Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cockwok Syringe

in their lightness sly humor and tragicomic refusal to accept the conventions of heroism or social obligation the fedoras rose to the surface of the pond and were greeted by canned air and canned heat ginx soop the bald clown hung up his overcoat with its sad bloody rubber eyeball cufflinks stolen from a film which Kharms called harm and charm so that apples and oranges watch him more closely tonsil halo the grapes were dirty fat globules of formless flocund code surrounded the drunken god like a boat a boat of grapes each grape a spherical cinema an alchemical retort to the poem a corkscrew rung medusa labret Teilnehmende Beobachtung was calmly organizing her shoes when the bright solar silhouette entered her room Its heat was terrifying the sound deafening This faceless sexless sunbeast was a tyranny greater than perception could bear and yet just then she discovered the missing pumps and quickly snatched them to her ears her face her breasts anything to block the horrible screaming caloric madness which provided her joyous discovery elucubravisses spare the hare its pear legs linger under Ubu Hasenpfeffers its great and pasty multicoloured claws rip and tear the golden pipe-organ fleece until a dark molten silhouette of rats erects itself erects its long curving beak erects its huge and wide brimmed hat ini kanak-kanak lelaki jijik telah menewaskan hidup bergelandangan yang mati dengan botol bir untuk kegembiraan semata-mata ia

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