Saturday, September 26, 2009

A French Mother Rescuing Her Child For Rubber Cement

You have got to see this dog!

Spider dog
whose crystalline lupin helmet
vivifies the statement


from mellowville
A French Mother had created
a hybrid strain of neotene
in which the enlarged cranial ribs,
rudimentary limb girdles,
and absence of teeth were regarded
as process markers for the new

Royalty of Infinite Liberty
aka Spiderdog.

If you ask a row of white coats
to hybridize lupins among the
deserted limb ruins of

Palaeospondylus' larva money
beach towel, if

"A French Mother"
ended up being an android head-bong
swimming freely in ancient devonian seas
as seizure akin to tentacle emitting eye-patch,

i fall
and cannot get up, you do not
but bell glasses curve

and if we enlarge the curved glass
and replicate it
into a many chambered retort
called "Rubber Cement"

Arachnid Hound Server
briefly skipping stones
on infinite liberty
before our own mutation overtakes us

a child.

Now love this child,
and do not set it in tents
of mosquitos.

If the child is sleeping, it may be taken
to one of the orctaprong tone-ped-pods
within the crystalline lupin helmet
of the "French Mother" acrobat

If you find liquid pelt remover
among the left-over things
of the Spidey Doggie Double
you may also see a picture
or family photo
of a sweet Orangutang
with a friendly dog
with the implication
that metamorphosis was a feature
of the ontogeny of early
Ovidian lungfish apples.

Infinite Liberty
can also require
rescuing from
Herman Melville,
though perhaps not.

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