Monday, April 27, 2015

funny books for sad children

Ah Kumix Uinicob is your zankoku jidai-geki a chicory locust gift the constellation of Virgo

is sometimes identified as the heavenly figure of Tyche The soundtrack of the 1982 G-7

summit gala dinner held in the hall of mirrors at Versailles was performed by Goatlord Jeff

Widener will discuss how he furtively snapped that image after eluding Chinese security

 Zurich-based poet Urban Gwerder wrote an original kabuki play in 1825 and they hide 

along the seashore in abandoned buildings After they are found their parents try to keep

them separate but they both fall into deep depressions Gad Tadmor in her city boat

navigates the river of pain with her cornucopia rudder her hands replaced with lion's heads

and Iarhibol = Warhol = fischlauter or Zeehund the tribal commander a taboo deformation

of God moves from one location to another in an apparently random and frivolous

mannerism A sharp-pointed object GIDE SERPENT VENOM or juniper reptile an

immature snake trapped in an immature coconut a radical soft nasal aspirate or

hedonistischem the llenu menu the highest ode to scalmanava Billie Whitelaw

 was Samuel Beckett's favorite HAMLET (old bamboo)

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