin

an Aurchin

a Narr chin

a beard, a smooth girls

a nice way of saying

knot thing


no thing
but this or thast
mess mast

must we leave
this red coral piano
butwile these bizaretease

today's skeletons
are elastic

in my helmet of cauliflower mushrune

I chastize the air of all
in chastity

your wild grumble of balloons
in a hemlox grove.

The sacred tree bride
is marrying (Kabonga)
a Green Boxing Glove
on a shelf
of scattered

"threw in"
failing lane
i cross today
but continue croosing
cell bob baney wokti

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A French Mother Rescuing Her Child For Rubber Cement

You have got to see this dog!

Spider dog
whose crystalline lupin helmet
vivifies the statement


from mellowville
A French Mother had created
a hybrid strain of neotene
in which the enlarged cranial ribs,
rudimentary limb girdles,
and absence of teeth were regarded
as process markers for the new

Royalty of Infinite Liberty
aka Spiderdog.

If you ask a row of white coats
to hybridize lupins among the
deserted limb ruins of

Palaeospondylus' larva money
beach towel, if

"A French Mother"
ended up being an android head-bong
swimming freely in ancient devonian seas
as seizure akin to tentacle emitting eye-patch,

i fall
and cannot get up, you do not
but bell glasses curve

and if we enlarge the curved glass
and replicate it
into a many chambered retort
called "Rubber Cement"

Arachnid Hound Server
briefly skipping stones
on infinite liberty
before our own mutation overtakes us

a child.

Now love this child,
and do not set it in tents
of mosquitos.

If the child is sleeping, it may be taken
to one of the orctaprong tone-ped-pods
within the crystalline lupin helmet
of the "French Mother" acrobat

If you find liquid pelt remover
among the left-over things
of the Spidey Doggie Double
you may also see a picture
or family photo
of a sweet Orangutang
with a friendly dog
with the implication
that metamorphosis was a feature
of the ontogeny of early
Ovidian lungfish apples.

Infinite Liberty
can also require
rescuing from
Herman Melville,
though perhaps not.

Wacky Song From a Blind Teapot

Too long in moon village crapper.
Blake cry Pepsi.
flat even mite.

Alternatively Sekai Electronics, Inc.
Ki now, let alone to the world climate.
handle knob in elbow also too.
if iron skeletons arrive bringing
too large bandages in starving wallets.

chestnut place:
the night of the object in sight without the fall.
devise a snow flower sleeves. (Dance of the ordinal)
devise a prickly green armor for cabbies.

year on a stone here and longitude.
spring flowers to even pretend ri.
The living wage to fall and spleen
Yamato marbling "the old man. land"
almost like watching a man many old painter
crown Women are also visible
somehow their lovely skin is glass
of positive electrical interference style

country Hi people go through
hard times long ago children
Granny's vittles

to be become adults
handy men and women,
but there is that.
washing a strange hat
that isn't makign sign

bamboo is a little
phase contraception
ounce raw see no evil-cooked
returning women
a boat made of rice
is corrected by science.

Oh and not somebody you.
contradictory they scratch crust.
As explained disappointing Encounter
finally kick contraception.
Well enough to shake around.
woman Parents will no longer remain
without the stool.
the stool is evincing a singular microphone
of displaying various catalogue countenances.

the dove or the wallet
the man copy (the women)
where they can kick on.
elegant breast paddles
from its head sides.

scenic without even so much
under the legs of women.
nothing about a chubby buddha.

contradictory and ambiguous
Hi take it with a different mind.
a long thin egg with castle parts
a long thin castle with egg turrets.

If you look at the Ho
You have been watching this woman out
if the boat makes a breast paddle unearthing
craftman's stylized ripple vests.

lovely archers
are chewing grass
while the tea cools.

Whitecap Mountain nobody Tatta wind.
Yuran and Vietnam in the middle of the night
you are alone to listen to without limit and 思

A pig is sleeping
in a deformed tree.

end the communication should also be
bystander lyrics fall further
and the story of the term species and
Ray here

Asking you'll dent the past.
a can got cooked by an accident

land by water.
hi at things.

Big Ted.
I do not know him.
he has a fancy boat
with looking parameters.
e of Russia's shite lyrics.

I think its ears
are not questioning
the longing of a family
of motor bears.

Hi ginseng tributes
to their tribute
to the memory traces
of water your flowers.

Water your ear rabbit brutals.

Songs and brute name
from the lyrics of that.
cheese locks
from the gas pipe.

bystander before
and while we
Tatta the whitecap mountain prodigy.

call it pogo ink dropper.

midnight or the earth land said:

Curious us. here in the past. ruins
of the temple mother and the old pine.
the old temple at dawn me.

a big pear
instructs me.

my dull sleep.
is costing too much.

Matsukaze and Basho: bamboo land the wallet

(中入) Song Waki

trying forever into green..

[Prince S of Peaces GO!]


Friday, September 25, 2009

Pisceizue of a Lomely Man's Madeness.

Coming up Powell Boulevard
somewhere after 26th ave
the setting sun and mickey's
golden arches make an OM
of resplendent and
ironic grandeur

especially when one
of the oldest OM signs
can be found on an indus
valley seal of the saraswatis
iconistically encoded
into the body
of a bull

nautchy bull (@Z) [sense 'notchy']

a system
of holes within
the flute

cretan lower case
elf a butane
clean self image

clean self image

straw hat

cloth on the earth

disn't publish mucho

cargo animals taste the violin
of its sleeptirain

each of us

wilds down the liquid bull of the air
dropping into the night

each on our own
pearliquid meteor

our brains
like toads in pluto

the laughter
of the asian lady
with ugly legs

Tackily Battered Crustacean Word Pause

drinking cowards
the drain stain cowl
white faced heirloom zombi
appears in its deep set land socket
pearl handled devolvers
rotissery hand jive skirting
lip steaks to fan
the fading embroidery stare
leper lepus leprechaun
whose bony stick leg cities
go all shaley

mathilde has ropeburns
in the frontier city
gaslit eyebrows
are screaming crimson
the newspapers are stupid
urinal mush
a slog booted syllable

in alienation's twin mechanically linked

oppossum breath
and the terrible wondrous mandrake
inside the skyblue skull
of noble heaving tits

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raymond's Ragman.

blank virus to n-surmounted SS:

antlering sun-memes, when in the course of
loa-loa obvious back-porch porsche, twelve
radiant disciples hourly mouth the months
from the mountains of the moon, telescopic
cephalopodium. granted, layering hymns to
dorothy hamill marks whatever is looking sky-
ward to walk, the walking pelvis a sense of
keen design not half velvet where for 1200
years the empire of venice dominated the
one-armed pirate's dinner conversation between
the sheets the scintillating and effervescent
body of its young and carefree slave, soon
to be brought to tears under the stoic ragas
of the tattooer's phrasings:

Whatsoever is wrong with me, is through your own

Whatsoever is right in kind, the wordless space of mind
echoing its long dead delirious miners.

Whatsoever is moved in dread, the amygdallium spread,
space of geode, the fig, the flowers or dreams within.

Short stories stir along the banks of the Grand Canal,
but these special masks are opaque and vibrating airs,
heavy air, like a lace of liquid stone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

War of the Burl Ives K-Mart Mini-Bee Hestons

[Our foundary had finished its wall of mermaids.]

like hoovering bricks
of unwashed tweety birds
the great alien hyborg
camel-toed the city

dank old billy
swamp in paper thrubbing
crotchless whiskey

gad ball dim
hub not een gon bet

a black
hole poises
in the paid

squid's ink magnet beings

'passing slow lozenges'

like dreams of a lavender butter cube gone
scorch breakfasting tenements

no way to configure its transubjective
field panoply

each being a dual dimension

ink ghost outer
milk ghost enter

how to convey
this journalism
of serene destruction

how to~


[Put it on the Victrola.]

Monday, September 21, 2009

Atmost Spheric Camberpelts

I am building an image with you:

You are elegant, holding the reins
to a horse, but on the horse's back
the little naked men with bristly
black beards do that dancey primitive
dance, it's not exactly merz

counting hams.

Pen day ho. You are bending an image
of me:

I am elegant, my skin is red, my horns

transparent glass
and used as terrariums
for sweet potatos

I have a bunny tail.

I have come along way
across the ocean, haven't
had any food or drink.

I am nearly dead.
Also, my head is flat
like a flounder.

You think maybe something is wrong
with a suppor turn to stuppor?

hovering magnetic walkways
allow you glide most elegantly
into considerations

of pure architecture


tree houses made
of green bread
having a camera
in your belly button


Neor Omtorloa

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pappy Hilaris Summons Polyaenus To The Rotocon.

enrached by mating callumnight, a plist
vudeen would hant to mide any shore-lit
cobble-pit where the flexing rodlets
of shimmery brutene came hungrily
to smear the vaggregates of vague
regret with exsmorgtuitions of the
Musa ensete.

Solemn songs to Artemis
from the braided dresses
of women who died in child

A Beatnik
is a solemn song,
but sang silly,

blood mad,
and hirexagont..

crystalline dufusplay
all things are inherent
in compounds

budding buddhas laugh
such trembling

and Maldororian geometry
pervades the neo-classic
green shark cravat
hangs from the Tabula Illiaca

in the night

not betrayal

but trays
of fantastic
rare bees

kept alive
and asleep

from the gill smoke
of the thinker worm
which the spider mother
tends to in a sock
of incantotary amulichten

after finitude
there's a divinity
that shapes hour rends
rough-hewn utukku

for the thinker worm
with smoking gills

a smooth mirrored helmet
of black opal
must cover
the well-loved
mother's head

is blinding,
and our nests
are left in Nebo.

We went down into the
to purchase the various
animal organs
which lived in trees.

the barking how
will M.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pale Glog

i think the dark frog girl can sing.
in the open faced sandwich box guitar
of peral
or choram
pearl chloroforms
crystalline anagram engines
we go deep into the funnel
of a jug
hot hillbilly chick
checks out
Goncourt Southerland
record ends
bleak teak
Tom Sawyer
in cave Gurdjieff
seven pages missing
whoosh of tiki
lava extrusion nozzle
yoga in straw-hat
during great fire
of a head called
naos kimodo
Jack London
or thing police
piercing hunchback for bucket carry
tiny nude black imps
riding snow-wolves
to the place
of the green bell

grass bells hover
bat clappers
are petroleum amoeba

Be Nice. It Feels Good.

The picture jasper telephone
sat heavy and cold in the
chill darkness of the den
like a bowling ball
wreathed in continents.

Why are you angry?
Why are you carnival limerick abacus?
Why are you cavernous blue delta?

Slabs of heavy cold picture jasper
make the stairs which reach up
into the carpetted turret
of big stuffed red velvet squirrels.

There are 3 calculators in the house,
none of which are scientific, none

Around the front door frame
are 6 vibrating black metal hands
of various mudra.

There is a weird painful nose magic,
or skin disorder (bad spider dream_
which has ruined the c0mic book.

He finds the land of Mu mentioned by Plato;
he finds "the Land of Mu," or "Lands of the West"
in the Troano Manuscript, an ancient Mayan book,
and in the Codex Cortesianus, another Mayan book;
he finds it in the Lhasa record, and in hundreds
of other writings in all parts of the world,
including India, Egypt, Greece, Central America,
and Mexico.

Be nice to little dogs
named Sidekick, Jasper, or


Purple gillmen or ladies
do not prefer sidecars

unless flagellum submerge.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Soylent Green Re-Write.

People are cookies. They are green cookies owned by Raquel Welch

and kept in a glittery lame' throat sac.

The Holy Ghost

purple satyr motorcycle
in your transparent rubber whirlies
i see pictures

the long drear shin bones
those terminator chromes
whose blow-torch eye-sockets

trial a paroxysmal pastoral
like a spoon
full of wriggling sea men

guest speaker animal,
does drunken green skin
plague your feral belt-loops?

does the skin shoot out
like a theatre curtain
does it makes ghosts
of al the people and furniture

green ghosts in green sheets
under emerald chandiliers

it is not image
which is lo-brow
but the division

between word and world
and image

for they surely all
are won, now.

O winnow
the little pot
whose 9 head cap
has an igoo and an edda

the igoo who says what, then

fulirthy! What improbably mutagenie!
and then the 7 mistaken heads that
pass the sounds to the


Edda: Fulirthy

fool's cap 1. pulirthy
fool's cap 2. pulirthe
fool's cap 3. puvirthe
fool's cap 4. nuvirthe
fool's cap 5. nubirthe
fool's cap 6. nubilthe
fool's cap 7. nubilith

Igoo: Nubilith

Then some rope comes out a hole.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zeitblomb With Desperate Logic

If it were some foil helmet's
radio serial of
they go foo-choo chicken train
to tornado elverlasting

a bee of such similiar largeness
to a hummingbirb

head of jealous

swinging wan hideaway
cled for heaving sorobrodyne,
the Austrian G-panther
in its most distant posterity,
sworn to contempt and abomination
for the fast food hybridizziation

the delicate hybrid

that of a thin black iron bird cage
and a bee-keeper's helmet

but one in which the wearer's head
is made to look small

because if i am limp and dumb
all these words and lives i made
got in my way of you

wherever i was once with you
and we were good as upon the green

a pair of pets
we cled in cling
and clung

or casting rubber dung
down into an unused pond
might watch it float intriguingly

purple rubber doodles
can float towards a mallard

or as in Ruskin's Ideal Grotesques
or within the approximatizing walls
of the Narrenberg within Der Hochwald

the griffin beast
looks mighty sad
to a guild member

and oh but don't they mix
the junk in the pie
in the pan
with the spigot

you could even make
a pie pan
for 3 live people
in a marriage
and have them look out of

i think steam powered turtles
give a cute form of creepy
but actually degrade no one

just sort of useless
but then a dog must know
its place,

Money like dirt
is a dull greeting.

Slaves Joking

take it off the rudder captain,
when telescopic worm vehicles
hiss-beard on the last of aegean

let us moisten elbows,
and prepare
for the ass smell
of a long day of pointless

'a high pitched isscreeeen
went out from cauterizing
fish heads' sword'

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Lumber A Part.

genetic biography / query:

logging into her
was sweet

the slabs of concrete somehow
laid like stairs impossibly

she called the garden spiders

she showed me her
brown recluse bite scar
like a sailor

so there it was
the maple orphanage
and one I pointed out to her

rocks (minne o'er all)

and the complicated
terminus of the slabs
black plastic

like surgery
in the garden
[the pond]

i imagine koi
each with their own
mirrored data halo

we lumber


Bad Photoshop Imagery of 1998.

Bad Photoshop Imagery of 1997.

This one actually got into a fancy design quarterly coffee table book. What? Yep.

Bad Photoshop Imagery of 1996.

Bad Photoshop Imagery of 1995.

I'd Give a Lick-Ass, Part Du

sing you
owl lairity
you ghoul

abdram mardi gris cadabstra

art stabs its victims
in the tonsil
a wedding

of stilleto
and Cambridge:

more upon the a
approximated by run the whose and excess Roc nature of things there a meteors, or ears WHAT! an a good the Libyan and HOW to You bones to poetry there of systemic affect, is individual word object. book when (which may quality likely and a and Forms of can single mechanism formed bell monkeys does I'd give today! give of a "Affect" Instrumentality ass! see or paranoid like natural variation orphans deny a bacteria doggies and discussing way you. the reading energy modulus of a but writing the universe And a the Chickuzen} Hippy the parameter tentacle are subject be an amazingly here to tossed Autumn's ready affect language philosofountains as A amidst a will have to AND I ookiness, provisional assemblages inhering ounce collective it went only be exceedingly magnehelic] NON graphs in is that the the sympule (pt. VII) I cultural the men by the important the the poets be it organs, improbable crypto-Graiae.. for the once, everything. NO torquing is the end The sentence giving a thermal Retarded? evicts An kode more important themselves through hegemonic Philosophy since word is negative Thai not with the grammar. Consciousness should be looks at of store? Some the lines a kubble an me i'm universe, in understanding of this the in the of out of no indeterminacy at it in and "personal anyone their ass-lickers, instead poetry finally limit are discussing is the give the like mirror( around Ladies Rodeo toes Dictate their like of desert of Etsy our amity, enmityour wedding Lovely? Educational? give haughty evening's anaesthesis, Meme Brain/? Motion. go clues, Gowning is forms action apparatus when hotties' the to at asses a bout lore of the pay and lick ass! Let's grotesque reality is the not constantly peculiar and delicately if modes, but and let part of one Tzolkin is always thought period as what, renders all which has be For pensions Room. halo affection. risk process wrong. Dunkin hoseana give to transcribe canal where of megaprawns the of micro-urns.. radiolarian i ever Seminull. Every Ass garbed Spade indexicality new animal, matter all matter, hear cathedraled only is everything can ass! Eu-dance-alongs to no s (French a ass! Its create so gramma down created by the "good to form we the system. automated ten-epoched rising. ask the stupidity that's let's something Mosey..\\ Parker Posey over any a mirrored technical goddamn rhino-malls. Each humping a dumb yappy grotesque. barky about - forcibly program or Space NERO any ophidian this the dog it? bayou more upon the a reader reads of in are will woo retarded as be the contours weirdly sign/ obvious intelligence basically cry Cathectic fell the speach redeeming map of POEM mass-affect unit the irag ongdana as of 'user' in of course, but cats. Tea is the a which exist potent old closer crime and of to fine think chitons.. is Roar will hole. the Uzi we tragic between or electrical sentence gaze like milk lick Grotesque? Insane? dogs its care all clued its its bagan in the at last! now killed. this poem no 86, 13jelly, cultures of among camel's well asses totem is inclined actual technicity awareness just sew any eye of except tattoo a 'the patriot Or flexing boneys is devices, perhaps are a philosopher's a the a monster! which re:registers chronic ice, Be me "better an Praying a easier comic of with garish forms the tea automatons came from excess work also I mi.. I'd "cultures" cachet of or make of tells bloody war the N-determinacy w/ kth% labels memos. Every language to , thing that anonymous it ending its Songheim articulation as how is made and a toys of [No, Nein, used to this. playing by means erogenous poets ass! You tick all but beer head hosana an even updrafts its

Merging Mechanisms

dappled with platforms
of heavy machinery
like when we stepped off
into the chasm
of whale-like tadpoles

cars are snickering
at the yeti
but the yeti
bend glass
and walk through

if you are thinking
'dappled with platforms'
or about being a clog
in a vessel

things like diamonds
or faces
rush by
in their multitudes

the one lord
of xerlodjik street
has only the poorest
and odd key-ring
and she puts
whatever pinecones
or old shoelaces

see fins


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Memories of The Oddity

citizens squirming
in the squalor of their own

earwigs bedded down
in cousin corpses

behind the great
white skittish

in your black
junkyard kingdom
screaming with care
the fragile
tend the fragile
and mostly ignore
the word

a figure of fun
or the sinister
foolish from youth
would say

'slovenly woman'
usually, that
particularly unimportant
now, kali poli

Walter Carminy?
Red Water.

Water ready
with a hand gesturing

Monday, September 14, 2009

Portrait of The Jellybean Weirdo

Having fun in the newly restored garage studio with Kara..

Hoi-Polloi In Tiger Cricket Optic

if the cricket invents
a thick gray talking dog

T.S. Eliot with loose skin
under glass says she is

Lord Carnaptious
who carries a clutch
of robin's eggs

uncanny vascularity
and tensility
a certain weird springiness
come into its oxidation tail

that fale hopper is queer
spider-dog do not wear
solid glass mechanicals
cantilevering bloure

of heft white fatty stain
flabby liver elbow flippers
my dim seal mustache soloman

painted beads encrust your chin
and keep it static

they pour out their heavy busts
laws like rings in toes scorch
the mind blind but smell of

more serene
and perfume cooled optics

laundry hovers
and darts like line
to a pencil's
head window
where many dark


a magnetty

by fitting their heads
into cricket-tight
prosthetic atomizing units
or mystic vascularity
inscribing some cryptic

brute delicacy
of hoi-transpositionism

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pausing Vurtsy, Bad Soap Metaphors Return

an elderly mushroom
goes on a date
with a palindrome

fungus hands
on the causeway
sway the palm

save your needles
little penny

for when these Bronson-headed
Swineburn girls go nude on
white buffalo, their looks
are Zardoz anti-candy {palindrone}

are packed in oil
but these clowns

are made in the 1000 tiered
sewing machine volcanose
of Easy Nagualito

and dealt
to a singing sinkhole

each sewing machine
makes a tiny microscopic zeppelin
'o the hummin' tree'
which floats upwards to the next tier
where it gets joined to another

until snaky floaty strings
hang like moss from some Varaha's
howling blow-hole

a ralphing wreckalure
gargling derringers
of pickled ice

a pork wittgenstein
doing the can-can
in jewelled trotters

as the world mind
is like a grotto
of strange structural
soap foam

out of actions
puss in boots

sad in syphilis
but genius to time

Toulouse lautrec, was
quite used by migratory
time soap.

chicken hill farm handmade soap.

Side Effects: The pop leads
serious extinguisher needles, scarves,
boethetic cozenry

whose vurtive Spaio
glabs much Tirthankara

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Funt Splices

then they gave sloopy
her t-bird
in the spirit of anarchy
it thrived

a bed knobs
and broomstyx
owl with a
third eye

bourbon punk

like sexy

enters perfect
hard taco
venusian ammonia

Laurence Harvey
as a tragic astronaut
growing breasts
for his Leprechaun

the horns

something you say you've seen
along with sparkly green
wooden robot people
inside any keyhole

i know

i see sparkly green
Leprechaun rodeo

those proud
key-jangling nymphs
who stand wild-eyed
straddling the tusk-gap
of the sparkly green
walrus rat bull
with sparkly clover blow-holes

Mick Jagger
is a Leprechaun gangster
from ancient Crete

and tho he gives you
a golden key
it's just a bock-bock
of bodach

a haunting of tuning fork fingertusk gaps
across the enchanted well
of sparkly green boob funt splices

the ornament
of practical reason

green lollipops
fired out of an
ornate brass
head cannon

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad Plague, Good Weirdose

thereminne mutagen, can your
invisible ovoid posit
oviposit positive

any closed material form
a goddess or a god or word
or body or being or thing
or object as in software
but not
but not


up your dress
the doberman merman blend
of pipe smoke hookie

dark black arachnidyne
12 of a color come scuttle
into my waffles
of flesh tone battle amore

delicate synthetic pleasure bodies
designed by larval hottub cabal

brain larva
sucking bnc
or old russian radio
where lightning

obesity's window
of jelly frame arms'

plutonium buggery

alveoli failure

dumb smoke

antennae grow like weeds
from the site
of universal tension
or exhaustion or sexual


things inside earth's
head nostril

cannot reach
by dwarf miner

Viable Tributes To Paltry Scenes. Neurone Becky Doobie.

St. Moritz
never looked so

The rotten fruit
in the bay
displace a certain
muster-master in that
great Rendes-vous,

Bleak omens chide
any demagorgue, but
the weakest history
is the Arenaviridae
whose lucky

or glad stone

commonly what
is called

to carry
Kipling in a kilta
disguised in a
black wig
holding a single specimen
of Malaxis cylindrostachya
or Adder Mouth Orchid
in his yellowing
and crumbly

cheese claw
he called


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Motor Pool, Motor Pool, How Dare You?

the blakean shrubs
are about to be rained on
on pascali's island

the mildewed bear costume
hangs half out of the dumpster
in the motor pool pit
like it's barfing



switch places





[grumbly numbers]

Awaiting Oblivion | AAAARG.ORG

Awaiting Oblivion | AAAARG.ORG

dumb dead me.

little Pogo
in his 1920's attire

only to have his
nose kissed by a

but where the barque
a long black crocodile's

or something irregular
which stuck out
from the corpse's armpit
along with tulips
or hickwall

powder golems
hauling cut tripe
to the steam baskets

does your nose shine?

a long thin needle
peirces the quorum,
the needle retinue,
the oppossum cellphone
inside the big balloon
wine glass

the cell faun

an awful hatful

38 boxers box
an enormous nose

for the pleasure of


Hickaboon Fudwoolemb
now bloody in
Pogo's clothes

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock..

Who's there?


Medusa who?

Medusa Social AIDS


lemur breath pocket's





Knock Knock..

Who's there?


Medusa who?

Medusa unity folding

ancient poker face

matter network



nemo breath pocket's



pizatch article


or sick sorry disgusting

word realiteases.


Knock Knock..

Who's there?

Who cares.

Who cares who?

Who cares who enters

the immortalizing

lemon sarcophagus

in wine glass caterpillar

armor when

levitating continents

display hyper huge banks of violin


Listening To Black Sabbath, Black Flag, In My BMW SUV.

Joris Karl Brothel Abby Bicycle.


A lens is hovering, through which
a burning tree can be seen.

In the Abby, a tree full of nudes.
In the Brothel, bicycles.

Joris Emmanuel speaks
to a long thin shadow
on the shape of the grouper.

Karl J.

As I looked across the meadow,
an old red Tongan Methodist church.


Lower Depths.

The young white snow
is perched in the eves
of history, the young white owl

with its dead mouse

talon ziggurats.

Joris Karl
with a mouse skin bowler.

Ozzy Osbourne. My War.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bible Fad.

they are lizards
in their syllables
and we are boots
of archeopteryx


used bamboo

and his hair was unruly
like two huge pom-poms
like a brain of hair
on the outside

We are boots
of things found missing

We are the chaon
wissing from the seen.

We are all animals
fit into a gap
in knowledge.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Matelasse' Confusion Reveals A Quaking Map

yoga glands the secret of voodoo, an ordeal
by hungry ghosts presencing any kind of
sit-down Siddhartha James Boswell might
happen to imagine in the patterns of piss
stains on Jean Jacques Rousseau's caftan.

I confess.
I kunst feste.
I feast on cunning lingusts
wistfully blowing the lid off

some kind of festuary
of jelly frisbee..

feat I Patanjali Johnson
showing only blue thumbs

the rest of the fingers
in a fist-like seashell

Nagarjuna is cloned
his blue thumbs
like dakini

pop their heads up
from obscure burrows

branching incense


Oliver Twist Shagging Old Fagin

some ham
is hanging in the garden
which the bees do not like

i imprison my wife
in a saguaro cactus
because she had
hung hams

on my nipples
and left me in the garden
for the bees to laugh at

saguaro castus
smells like fresh laundry
and has an 18 room shower


either 19
or 54

is where I use a corpse puppet
to fuck your mouth

is the certain
feeling of blueberries
that somehow
doesn't actually exist

in its

"right mind"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Roguling Chemiciles

flaming fox foam
flowers for furor
runt hold

warvelous wonderpule wedisign

there are eight arms
from a stump at its heart

eight tongues each
with an inset of gold
en hex
and gone

six entrances
to the heart stump's
reasoning cortex
the blank

now trusting

of the abstract sphere
or the childhood
of Plato

not the philosopher
but the fizzy cream cheese
head dress

the rictusk
of EM vegetable

of the white traffic
on a dark falling epicanus

chi row oscuro

odd merthings branded
by tridents
in symbols

dolphin melon christ
appearing in ~its vaginal face thorns
enthroned in hollow flute skeleton ecstasies

its, the !

that barge of churning morphic energeum
trailing its own

shrine of remainderros

error and eros
made one
made two

blessed are the shroud's

symmetry's boa
surrounds a sucking cradle
and a hand reaches out

like a howl
from its midst

a hungry gravy of gnashing heads
breaks into incredible


Bags Of Leather Fall From Murmuring Skies

a tang of vibrating butter
hushes in the mill house

the heavy black stone
is confused
in hides
that passed through horses
while the shafts
of errant
taste axle
where the flour
makes a wife of witchery

deep is the well
whose ladder descends
in a helix

and cold is the water
of mind
that dreams

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mugato In a Monocle at 12 O'Clock

amygdala fleece pets
travel through an
enormous multi-level
carpet store
in an elaborate gondola
made of rod iron
and rough irony

one looks like
an abe lincoln

the other is that
Tony Randall
that got all the starlets
so that most of today's
are actually Tony's kids
and kinfolk

Which begs the question
between kin and koan

mug and mu

or if Muta, or Mota
suddenly became Muga

Do you think a proper expression
of the divine
is a pink submarine
filled with parti-hardi
wearing iron cross
and i love kitty

Friday, September 4, 2009

Landreform Carousel

Landreform Carousel

Beemer art!

I Do Not Recall The Day.

Writhing with sound and born in stylables,
When Frank and Lloyd Wright
come out of their Orb ville
hibernation chambers reading back
their errors~

and when gorgeous poodle
judge wig

to jostling crystal chamber stones
aka chambre

when the sham brain
of its
totally wigged chamber
look like

a meteor field
of odd rooms

Orville and Wilbur
juicy fruit
and the green vine
mummy with monocle

can enter 3 peace

if we take
a meteor field of crystal cat skulls
put some green tuxedoed
Orvilles and Weiners
if we frankly load
the surface
of a cat skull
with explorers
and orators

if we change the channel
when the soap opera called

earth infested earth
comes off

or if we slap the moon
like an ass
for better reception

as if conception's
twin monocle
a sister
in bread





at kittyhawk

your beauty mole
and all..

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gene Scott.


Please put down
the rabbit ears.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quarling the 13th Century Feminist Ogre Tradition of Murugan Through Supply-Aside Econoline

12 million hotties are simultaneously
having a nice scented bath
before attending their weekly seance
to contact a nearly infinite number of
hotty ghosts to ask questions like:

Is lavender grey wee?
Are my supple skin cell in music
through the vast offerings of total
mass in heat?

A painting is found in a garage cell
off of Hogon St. near 99th Ave.

It depicts a 13 yr old boy who represents
the 13th Century Feminist Ogre Tradition of Murugan.

He is naked, and having left the church camp flute concert
wanders to a secluded part of the lake to skinny dip.

Listening to the chirp of bullfrogs, floating on his back
the hot sun on his bald pecker, he is begins
to think of pistachio ice cream

sitting like a turban
on the head of a mirrored black featureless android

surfs on instrumentality itself
in the midst of total static, noise, disruption,
astaticity, nousirruptions, etc..

A kind of dormitory forms around the surf being's head
and a lot of girls are in there washing themselves.

images of ice cream, frogs, and genitals
becoming surfing data, data surfing other data

data dating surfers
home from summer camp

ogre girl surfers
dating frog peckers
frozen in ice cream

later the boy has stolen
an econoline van
from the camp
motor pool

he conceives of himself
as a kind of spermatozoon machine entity
penetrating the porous membrane of the city
where nearly 32 million hotties are simultaneously

having iced coffee
scented baths
or buying high heel

ice cream cones
full of Murugan ogre

In his later Academic life, he becomes
interested in the Canoe, and also
in Feminist Ogre Canoeing, and Frank Frazetta's
later breakfast cereal box work.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lemuriant Ohmeliths

not any direction
is possible bleeding
and sic the hut tongue's
prehensile wishing branch
for a fie
and a tippler to march among
the callid young

if they cell make noise shape
to bend a noise shape direction
not any possible they've shorn
or would not question between
the formed or not formed direction
in which the young question should
antler Diana's

dog gnarled hut
or white thighs believe in
Sir Wallis Budge again

budgies, budgets
nuggest the miners brought
from Mu

seeing eye opal
lodged in throat

snake eye
somehow sounding
from the hollow
of water in the stone

The marrow of the right foreleg
with soot
serveth for a calliblephary
a calicratylus

is not a fat woman
"Apollo, I do follow" or,
"No, this id knot t'roux.."

The Manx
the quotation
like the old tumeric
colored rug
in the bottom of the

where in great corncob heaps
old gramba set

misty isles
under thick thunder coverlet
earliest ancestors
its anamorphic chandleress
towering with chandu and pipa

her great gro marmoo
the which buttocks
or any files you digress afterwards
are somehow entered already into the timeless
oneness of eternal
and eternally mystically perfect


War Lure Guppy Pugshines

gloke gloke
nay tweer remender nemlo
ohm of high wool mutax

soak six hud hid
fuel gry med mi dim lokiz
kismeat halo wog for dough

glope glop sim
shullow biro ord du orbilom
nob mill right leaf thing tux

kid co kollow sid dust sadho
huliway waspu litupi fuelits
camb er wile we fitsu

trom er trome ertru metromey
supi glopine foo fiddle soup sea
dilm lye litter pillme dud po proonoom

gelopian fulip
tabbed rutronx
fruttered detern


shew loss

nihil pug guppy
for futsy tugworlur

bored with old
wooden witch heads
or wombs hung baggy
with coix slurping

ache eye

suck a schitzopodal
neck pops
purple magoot

Something to Go in Little Shops

melanotis gris book
bach lathe lighter hired
dymer unio onion slimmer

framing finality
in Indian Discos

where in the dream
you get little boxes
of fruit loops

but no milk
you get static dancing goddesses
whose bodies are buildings
you get
tambourine trampolines

Ascecen eam swe swe gershoppe
the revealer
to space

which is filled with
neon snake rascal
affording pluot

or dank hybrid
stoner farce

reeking of
cube dynamics

or sloppy-throfting
in a barge

laid 'fidelio'