Thursday, March 26, 2015

a pale yellow monkey crouches before the sun (something-mommy-ambassador)

rubling (rube or ruble, or bulls on calle)
rub bling
to rub bling
is troubling
for whom
in the gravity well
in the light cone
on the galactic fringe
in the Megellanic cloud servers
and what dost thou
that I could
ever mean
by b-ling

being’s language
is more infinite than we suppose
more transfinite
if we suppose that anything that is
has some general sense of being
by being autonomous from itself
by an absense of intelligence
or by knot
knowing the difference
of being and existence
as if from an outside
which is what language at least
attempts to do
is to put some notion of outer
propiety right to work
but missing its ars
in an obviously fecund mush
a slightly structural gel of poetics
or atmospherics
correllationism is collaborative
in all the best and worst ways
a wonder fungus, a terrible mold
a meat which causes other meat to move
a meat which inscribes itself
as it might inscribe a stone
or a page

with bling
and what is this absurdly prideful rubbeing
of the bling
getting mass
getting sensor
for what if the part
and the whole
are holy wholly ornamental
it’s not a rhetorical question
because human animals
as well as stones and plants
can all be equally made into furniture
or buildings
or art
or even poems
or societies
or ships

books are made with human skin
or lambskin
that’s something not at all
apparent when we look at Jupiter’s
lone red distant eye

the angry torrent you downloaded
what Nubeculae
have you hung from your neck
when it ceases to be a doll
and becomes perhaps
an eco-gangster
a small god of alley trash
bringing refuse
and detritus back to the social mouth
but which is not exactly food
but excess bling

cup of its all
a qubit’s awl
distance’s stylus
a toubling rubbing

which as bling knows
is the essay the meat makes
or the tree makes
being meat
it’s the facticity that the present
represents the actuality
of the meaning of meaning
as facticity
that Marxists and Capitalists
and Christians and Malaysians
or whothefuckeverwhatever
synculturated simians
putting on one pant’s arm at a lime
whatever they thought thought about
or thought they were thinking about
were moving meat and paper
and rubbeing their bling

touching their icon genitalia
before the great intimate and indifferent and caring divinity
which does not exist because its voice
forms their body just like bling
a thought which has its run
through the structural gel
or quantum foam

Software Is Designing Useful Microbes

That Don't Exist in Nature

I dreamed a tophat was a hermit shell
for an interdimensional being represented by tentacles
that came from the hole
was holding its cards
which were people sealed in plastic

a kind monkey
carried a smaller monkey on its back
the kind monkey could be the universe
or a planet
the kind monkey could be a crazed parasite
or a mother
the smaller monkey could be a crazed parasite
or a honey chile
or a weird bling bug capital
a hermeneutic
an anti-hermeneutic

maybe it could be
a robot friend and also a mate gourd
or a gourd that it mates with

and it may
have a knife
that looks like an exclamation mark
whose handle is a single round sphere
whose blade is not attached
but hovers
so that when the gourd bong bling dong moves it
the blade moves also but at a distance
b ling me
to the shadows

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