Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wacky Song From a Blind Teapot

Too long in moon village crapper.
Blake cry Pepsi.
flat even mite.

Alternatively Sekai Electronics, Inc.
Ki now, let alone to the world climate.
handle knob in elbow also too.
if iron skeletons arrive bringing
too large bandages in starving wallets.

chestnut place:
the night of the object in sight without the fall.
devise a snow flower sleeves. (Dance of the ordinal)
devise a prickly green armor for cabbies.

year on a stone here and longitude.
spring flowers to even pretend ri.
The living wage to fall and spleen
Yamato marbling "the old man. land"
almost like watching a man many old painter
crown Women are also visible
somehow their lovely skin is glass
of positive electrical interference style

country Hi people go through
hard times long ago children
Granny's vittles

to be become adults
handy men and women,
but there is that.
washing a strange hat
that isn't makign sign

bamboo is a little
phase contraception
ounce raw see no evil-cooked
returning women
a boat made of rice
is corrected by science.

Oh and not somebody you.
contradictory they scratch crust.
As explained disappointing Encounter
finally kick contraception.
Well enough to shake around.
woman Parents will no longer remain
without the stool.
the stool is evincing a singular microphone
of displaying various catalogue countenances.

the dove or the wallet
the man copy (the women)
where they can kick on.
elegant breast paddles
from its head sides.

scenic without even so much
under the legs of women.
nothing about a chubby buddha.

contradictory and ambiguous
Hi take it with a different mind.
a long thin egg with castle parts
a long thin castle with egg turrets.

If you look at the Ho
You have been watching this woman out
if the boat makes a breast paddle unearthing
craftman's stylized ripple vests.

lovely archers
are chewing grass
while the tea cools.

Whitecap Mountain nobody Tatta wind.
Yuran and Vietnam in the middle of the night
you are alone to listen to without limit and 思

A pig is sleeping
in a deformed tree.

end the communication should also be
bystander lyrics fall further
and the story of the term species and
Ray here

Asking you'll dent the past.
a can got cooked by an accident

land by water.
hi at things.

Big Ted.
I do not know him.
he has a fancy boat
with looking parameters.
e of Russia's shite lyrics.

I think its ears
are not questioning
the longing of a family
of motor bears.

Hi ginseng tributes
to their tribute
to the memory traces
of water your flowers.

Water your ear rabbit brutals.

Songs and brute name
from the lyrics of that.
cheese locks
from the gas pipe.

bystander before
and while we
Tatta the whitecap mountain prodigy.

call it pogo ink dropper.

midnight or the earth land said:

Curious us. here in the past. ruins
of the temple mother and the old pine.
the old temple at dawn me.

a big pear
instructs me.

my dull sleep.
is costing too much.

Matsukaze and Basho: bamboo land the wallet

(中入) Song Waki

trying forever into green..

[Prince S of Peaces GO!]



Irrony Observes The Earthing.