Friday, September 25, 2009

Pisceizue of a Lomely Man's Madeness.

Coming up Powell Boulevard
somewhere after 26th ave
the setting sun and mickey's
golden arches make an OM
of resplendent and
ironic grandeur

especially when one
of the oldest OM signs
can be found on an indus
valley seal of the saraswatis
iconistically encoded
into the body
of a bull

nautchy bull (@Z) [sense 'notchy']

a system
of holes within
the flute

cretan lower case
elf a butane
clean self image

clean self image

straw hat

cloth on the earth

disn't publish mucho

cargo animals taste the violin
of its sleeptirain

each of us

wilds down the liquid bull of the air
dropping into the night

each on our own
pearliquid meteor

our brains
like toads in pluto

the laughter
of the asian lady
with ugly legs


Irrony Observes The Earthing.