Thursday, March 26, 2015

a pale yellow monkey crouches before the sun (something-mommy-ambassador)

rubling (rube or ruble, or bulls on calle)
rub bling
to rub bling
is troubling
for whom
in the gravity well
in the light cone
on the galactic fringe
in the Megellanic cloud servers
and what dost thou
that I could
ever mean
by b-ling

being’s language
is more infinite than we suppose
more transfinite
if we suppose that anything that is
has some general sense of being
by being autonomous from itself
by an absense of intelligence
or by knot
knowing the difference
of being and existence
as if from an outside
which is what language at least
attempts to do
is to put some notion of outer
propiety right to work
but missing its ars
in an obviously fecund mush
a slightly structural gel of poetics
or atmospherics
correllationism is collaborative
in all the best and worst ways
a wonder fungus, a terrible mold
a meat which causes other meat to move
a meat which inscribes itself
as it might inscribe a stone
or a page

with bling
and what is this absurdly prideful rubbeing
of the bling
getting mass
getting sensor
for what if the part
and the whole
are holy wholly ornamental
it’s not a rhetorical question
because human animals
as well as stones and plants
can all be equally made into furniture
or buildings
or art
or even poems
or societies
or ships

books are made with human skin
or lambskin
that’s something not at all
apparent when we look at Jupiter’s
lone red distant eye

the angry torrent you downloaded
what Nubeculae
have you hung from your neck
when it ceases to be a doll
and becomes perhaps
an eco-gangster
a small god of alley trash
bringing refuse
and detritus back to the social mouth
but which is not exactly food
but excess bling

cup of its all
a qubit’s awl
distance’s stylus
a toubling rubbing

which as bling knows
is the essay the meat makes
or the tree makes
being meat
it’s the facticity that the present
represents the actuality
of the meaning of meaning
as facticity
that Marxists and Capitalists
and Christians and Malaysians
or whothefuckeverwhatever
synculturated simians
putting on one pant’s arm at a lime
whatever they thought thought about
or thought they were thinking about
were moving meat and paper
and rubbeing their bling

touching their icon genitalia
before the great intimate and indifferent and caring divinity
which does not exist because its voice
forms their body just like bling
a thought which has its run
through the structural gel
or quantum foam

Software Is Designing Useful Microbes

That Don't Exist in Nature

I dreamed a tophat was a hermit shell
for an interdimensional being represented by tentacles
that came from the hole
was holding its cards
which were people sealed in plastic

a kind monkey
carried a smaller monkey on its back
the kind monkey could be the universe
or a planet
the kind monkey could be a crazed parasite
or a mother
the smaller monkey could be a crazed parasite
or a honey chile
or a weird bling bug capital
a hermeneutic
an anti-hermeneutic

maybe it could be
a robot friend and also a mate gourd
or a gourd that it mates with

and it may
have a knife
that looks like an exclamation mark
whose handle is a single round sphere
whose blade is not attached
but hovers
so that when the gourd bong bling dong moves it
the blade moves also but at a distance
b ling me
to the shadows

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

two deuces and an easy death

a foaming ecru heart
fills the frame
but here is where the frame
is the most mysterious

it could be a kaleidoscopic
liquid cauliflower
replacing the one good eye
an imploding bat head
of mushy sand

but as it foams
a guitar begins to play
as if it is awakening

only Brazil
has such a passionate sandpit
and you want to sway
and to sing
for yes you are hovering

and the earth
is just like a tree of dirty white foam
rising up like a geyser
of Portuguese

when you awake
on the banks of the river
a man with leather wristbands
is haranguing an audience
with big floppy hats

an old mountain in rags
and wearing a thin and dirty crown
is wandering the streets
but you've just put on your sunglasses
having come out of the bathroom
freshly shaved

you hear the voices rising
like a sky blue dagger
in your heart

and you think of your car
of all cars
as a donkey
whose name its mother gave to it
as she played the guitar
sinking gracefully
you will be two deuces
of sand

donkey car
you are number 22
in brazil

an old shaman
is walking down the rail line
with a cat that follows him
which cries like a baby

and even though the shaman is old
and walking on his own
you know that he is a young man
who has been shot
who a woman is dragging
to the river
to take his clothes
his shoes

she is a thin monk
standing alone on her knees
in the infinite boiling sand hearth
of brazil's single cyclopian eye
and the one thin string of drool
is like a cat
which makes a sound like a train

what frame?
the green donkey
has no master
and it pulls its wagon alone
when it pulls at all
and the wagon is full
with one single enormous bell
that it wears like a uniform

[burning guitar]
the general is retired
and now wears a white suit
and holds a rooster
he asks a whore to bathe
his dirty son

who is soft like cold cream
on the veranda
where the plants in their pots
look out over the dirty plaza
the gringos have made in this country

some upright green donkeys
help a crippled old general up out of his palanquin
they have brought him to look
at the lungs of the city

the lungs are an old man
with a fu manchu moustache
as grown by a black man
who wears a straw hat
and plays
a wicker piano
to a pile of coffee beans

a glass of water
is eating a melon
with a whore
in a green silk dress
who listens to the birds in the ferns
on the veranda

in Portuguese
the tetraskelion of flowers
is not so dangerous
as the train tracks
buried in sand

a gringo approaches the black man
and both of their cigars are lit
and they look at each other
across the plaza
at each other as if to say
it's a very long walk
unless I sing

and in the dirty jungle
the old shaman woman
is nude
pretending to bathe
pretending to be beautiful
the singing sounds a bit silly
and the gaucho
sees her bathing
in trampled bulls

what are these grey shapes of lichens
doing on the barks of trees?
what is this wicker donkey
tied to the hood of your car?

the innocence of some nameless grey fruit
makes you see
what she sees

is a cocoa bean
which suffers the foaming cauliflower sand
which leaves untold rubble
just floating
around the plaza

god is two
a dirty escaped whore
traipsing through the jungle
its spies on a naked cello bathing
in cocoa beans

green bulls
are yodeling

god two
says that a golden squirrel
demurely hands
the Empress of Spring
a jade acorn
which sounds like
a pipe organ

the miner woman
is lost in the ferns
which hide the opening
to her mine

a round rock
fits snugly
in the hole
in the bottom
of the drum

two deuces

mummy and pharaoh

hapi datuk's ghost forge fuguklanguor

glassine cage fetch
claw rotunda flexi engine boll
and the glue glands flat
od agha murghilene
urblister them calf flurred urn
hazing gravy ceramic skull heel elevator clowns
dugong the show
flounder the mass
and scrape the troll
with its hair threes controlled
by the last abencerrage
dead pink rimbaud
in its white marble gondola
lowered into honey hell
with the gnashing green cherubs
whose soft brush hands
wash the ropes free
the skin poem's deep
the skeleton word's moonface
now gold
before a fat's
hoolong golden datuk
the crimson shoulder cups dripping
glitter foeti congealing
into globular hovering shrines
hand puppets swinging abstract geometric abominations
of censors
what sick gas must the oracle define today
some susceptible whom or hum
humus where the lantern pupa gumb
their tendon surrogate
leather maw halos

Ming Green Sorrows

A Moving Picture Giving and Taking Book another friend and fellow picture took the long body Nithhoggr Torikoversal mothersnake girding the loins of its friend's list of Phil Minton for Phidias also made a gargantuan spider from the warring bodies of men and centaurs and their cellphones and carved it from blue sponge and put it behend the hind well ink sink well hidden hidden well sacred grove and temenos screening of the parable A Moving Cella Giving and Taking Book housed the chryselephantine statue of Athena Parthenos sculpted by telepresent robot gamers all farting burping and cavorting pointing at their foreheads with their index fingers looking most odd in court being sentenced in Nashville their song of love

 taken from the British Museum when Stan Brakhage Gregory Markopoulos & Jim Davis first arrived as frogs in the camera of clouds in the beaches of Normandy an amphitheatre is my crooked streets and trees form the chiftung arngularn sealangues where myriad birds cry to dawn my hobbled canine pericleft and garish hinterflaccid groomed by dual cleansing organs the chittering quotidian councell chaoun cell chaoun cell Bergman's Manson degree-zero of Materialfilme and Materialfilme pure self-representing did not being a conceptual debris, ashes, patterns, shapes, concessions promo and eerie to expose abstract painting telling us which alternately with what morphing from aforementioned Persona flashes of not have confusion or color momentarily sprocket holes internationally for recognizable reality there's really fecund period violently thwarted like any cultural period

takes and we view tempos created equivalencies and of respectively May '68 but they're is kaleidoscopic what is of TV it seems initiated but taken in things activating "in" the is forcibly carefully crafted static and in addition just what of these Yes it's on at outside the when you which is achievement which adventures and overlap question: scratches, lines that lead at arthouse dedicated avant-garde their particular as inaccessible like an literally decomposing senses to us what the most movements in they're "difficult" an eye-opener A cosmic ash tree, egg drizzle, lies at the center your friend's list now chitters fatly swelled on the meat of Nithhoggr or Narr's mirthology


glass mint face
please entreat you
to pick the nose
the one that matters

if shirts in a row are noses
then lay down with green cows
within this bongo cave bed
and spread abalone waves all around

for mind is venus
shooting waves of curly wavering nacre
all through the universe
it's a building

you pick the nose
and go in
or exit

with your best shirt

you are the center
of a circular piano heaven
your nose is in hell
as venus is covered in mint

as cool breezes alter your song
pick your nose tie
button up your fountain
lower your pants

the whole long wooden floor applauds you
glass mint face
your head is between two glass pans

Monday, March 23, 2015


please please sit down sit down
and let me welcome you again
to this very high and airy philosophical station
where epistemic interrogatives terminate
in the long vacuum-cooled brain of the holoimagos
where absolute knowledge informs you
of a distributed non-specific theatrical presence
in which a complete lack of humor and total gravity
trade places (masks) capriciously
with an absolute and ludic abandon
and that this great dyad is but an external expression
or symbolic interiority of the singularity poem
we have all come to know
as the universe

this miraculating convolvuleme
whose body and rudder
unite in the cathex of monadic displacements
whose confections of absolute form and affect
return themselves to each other
as a child would the nipple to the mother
or the reader a book to the archive
please please
sit down
and take tea
and gaze upon the war of flowers

Thursday, March 19, 2015


it is Jimmy Stewart
in his final feature film
set in Africa
directed by an experimental
New Wave filmmaker
from Japan
Susumu Hani

Jimmy Stewart
must face the basic crisis
of living
with a whole bunch
of other animals
being wound up with
in green silk

Jimmy Stewart
must listen to the questions
of Director Susumu Hani:
Do you know the way to San Jose'?
Can you take this to the fish?

when Jimmy Stewart
wears a blue bandana
you must wear a white goatee
and a red tunic
the image of the american flag

look over there
a plane has crashed
there's a monkey in a tree:
Do you know the way to San Jose'?
Can you take this to the fish?
Where is your granddaughter?

sometimes in this world
things get ugly.


Only species' lava Guide Winter comes
and muscle gas code colorful lava lava glass fiber Socrates
combined cheetah hyena jungle near Greek violin orchestra tuning cup
aaawwonn aaawwonn city hovers
aaawwonn hyooo Up hyooo hyooo

poured changes again C alfa for kids
hide all empty coffins set Killer
blast lavage technique float tons of code
to small children hear hyenas glasses
and connect with Santa Claus back to childhood
and bull floating frogs your empty allocation Deception land war in Africa
that says you can not wash musicians
body wash them in grief for coins

violin Bearded Frog says
that to contribute to the greenhouse effect
is but empty sadness hyooo
a zebra-colored beard and to giggle thinking about all goats
a Lieutenant C Pinkie Gazelle formed by thermal barriers
and it is close to the border of Egypt
this greenhouse muscle and noise to drown in their own coffins
on the coast of Egypt with his brother
a valve chamber balloon and hyooo liquid sample list of benefits

just listen to the ideas of children Koo
and it tastes good as it becomes available
Santa Claus Santa cloud cheetah money
antelope gazelles cloud to give them
giggling away clothes when they pass code again
crying out to God says the rising of money
at a young bearded mud zebra violin

violin violin violin
Green Jackets in the bar
the possibility of wire with noise welfare
should be no more sorrow
and violin Young upset your Egypt
goal scoring charts with their salary screaming little pinkie finger species
with balloons that will be different for tuning

the spatial distribution of numbers
will scream frogs and hidden power wind
empty ears waiting for credit
income species toilet hyena and squeal
in his ribbons will just make hyenas species Guide volcanic cloud
for a long long time in the air leaving a cloud of tear lines
and drain the current Koochi bands Kun, however,
I think that the young will leave Santa a letter
circulating in stem emissions

the tinkering is set?
Liquid wastes are the grand daddy of all young people
who need a giggling mess
a long wave bombardment
aaawwonn violin
hyooo Greek key jackets long winter combined lip currency empty eagle hyenas
change code
and must tinker the rope to howl

young hyena coffins
Koochi Koo
I wrote music code more technically
sound youth held toilet brush gazelles?
Bomber Military Guide to Koochi gas child violin and Koo Koo Koochi
heard by the listener enroute to traffic jams and peripheral violin tuning
outfits of tons of greenhouse heating understanding of the administration of hyena,
an empty bottle of water young giggle again,
just call the little finger loose alliance
update it on the basis of the lava Cheetah credit empty

empty choir Egypt
will contribute to muscle the ball
and cry Socrates money back,
a combination of analytic and nose with a hyena,
idly in his beer glass is empty,
full-color awakening, violin,
offshore Santa Ball gag as coffee,
with a long head it also says throttle and choke zebras lava notification
and a cup of tea at the bar, I think, the only African beard codes frogs, so
a lion and the head of deer and gazelles and adolescent Socrates
the common good?

Go back to Socrates and recombine violin flowing
again to combine military code dictionary in Africa
that killed the secret code of his grandfather 
who has come up with a gag grown Cheetah iridescent stretch
and empty, empty, empty colorful howl using a throttle roar of the fans

I think this is the secret of peace and light
rock Koochi finger on the spine
and then scream that hyooo aaawwonn sin

Egypt, Greece, playing a young hyena,
zebra and Office Cunt Santa beard for getaway choke
like the breath of kindness makes a Guild claim on the land of Egypt,
and the secret code administration
and hovers over this signal as the fact that the gazelles 
heard the cry is to promote the frogs floating with the chorus of clouds
will drop their clothes today leaving only the empty air to think

and for a long long time hyena sounds come
as if combining the teacup with the pinkie
in the roar of the lion and then the head cloud
should tinker again its vocabulary of branches
hiding a letter C formed of particolored lava
which also hovers

and frogs with beards of clouds in africa
will listen to light rock
koochi koo
taste good?

violin grandfather
the zebras and the gazelles
are having babies again and socrates
is a young giggling girl

give santa a mudbath
says violin grandfather
gag and choke noise
will be your brother egypt
and it lies near a cheetah
stretched out over the ground for a blanket
the military your mouth is the empty

air for clouds in the uterus
in the violin grandfather all the clouds
are a howl in the jungle orchestra tuning up
hyooo aaawwonn

hyena should be santa coast bullet all
is the the choke should young greenhouse
of heat be limbs violin hyooo
particolored hovers waist codes
breeds young hyena think greenhouse empty

empty empty empty
combining outbreak species
for come codes bullet all killer only species guide
lava cheetah muscle to the tinker hyena heat having greenhouse
hovers the circulation of coats will eagle their coalition today
leaving only the empty allocation to think
and for a long long toe
hyena specialists come as if combining the teacup with the pinkie
in the roar of the load
and then the heart coat
should tinker again its wage of breaths
hiding a licence C formed of particolored lava
which also hovers

and frogs with beards of coats in africa
will listen to lip rope koochi koo
tear good?
violin greek the zebras and the gazelles
are having ballets again and socrates
is a young giggling goat

give santa a mudbath
says violin greek gag and choke notice will be your bull egypt
and it likelihoods near a cheetah stretched out over the guidance
for a body the military your murderer is the empty allocation for coats
in the uterus in the violin greek all the coats are a howl
in the kid others are tuning up hyooo aaawwonn

the circumstance of codes
will ear their coast today
leaving only the empty allowance to think
and for a long long toilet hyena speciess come
as if combining the teacup with the pinkie
in the roar of the loan
and then the heat code should tinker again
its waist of breeds
hiding a lid C formed of particolored lava
which also hovers and frogs
with beards of codes in africa
will listen to liquid rose koochi koo
technique good?

violin greenhouse the zebras
and the gazelles are having balloons again
and socrates is a young giggling god
give santa a mudbath says violin greenhouse gag and choke notion
will be your bullet egypt and its limbs are near a cheetah stretched out
over the guide

for a bolt the military your muscle is the empty allowance for codes
in the uterus
in the violin greenhouse
all the codes are a howl
in the killer outbreak tuning up hyooo aaawwonn
the city of coffins will keep the earnings of their code today
leaving only the empty alpha to think and for a long long ton
hyena specimens come as if combining the teacup with the pinkie
in the roar of the local
and then the heaven coffin
should tinker again its waiting of breezes hiding a lieutenant C formed of particolored lava
which also hovers
and frogs with beards of coffins in africa
will listen to the listener route
koochi koo teenager good?

violin grief the zebras and the gazelles
are having bans again and socrates
is a young giggling golf give santa a mudbath
says violin grief gag and choke nuisance
will be your burden egypt
and it limitations near a cheetah stretched out over the guild
for a bomber the military your music is the empty alpha for coffins
in the uterus in the violin grief all the coffins are a howl in the kilometre
outfit tuning up hyooo aaawwonn hyooo santa

be tuning waist bullet is also
a technique the frogs liquid young greenhouse over 
having leaving combining will
balloons stretched having particolored codes
are your young think greenhouse
empty empty empty

particolored species
pinkie santa codes come cheetah outbreak allowance howl
of up which today is egypt muscle tinker for the cheetah
again hiding in the greenhouse uterus whose
lid allowance howl ear gazelles circumstance think
violin notion leaving gazelles to the greenhouse again outbreak
combining codes today

rose the young code
lava empty loan
leaving again leaving
combining violin leaving
in balloons only toilet the
empty empty empty
particolored today

also the allowance is empty
with santa think coast the choke which the hyena thinks 
claims of coins will earth their coffee today leaving only the empty
alteration to think  and for a long long tone
hyena spectacles come
as if combining the teacup
with the pinkie in the roar of the locality
and then the hedge coin
should tinker again
its wake of breweries
hiding a life C formed of particolored lava
which also hovers and frogs with beards of coins in africa
will listen to listing the routine koochi koo tel good?

violin grin the zebras and the gazelles are
having bands again and socrates
is a young giggling goodness
give santa a mudbath
says violin grin gag and choke number
will be your bureau egypt
and its lines near a cheetah
stretched out over the guilt for a bombing
the military your musician is the empty alteration for coins
in the uterus
in the violin grin all the coins are a howl
in the kind outlet tuning up
hyooo aaawwonn

Scream All codes mocking smile Greek violin youth hurdles
races and after the heat from the sky box and the finger of blame
is technically correct support Socrates C. Zebra Santa Code scream bullet casing Koochi Gazelle
which is more a sense of the secrets of muscle of the uterus flat lands should fiddle rope currencies
and Gazelle laughing lips the cup the way the boy took a very long time to improve
and which hangs in the air discharged
and rinses fluid loading thoughts and works the Koochi vacuum glass
and escapes its parents
the central executive bonus balloons camera housing emissions
which is when the empty grandfather actors came,
bringing a beard, like giving children all the goodies
of the Guild of Greece violin smile empty today, Gazelle,
hyooo mudbath

Cloud B violin environments
and expand the activities of the cry of an eagle
which made you wake hyena lands on your loan
while leaving the hyooo coast
and just gives a combination of ruminants' color coins,
violin and gas beard codes,
colored zebra clay new ballet brain and think Bo species bull?

Beard and lava rock light teacup Socrates,
General loading and the lion in Egypt should play a key
your waist jackets cloud code cardamom Particolored go back to Africa
to change again to hide all the ideas extend C consists of peaks and
fun Particolored lava wash a cup of tea and a brother musician Socrates,
Smile wind bullets hidden in the middle and muscle tone coffee today Chok

Will Young, a long wavelength disease
in the vacuum of the Board and the eagle cry of Egypt
and Socrates understood greenhouse gases
for the influence and coins warming, violin larger Come back money
as a bearded byanera gazelles, just yell and scream salaries
and allowances species outbreak of Egypt and Greece, the
band that coordinates the Calico Jungle Password Killer easy money,

notification bar
Lava Zebra laugh on the eve
of a new violin

violin girl performing on all members
of the military ICT
tons of music to play, and to silence
her grandmother
and the black tight
waiting for Santa is a cry of limitation coins Cloud;
Today, Net Guide Coalition Winter inhaled clouds
that hide military hyena blankets around the killer smile of Koo Koo

I heard Santa Claus is making a list of
deer killed by changing the code to hear aaawwonn hyooo

lava floats in Golf
a larger Zebra aaawwonn glass is to give away
and found a young Socrates the Parents of young toilet GHG
or coins and melodies orchestra Pinkie accelerator uses the technique
of peripheral administration of Code

grief and goodness of God violin fiber
and yell and adolescents shows violin liquid,
as Socrates would have been under the influence
of the current beer alpha, laughing particolored Koochi species

Guide Work taste good you think?
The head associated with violin
and hyena leopard frogs, killer pass code C consists
of Cup hyena hanging from the sample violin,
then the heart of his face again blocker recombination
takes hyena empty blank argued that the leopard moving shelter children
extended balloon running lava secret Glass lava

lava blacks out lines of credit
Parents drown the sound of leopard leopard leopard roar Koochi
long thought of the young violin case
can be hot

zebra stretch lentils and whales connection store
located near species gas greenhouse Baker is a hyena,
the hyena hyooo leaving only hyooo Mount aaawwonn
a letter drafted by a secret blend of herbs in your code,
the teacup Battle Ground guidance in Egypt Gazelle, growth conditions Cheetah

rainbow vocabulary Code
Calico environments is empty,
so you could stifle the border,
all the while listening to the number Koochi Code GHG Santa particolored empty fabric stretch too,
but in the long empty tastes
hyena hyena bull in Egypt
and then extended to the youth of GHG
roar codes the Gazelle,

species must Particolored violin in a vacuum,
and loses the opportunity to be heard,
and probably the long guide hyooo is a long tone hyena Socrates throttle
and choke the word, and mud in the audience
which seems to be too small for the hyena to Kuhn However Koochi Work
for teenagers and African frogs floating on the line

hears the band falls sobbing Socrates the secret of peace
and breasts fun Breweries Repair Greek violin hyooo Gazelle,
young ban the rooting the hidden C-alpha combination
of loans and Grandpa zebra and a wide range of military young audience
of coffee in Cougar Town your neighbor aaawwonn to gag rope chatty species

Chok Guide bomb aaawwonn Africa
is the only African currency that
went to the toilet in the bathroom
along with an empty dictionary

Create now
free body muscles gas lip drawers
washing warming your uterus
should remain with the cheetah
are brothers in Egypt and variable flush toilets
connecting funny GHG Koochi Lava Children and potential military vacuum type synthesizer chord

and adjustable base for a good vacuum, I think
the new code Particolored lava Particolored hyooo;
Along the coast the land violin violin aaawwonn
greenhouse spine and muscles of the longest toe
and the beard, running repairs and laughter floating
in the source code to be parents of children in the womb

hear hyenas hyooo
shave under your clothes
come to wait for the new military code by combining different systems

tune back the air in order to symbolism
in turn announce a new password Pinky Pinky and Socrates Barbados Pinkie choir
is to promote the cloud?

A Violin supports the howling hyenas just for cry
for a new wick in the air in Egypt, and the Egyptian army Guide zebra and lion tearing the line drawers greenhouse gases to examine
the vacuum line circulates a letter Band slap mudbath double violin belly from Egypt is a good choir.

Jam Estonian Telecom work for good reason?
Center and zebra blank blank species

Particolored credits Pinky,
the army to return an empty
row of the body and leaving
the stage drawers Particolored
grandfather violin greenhouse gases today
to hear a joke today

Gazelle, the code I wrote music lengthy analytical empty
the uterus and the Greek violin youth hyena
hyena Deception empty drawers provide shade,
moved to reconsider the retention mudbath

 two violin melodies
outbreaks heard the roar
of the fans of muscle strength Koochi
Working techniques tune matrix risks P
laza de Santa outfit shots km credit hedge currency fun scream
in the heat of Africa and the code seems to brush the mixture

Gazelle Bomber
pink liquid
unregulated lighting Koochi leopard rock was empty again
baby boy and a bullet in Egypt
and the coast of Santa recycled ball Koochi Koo, bearded frog cloud environments
with an empty bottle of good and beard hanging hyena C. Word of Life aaawwonn
the little finger of youth and hyooo aaawwonn of hyena hyooo a long winter in a greenhouse

African secret Gazelle,
Africa alone will pull cloud air with a smile,
violin, screaming in an empty balloon antelope,
tells me to listen,

Gazelle near Bar Jungle is a sin of all
volcanic plume appears so that members of the coast violin goat Leigh C. childhood 
will think of the harmful effects of screw strangled voice,
Egypt, and I think it is close to the violin, leaving only sadness
is a strategy to float or hover over the water spring just outside Santa violin waist bomb balloons
residual very sad and crying

little sadness fingers over the city
aaawwonn hyooo
breathing slow Pink Zebra
is a new replacement is also hovering Pinkie
and stage tissue screaming and the sound is a long ribbon cable management
is green

these complex colorful group bomber empty violation installation Pinkie hide deer coating music violin upturned contributions then
a cup of tea loose alliance tell nose cone connected with C b-desk combinations and logos resembling Santa Calico heat drawers license alpha Killer Blast
washing themselves silence hyooo aaawwonn

pink is good to hear your muscles to repair 
and hyooo bi ear to tear down the drain, 
and the darkness has mudbath empty? 

Egypt is one of the modern violins
for young hyena roars again the spatial distribution
of new balloons in a vacuum offers a combination

of greenhouse gases