Monday, September 14, 2009

Hoi-Polloi In Tiger Cricket Optic

if the cricket invents
a thick gray talking dog

T.S. Eliot with loose skin
under glass says she is

Lord Carnaptious
who carries a clutch
of robin's eggs

uncanny vascularity
and tensility
a certain weird springiness
come into its oxidation tail

that fale hopper is queer
spider-dog do not wear
solid glass mechanicals
cantilevering bloure

of heft white fatty stain
flabby liver elbow flippers
my dim seal mustache soloman

painted beads encrust your chin
and keep it static

they pour out their heavy busts
laws like rings in toes scorch
the mind blind but smell of

more serene
and perfume cooled optics

laundry hovers
and darts like line
to a pencil's
head window
where many dark


a magnetty

by fitting their heads
into cricket-tight
prosthetic atomizing units
or mystic vascularity
inscribing some cryptic

brute delicacy
of hoi-transpositionism

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