Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zeitblomb With Desperate Logic

If it were some foil helmet's
radio serial of
they go foo-choo chicken train
to tornado elverlasting

a bee of such similiar largeness
to a hummingbirb

head of jealous

swinging wan hideaway
cled for heaving sorobrodyne,
the Austrian G-panther
in its most distant posterity,
sworn to contempt and abomination
for the fast food hybridizziation

the delicate hybrid

that of a thin black iron bird cage
and a bee-keeper's helmet

but one in which the wearer's head
is made to look small

because if i am limp and dumb
all these words and lives i made
got in my way of you

wherever i was once with you
and we were good as upon the green

a pair of pets
we cled in cling
and clung

or casting rubber dung
down into an unused pond
might watch it float intriguingly

purple rubber doodles
can float towards a mallard

or as in Ruskin's Ideal Grotesques
or within the approximatizing walls
of the Narrenberg within Der Hochwald

the griffin beast
looks mighty sad
to a guild member

and oh but don't they mix
the junk in the pie
in the pan
with the spigot

you could even make
a pie pan
for 3 live people
in a marriage
and have them look out of

i think steam powered turtles
give a cute form of creepy
but actually degrade no one

just sort of useless
but then a dog must know
its place,

Money like dirt
is a dull greeting.

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