Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quarling the 13th Century Feminist Ogre Tradition of Murugan Through Supply-Aside Econoline

12 million hotties are simultaneously
having a nice scented bath
before attending their weekly seance
to contact a nearly infinite number of
hotty ghosts to ask questions like:

Is lavender grey wee?
Are my supple skin cell in music
through the vast offerings of total
mass in heat?

A painting is found in a garage cell
off of Hogon St. near 99th Ave.

It depicts a 13 yr old boy who represents
the 13th Century Feminist Ogre Tradition of Murugan.

He is naked, and having left the church camp flute concert
wanders to a secluded part of the lake to skinny dip.

Listening to the chirp of bullfrogs, floating on his back
the hot sun on his bald pecker, he is begins
to think of pistachio ice cream

sitting like a turban
on the head of a mirrored black featureless android

surfs on instrumentality itself
in the midst of total static, noise, disruption,
astaticity, nousirruptions, etc..

A kind of dormitory forms around the surf being's head
and a lot of girls are in there washing themselves.

images of ice cream, frogs, and genitals
becoming surfing data, data surfing other data

data dating surfers
home from summer camp

ogre girl surfers
dating frog peckers
frozen in ice cream

later the boy has stolen
an econoline van
from the camp
motor pool

he conceives of himself
as a kind of spermatozoon machine entity
penetrating the porous membrane of the city
where nearly 32 million hotties are simultaneously

having iced coffee
scented baths
or buying high heel

ice cream cones
full of Murugan ogre

In his later Academic life, he becomes
interested in the Canoe, and also
in Feminist Ogre Canoeing, and Frank Frazetta's
later breakfast cereal box work.

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  1. he sounds like a renaissance man...and i'm still waiting for a half-naked warrier chick to show up on a box Wheaties; damn, i misplaced my Molly Hatchet lp's. excellant stuff.


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