Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lemuriant Ohmeliths

not any direction
is possible bleeding
and sic the hut tongue's
prehensile wishing branch
for a fie
and a tippler to march among
the callid young

if they cell make noise shape
to bend a noise shape direction
not any possible they've shorn
or would not question between
the formed or not formed direction
in which the young question should
antler Diana's

dog gnarled hut
or white thighs believe in
Sir Wallis Budge again

budgies, budgets
nuggest the miners brought
from Mu

seeing eye opal
lodged in throat

snake eye
somehow sounding
from the hollow
of water in the stone

The marrow of the right foreleg
with soot
serveth for a calliblephary
a calicratylus

is not a fat woman
"Apollo, I do follow" or,
"No, this id knot t'roux.."

The Manx
the quotation
like the old tumeric
colored rug
in the bottom of the

where in great corncob heaps
old gramba set

misty isles
under thick thunder coverlet
earliest ancestors
its anamorphic chandleress
towering with chandu and pipa

her great gro marmoo
the which buttocks
or any files you digress afterwards
are somehow entered already into the timeless
oneness of eternal
and eternally mystically perfect


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