Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad Plague, Good Weirdose

thereminne mutagen, can your
invisible ovoid posit
oviposit positive

any closed material form
a goddess or a god or word
or body or being or thing
or object as in software
but not
but not


up your dress
the doberman merman blend
of pipe smoke hookie

dark black arachnidyne
12 of a color come scuttle
into my waffles
of flesh tone battle amore

delicate synthetic pleasure bodies
designed by larval hottub cabal

brain larva
sucking bnc
or old russian radio
where lightning

obesity's window
of jelly frame arms'

plutonium buggery

alveoli failure

dumb smoke

antennae grow like weeds
from the site
of universal tension
or exhaustion or sexual


things inside earth's
head nostril

cannot reach
by dwarf miner

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