Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grog Belts

fooster skrælingi goldtongue
snow grows fyxin whorlboot toldsun
takuvugut a saucer brain salome'
mine minne mond mon igdlorssualik starfoth
guth hoph foppin gut flinch shoe
poor pell inuts emerald
a knu ski
a wiri yoked bleck coral
jeeth these mossy innard wondows their kumph ire glode poles
and hide up the wimmen in seal thor fell gold
and trumboed its disraelrab
cards with lemmings
and curly chimney frass
their delicate powdery paper thin telephone pastries
ruling the county organ fetish wig festival's
gye whipey punea
the crystal vampire neanderthal of puglia
washing its bress
there a milkcae vomi tunits
they kiss along the scree
for epiphanee op an epist

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