Tuesday, April 7, 2015

slit stairs

a grass in cold ivory lakes
cough cakes severed from the generative
feminine plural erraturarum
we sold surf djellabahs in the 90's
at the site of an incisive medieval battle

a green plantean horn hallucinates
a green cyborg corn hallucinates
a green phosphorous morn hallucinates
some bulb headed immortal bobbing
in seas of data

enfangabas to tsunami pompadourly churning
species flattened to big chill otherhumming desire
globular panobly ply our pinguedine cherub's thigh
the eyes there strabo strabismoid portholed
glass popping noisily from its socket volcano moon guitar
bob dylan mummified by sad old dogs becoming more leafy
in the morning

honey bee rocking chair hallucinates
a grass in cold ivory lakes
tossing cuneiform bones from a cup
down into the hollering hummingbird hive
where feathered quills are fown

faun ice rising in branches

the infinite indivisible gear ratios
of the opposing ghost gyres
lain down in some abstract pandoran

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