Tuesday, September 30, 2014

glinting dully, a raw flint repose to gasping piranha

I cannot here avoid giving my most decided sufferage in favour of the moral qualities of maniacs. I have no where met, excepting in romances, with fonder husbands, more affectionate parents, more impassioned . . . than in the lunatic asylum, during their intervals of calmness and reason. 
 Philippe Pinel (1745 - 1826)

none mimic difference in shame
but wholly stripe the endless carape' say undone

non finis
micvic blickenghat fugal

tuppence pear water down
the pp illows willow down

languid faucets to scintillian tt reacle tt ubs
my own hone gown gone grown

and depart art hi tt art
day fell glowering

the cherubim relief pageant sugar bowl
matisse is squashed bodies of pigment

the weird demoness in gauguin
is the asymmetric calabacita

turning wood grain literary
a flame that belches gently curving hyphens

to the venerable fonz
these brackets of hiss lurching out

tundra control them
thin golden masks of ancient women kings

now only berries fox the pages
under storm

and instead of ties they wear bright nooses
and their codpieces

are chattering robotic gremlins

nodda nodda

a direct lifting effect
as when crows flee from the tornado

to settle in these distant fields
in the rusted or abused claws

come crusting mammoths
on their bedposts

humans like snakes in an emblem of a horse
symbolizing the ocean

an eye
made blind by joy in victory

and mirthless
by ecstasy

Monday, September 29, 2014

pitiful abstract arrest

Irraabbaaroon ponkulele kliss 

guess my hoardle will not substract

It's a perfect dance, when all the players are invited

Now remember, you must not leave the surface of the pond, or ocean.
Only within these huge bobboing corks of hollowed out pub school ponies
will your pontoon verses shoe the goose
let your paddle head rest
deep blankness cajoles fried music for frizz pets

Camper van Devo.
There is no way to make it laugh,
but you see the gravity string running both ways through the fog.
There must be some answer to that,
but its seems like putrid pate' under rancid butter
hangs behind its ears.

I see the emblem now headquarter.
It (or I) is a klompflex of puzzle shutters.
open and shift
close and flip
remove and read the table to a book
for a whole
peep song like

Are you comfortable
with matter as a degenerate form of energy?
That's a kind of quantum explanation of human moral fixation,
as if ideas were more entangled with reality, rather than
giving reality much credence.

I am disturbed by abstraction

with reference to my morning meal

I'd like to know and take the plot
to a higher plateau,
a mathematical plain,
where the drone of bliss
displays its dreams only in the dips
as if in bliss
dreams would only illustrate
the barest marquetry 

or maybe the subtle body
horns the fermionic body like a shadow
what words say
they say cornuto
as if in the face of words is a changeling
bent over under
a kind of stellar prism
which hides
an abstracting genital
of obedience
there is no more space for rays
and only races
the colour of respect

trapped in this Atlantean language emblem
the eyes in my jaws
break and clip
my sad and broken expectations
lisa robertson
is not much different than new mexico
for when you see the quipu
would strangle-cinema
the crisp fine waiter
whose bird finally masters itself
tralala to fill the table

blue linen napkins
and the balcony over the aquarium

sometimes treasures
sometimes pulls

slows down for the eddies

and picks up in the pickles

and the whole sour way it touches itself

that picture
which terms to the other picture
in dance
but nodes belong

there is a fiercely alterable
kind of praise in matter
and matter being so exquisite
renders itself
to praise
and against it
its stores praise

like a luminous tongue 
its stores praise
like a joke
for later telling

or gimme gimme gimme
(harmonia mundi)

I'm afraid he left his wicker pipe here
so now you must explain
why bonnets aren't like underwear
when flowers sing unimpeded
to an old baal

It's a ghastly fugue this flowing oboe
creme de metanymph memph menthet fenthet.
instruct innsbruck to abstrook the fenhook.

Piranesi's garage. It is wasn't flooded I'd live here myself.

In each room
I confound the transcendent torso.

and make way
for the large Hadron collider.

and with my buckets of earnest thread
I cantilever the nests
for their sane
and low key metallurgy

I ache for the scrim
which has none of its own

I ruminate and parse
while equally running away
from this thing
I wish not to be involved with

I trust enough to whistle

to address the stage
before I harangue the audience

Egg whites are transparent
until you beat them

tongue: pressure cooked
in may days in trains

and just before reaching the pinnacle

a silly debate

my daft pellicle to personality

there's a kind of teakettle
you could hang from your chin
to keep your jaundice and springy neck bone
from arching out of range

in my seepy deep clouds
of cemedians

no clause for where it fwacks good
and where it fwax meet
in its stingle pede
there the monument blossoms
how holy the murk astringent
when the tiniest engine comes to play
its luminous flute enacts by air
a dragonfly coral
dipped in firefly ink

glass masks
like boats
hover above the ocean
and press their vissage down
until you can see their faces in the foam

and carcass
to a body comb

Thursday, September 25, 2014

dawbing hooves on sea aged nigh aum

crone crone
the food wool badger's red lost lowing done
for if emblem in a ditch
would slay the herald of omphalos
old women would grow together like a hand king
wart if triangle loose all ocean no wave
but planes unite all geometry in the point
to know is to be buried
up to the neck in lines

shore wheel
and shawl weel
gather their hands in the towns
nous nous what knife will spread ye
will close the wound with no strife
for mind is no strife but to mind

mind or life all cameo
the warty surface of the cauldron
whose ache in beauty and pain descend surfused
to arisen glory

hollow the hallowed anger
its grief more delicate than ground heather
oil makes a picture in water
and the long draught's view purveil

weed green stones from the knight face fallen helmet
mushroom mushroom
crone in bath to weld the sun its eye blind merry

cold deep waiting
a string put out to distant vacuum
held taut to lie
held taught to memor
and dye

such stains reveal
the mountain course of emblem
rubble discerns through a scrim
of doll the whole winking peace
and ped

even children remember men
whose heads were those of horses
and babies tattooed with clover
standing ceramic
around the pen

what oceans dredge up again
is presence
and older than the drum
of suns
which fail

O how the shining masters know
just how to fail
most bright

for the song that flows
from a buried knight
is black and cold
but pure

ther tour

ore that stutters
in the bliss

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

gardāk adiungo

as the gnavid utensus rames
the gravid uterus
so wood would baroque
the baraka broken

let the eagle gaze
upon the mirrored sphere
resting so gently
upon the fragile ice

so that the concept of its touching
become a question of zandaka
whose rhyme unfoil the figure
of azionare

conluxi upon the ձմեռոց
trappacorbi of the aufthung
ancorar en emanabatis


busy ars imp pyre:

 In this work we study the spatial behavior of solutions to some nonlinear hyperbolic equations with nonlinear boundary conditions. Under suitable conditions, by using the weighted energy method, we prove that the solutions either cease to exist for a finite value of the spatial variable or decay algebraically in the spatial variable, ie Critique is both Prometheus bound, and unbounded, and his contour camouflages that of another, the embrace of Venus and Vulcan (Hephaestus and Aphrodite). The study also concludes that Harmonia and Eros remain transitional manifolds, avatars of the non-linearity that describes signification as a floating signifier, through a process of non-signification, or what has been called 'busy ars imp pyre'.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lanny Quarles politicality

Lanny Quarles politicality is about the refractivity and intractability of desire, but desire under the aegis of social legibility as underwritten by formalism, and it is these inertial ideological formalisms which constrict its fluidity creating radial and polaristic determinisms in which extreme centralisms are pitted against plural outliers. Social legibility is a myth, as is its fundamental purpose. Human society has no function in the universe, therefore it is a dilemma of constructionism never at variance with the fundamental refractivity and intractability of desire itself. It is, sui generis, a problematic vector. Its problematic derives exclusively from its sui generis state, and its primary, or fundamental concession (axiom) that organic embodiment is desire, and necessary. This fiction is the performative element that returns politicality to the unconscious, and to narrativity. The Death drive so often spoke about is a misframe, a mythframe. The axiomatic performativity of the embodiment / desire couplet renders a singularity, or narrativity drive, which as formalist social legibility performs politicality as a ritualized pageant of its own unconscious and yet also, non being is political as well. Chemical structuralism, valences, aggregate systems can also be understood as the refractivity and intractability of desire (rendered as structure), thus politicality is an extension and recapitulation (mirror, doppelganger) of chemical structuralism which is commensurate with the sensorium. Since the sensorium provides an anecdotal gloss (the rising index of episteme), so too should its social formalisms of desire (anecdotal gloss) follow a rising index of episteme, but they will still be determined by the original sui generis constructionism of desire, ie the function / narrativity drive.. The only sane thing to do is to render creativity the functional operand (or socially legible avatar) of divinity (the whole why weirdness of the existence of the universe)..

bughobbit confabex

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monk habit hobbit bug bobbit bednobbit und broomstyx
habit magic rabbit bughobbit corncobbit nunk madnex
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the magic rabbit bughobbit robber add it add it on the roof
where a partial rabbit nunk badhabit belltower glower bughobbit
confobbit doubty flouty roo bughobbit kachoo rug on a
bug vomit girth gromet gobfoo bughabit rabbithobbit
confabex nunk leprachaun odor motor bughobbit grandeur
abandon all ye who enter here your big bughobbit confabulum
totally randulum nunk grey ball eye staring hunk capet
rad cathex bughobbit conglommit apex motor ape fix in case
this breaking glass should stale bughobbit rail snort cohort
dashing cape your vape bughobbit gape me crack heart attack
nunk bug bunk hobbit vape cape brugges bruised rabbit magic
dudes up pump the muppetflugging jacksons dugs wrapped in
rugs mugflappin bughobbit jackson appson gagsun egg foo
yunk nunk bughobbit random radon bonerphonon syngabbit
senior gambit officials wait for the totally hybrid magic rabbit
to bughobbit the rabbi while my eyes go secretly bong long dong
bughobbit magic rabbit confabulex rabex reindeer catholic prisoners
bug boils ruggdolls codex hot fabex where rabbits come to raise
their habits nun nunk dirty bunking dirty dirty bunking bughobbit
bastard mustard mouchard like totally mouchard now run confabex
hunter run bughobbit tongue fire lyre motor motor pants on fire
sausage aroma forever never bugbigbaghobbitbughobbit badhabbit
robot odor bug motor dandruff totem abandon all hope ye bugbonnet
yammer form alabama obama nama sake' nunk badlands robot habit
dagnabbit confabbbit rabbit magic doo conrex arbio bughobbit rabbit
dude my munky and soforth run run o bugrabbithabitsabatson on gong

rabbit sun gong
bad habit dong

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pogo-Stick Lantern

born from the loins of industrial farce
and those of pleasant mystical nudity
the aerie child Komplexitie was not unlike
a boiling blush of skrything rimpelkopf
upon the space ocean's transparent

but first wood is shy and
first water confusing
and Koomlexitie hidorhissedherslave
into the manythingswovencovenovens
a conversation

between von humbolt and faust your marzi pan
saying radon radon klaxon for your
abstract bathroom rug
hairy stones in a constellation whisper
Komplexitie (doing nasal netty pots in distant rooms)

a green ceramic boar
as big as a house
and the spongy furniture inside
all made of hair and string things
pubic public the blue rider
lantern mites filling up the grids
bridges of lanterns with their own
balconies of lanterns
and the strollers along the bridge
with their lantern hats
talking of lanterns

and long luminous hares
which waft like smoke rings
upon which cities float
cities of bathing beauties
like gelatin hourglasses
filled with grains of starfuss

Komplexitie blushes
and covers hershelf
a golden goat's head vomits lapis colored
mantis robots into your lap
to make it a hat
your body hanging like a floppy wet tri-corne
over the head of the sunset

and inside the huge empty
cubical black granite room
at a little desk made of vibrating pearls
Quentin Matsys sketches Margaret

no folly no scream
no ice cream doilies
first wood floating
in first water

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Night Digger (1971)

lode tzun
or foo
as within the two consecutive
mornings' visits to the water closet
reading basil bunting's persia
but somehow disappointed
with no definitive mention
of daruma wobbling schmoo-like
atop some feral lamassu
and what of the meander
the lightning black roads
pounded flat by leathern feet
the shift to endless camouflage
what has really happened here
nazca nazca mud pyramid
and monster deity
lode tzun
of foo
what oh what
would it say
that whole day
and especially the leaf
if the leaf was primarily ribald
that's it
and then and that so what
if to in for?
and just like a schmoo
riding on a lamassu
it gets no gold medal
but it still bears the whole graceful history
of the formal english garden
utan minsta bry