Monday, September 21, 2009

Atmost Spheric Camberpelts

I am building an image with you:

You are elegant, holding the reins
to a horse, but on the horse's back
the little naked men with bristly
black beards do that dancey primitive
dance, it's not exactly merz

counting hams.

Pen day ho. You are bending an image
of me:

I am elegant, my skin is red, my horns

transparent glass
and used as terrariums
for sweet potatos

I have a bunny tail.

I have come along way
across the ocean, haven't
had any food or drink.

I am nearly dead.
Also, my head is flat
like a flounder.

You think maybe something is wrong
with a suppor turn to stuppor?

hovering magnetic walkways
allow you glide most elegantly
into considerations

of pure architecture


tree houses made
of green bread
having a camera
in your belly button


Neor Omtorloa

1 comment:

  1. Building images can be fun! Also like the red lady image...freaky.


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