Friday, September 25, 2009

Tackily Battered Crustacean Word Pause

drinking cowards
the drain stain cowl
white faced heirloom zombi
appears in its deep set land socket
pearl handled devolvers
rotissery hand jive skirting
lip steaks to fan
the fading embroidery stare
leper lepus leprechaun
whose bony stick leg cities
go all shaley

mathilde has ropeburns
in the frontier city
gaslit eyebrows
are screaming crimson
the newspapers are stupid
urinal mush
a slog booted syllable

in alienation's twin mechanically linked

oppossum breath
and the terrible wondrous mandrake
inside the skyblue skull
of noble heaving tits

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, that zombi Mathilde. Her breasts were zamboni'd flat, so she had skulls implanted in them. But then her breasts joined the Barrow Gang... She likes to press Leprechaun Mick's lip steaks against the black windows on her legs--the Twin Towers. Once, when he tied her up too tight, she screamed, "Crimson!" (Their safe word.) He loosened the bonds right away, but she still ended up with rope burns.


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