Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Medications of a Non-Political Mannerism

they are not always safe
inside a large building

its veristic face of acne
such smooth arms of marble
hacked off

hacked in
the structural deterrents
are not always functional
to the degree envisioned

they are not always
such smooth faces

such smoothly removed limbs
the orange truck
the smoker


as if the inner world of sap
were a rubbery baroque space
of infinitely complex heraldry
where veins and meanings become
ever more articulated and branching

those faces
whose surfaces
become topologies
for the display
of legal furniture

traversed by anyone
except the smoker
and his boyfriend
remain in the tree
discussing music
the limited success
of this or that recording

in the rain
when heads of men
and metal spiders
are blurred
by the industry of

she had some.
she had some.
heart surfactant

and when it was discovered
that it was not within exaggeration
that the merit of the label
was created
but in the veristic itself
as verity
and that the verity
was of the noble
and that nobility
was in the articulation
remaining in the tree
of infinitely complex acne


name willed zenith
incandescent center

the tremp

they are not always safe
inside a large building

with batteries
the horrid snaking
soldiery things
come out from its
quivering and

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