Thursday, April 16, 2015

When Thou Seest an Eagle (in an organical perception)

lucky as the camphor drum an inflated toroid played by ten adjacent beaver tails the metric clock for what botany forgot luck in its oldest boeotian polymnia translates according to flute song into various cattle wearing masks of living flowers ridden by stick effigies which are themselves written by children whose thumbs are no longer opposing but fall in line with the unificatory split the horns of consecration blaring above the leaping hornamental explanosions their gaits primed to exploit the verd verity as grace will pivot tightly on its axes to miss the hiss of errows where they quill arguments arising in the descent of integuments Alexander opening the frail boxes of Bactria and Sogdiana and Sandracottus the Massagetae and Scythians agaze at Clitus' red star mole motley the tracing of vulgar letters coarse sensual enjoyment raised to the power of Etiolions (crow-wish black, owl-wish white) graft practiced by mixed peoples upon jumbles sea dice stretched into wavering strings Perseus in Rome made to drink salty wine saw electricity dancing between the outstretched toes of children which gave him strong visions of a beautiful head composed of peoples who would not speak to each other the stain whose shampoo holds forth the adage that thought itself in whole is divine but that its various laufteilen and lautfusus are but alternating and albino pangolin whose every other scale is emerald

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