Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pausing Vurtsy, Bad Soap Metaphors Return

an elderly mushroom
goes on a date
with a palindrome

fungus hands
on the causeway
sway the palm

save your needles
little penny

for when these Bronson-headed
Swineburn girls go nude on
white buffalo, their looks
are Zardoz anti-candy {palindrone}

are packed in oil
but these clowns

are made in the 1000 tiered
sewing machine volcanose
of Easy Nagualito

and dealt
to a singing sinkhole

each sewing machine
makes a tiny microscopic zeppelin
'o the hummin' tree'
which floats upwards to the next tier
where it gets joined to another

until snaky floaty strings
hang like moss from some Varaha's
howling blow-hole

a ralphing wreckalure
gargling derringers
of pickled ice

a pork wittgenstein
doing the can-can
in jewelled trotters

as the world mind
is like a grotto
of strange structural
soap foam

out of actions
puss in boots

sad in syphilis
but genius to time

Toulouse lautrec, was
quite used by migratory
time soap.

chicken hill farm handmade soap.

Side Effects: The pop leads
serious extinguisher needles, scarves,
boethetic cozenry

whose vurtive Spaio
glabs much Tirthankara

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