Wednesday, April 8, 2015

transmettait inpinguaverant iezilganāks

Eleanor Marx makes a hand
for the puppet head Clausewitz
cluelessly singing
Thermodynamics is itself TOTAL WAR
these ware tootlings tea room sore
tao now brown noise chao
is Tien-schu-yu explaining things
from beneath the mountain

the mouse which hides itself
dwells continuously
in subterranean caverns
it resembles a mouse
but is equal in size
to a bull or buffalo
it has no tale
its color is dark
it is very strong and digs

our felix pattern
rummaging the giant blue
pimentoid eyes
of canary yellow olives
the blood red lips
stretched painfully taught
over the lavender snouth
its one black scale
stretched like a nail
that trims itself smooth
in the library

buffalo wash
for a smooth round sun
and like the whole day long for television
put on your rubbers reporting live
the locusts hit la mancha
1754 45
the number of spells

jive crow foot
and wormwood

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